Friday, August 9, 2013

fan friday: breaking bad

I am so glad that Sarah changed her Friday link-up so that you can be a fan of stuff beyond sports in order to participate because my sports knowledge is limited and I can't write about sports every week. Although this week I could write about Football on your Phone. Have you watched it? I love that they gave Eli the funniest lines. Go Giants!

On a date with Simone... while you butter a scone...

Okay, moving on. All week I have been super pumped for this weekend's episode of Breaking Bad. If you live under a (blue) rock, Breaking Bad is about a chemistry teacher who begins cooking crystal meth when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer so that he has some money to leave his family. Nice, right? Well, kind of. He is basically the best meth cook EVER and becomes a drug lord and gets involved with a lot of "wrong" crowds. There are eight episodes left in the series and as sad as I am to see the show go, I have high hopes that this show will go down as one of the best in TV history. So, today I'll give you Five Reasons to Love Breaking Bad. Sorry for the gif-heavy post - youtube would NOT let me embed videos the way I wanted to, so those I want you to see are linked.

{Spoilers ahead... if you have any intention of watching the show, you may wanna skip this post}

1) The Best Deaths on TV- Season one, a guy's body was disposed of with acid in a rubbermaid container, stored on the 2nd floor of a house, and came crashing through the ceiling, leaving dissolved human liquid everywhere. A decapitated head was found on a turtle. Another guy's skull was crushed by a stolen ATM machine. Yet another bad guy emerged from a room with half of his face blown off. The deaths are gross, outlandish, and awesomely conveyed. I look at TV as fantasy and most of the things on Breaking Bad are so farfetched, it is hard to imagine them as real. Do they make my stomach churn? Yes. Am I hoping for more crazy deaths in the last eight episodes? I'm counting on it.

2) Bitch! / Aaron Paul - Aaron Paul's character is named Jesse, and he was Walt's former student who becomes his partner in all of this mess. Jesse says "Bitch!" all the time, so much so that Aaron Paul is asked to call people a bitch almost daily ("Yeah, bitch - magnets!" is a favorite of mine). As a person, Aaron Paul seems pretty awesome. There are great videos of him on youtube calling his twitter followers bitches at their request and greeting a celebrity home tour bus that rolled up outside his house. What a cool guy. I hope he is cast in another great role post-BB.

3) Saul Goodman - He is the ultimate in crooked lawyer stereotypes, always looking out for himself first. A spin-off for his character is being considered and I will definitely be watching. He always brings much-needed comic relief to the show.

4) Kind of random subplots - Again, this show gets kind of heavy, so it's nice to break away from the meth biz every so often. Walt's son decides to change his name to Flynn. His sister-in-law is a klepto who goes to Open Houses and lies about her backstory while she steals. A giant pizza is on the roof of the White home (okay, that one was pretty well tied in but I love the image). It all ties together to make a great show.

I never realized that Walt Jr. is often shown eating breakfast but apparently that's an in joke of the show. And I know Jesse is spelled wrong. Via.

5) The way it makes me feel - I admit that after watching the first season of BB, I didn't  know if I wanted to continue. It's dark and always made me feel uneasy. But then I realized - I kind of liked it.  Motives change and the lines between good and bad are blurred. Nothing is a sure thing, you can never predict what will happen next, and you are always entertained. I love TV a lot and it is the show I suggest to pretty much anyone I find who doesn't already watch it. This is the coolest recap ever and it's LOL-funny, seriously.

Bring it on, BB. I know where I'll be on Sunday night. Any good shows I need to be watching? Are you a BB fan? Can you believe that's the dad from Malcolm in the Middle?

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. My husband is a big fan of breaking bad, he has been trying to get me to watch the show. I was in the room for that death you have a gif of... that was crazy. I skipped over the rest of this post incase there were spoilers, I might end up watching it some day :)

  2. Confession — I've never seen an episode of Breaking Bad. Maybe we should start watching? Happy Friday and thanks for linking up today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BREAKING BAD. when it first came out, i saw the first season and LOVED it. second season was 'meh' and then i stopped watching it. when i got bored of the other stuff on tv, went back to BB and wondered what the hell i was thinking because it's so awesome.

    and i hope they kill off skylar this season. she's really irritating.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Ok so I watched the first episode and wasn't digging it. Should I give it another chance??

  5. My husband loves this show and has been counting the days until this season starts! I've not watched more than a few minutes, but your description makes it sound fun! Found you through the Fan Friday linkup! :)

  6. My husband loved this show for a while--but as his time dwindled, so did his loyalty to TV. But I've heard great things about it! I've avoided the football on your phone video--but then you had to go and put it in your post--so I had to watch it. what the whaaaaa?!? So weird and so funny.


  8. that new commercial cracks me up. saw it the other day! quite catchy too

  9. This post is too funny! I love how much you love this show :) Seriously, this post makes me want to start watching again...


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