Friday, August 16, 2013

five on friday: the little things

Today is another D-Day for my stupid house. Can you all send good vibes into the universe that I will have REAL floors in my house by the end of this weekend and be able to use my kitchen again? I mean, not like I ever spend time in there anyway but I would really like for my husband to get back to making me dinner every night and not HAVING to go out. (If you don't follow me on twitter, basically the flooring crew didn't show up Monday and a crew came Tuesday who said everything done so far had been done incorrectly so they re-did a bunch of stuff and should lay flooring today. If Tuesday's work has dried. CROSS FINGERS!)

So, in the name of perspective, let's think of five things to be happy about this week, okay?

Heidi! | Wine - buy this, it was only $6 | He wasn't being sweet, just hiding his face | Girls Night! Amy, Amy, Me, Darby

1) When my job keeps me busy and days fly by. I plan events at a law school. Sometimes this involves ordering food for 12 people to eat for lunch. Other days I get to source vendors for a staff happy hour. Free booze plus my coworkers loving me for convincing the administration that that was a good idea? Priceless.

2) Super fun bloggy BFFs! If you read either of our blogs, it's no secret that Heidi and I clicked from day one! We grew up so so close to one another and she is currently living in NC but will hopefully be back in Houston soon! I am so hoping that we can get together next time she's in town. I tweeted that I wanted to send some snail mail last week and she sent me her address and got her letter this week. I love a friend who will play along with whatever I throw out...

3) Thai food and Riesling. I know most people don't like sweet wines and Riesling is definitely on the sweet side, but have you had it with some spicy Thai? Amazing. And if you don't like Thai food, why not? If you live in Houston I will gladly go eat it with you. I could pretty much eat Panang Curry once a week.

4) Beautiful (Houston) weather and time with blog friends turning IRL friends last night. Have I mentioned about a million times that I love meeting people through blogging? Welllll, let's make it a million and one. Last night Darby initiated a Happy Hour that I went to along with Amy and Amy. I love meeting blog friends IRL because they know enough about what is going on with you that you can skip the small talk and get into the good stuff. And with every blogger I've met, you spend 10% or less of your time talking about blogging and the rest just talking. It's like I've known these girls for a long time when I have really only met them each once or twice before. Let's do it again, kay?

5) Laughing so hard I cry. Andrew and I have been in close quarters lately and we are both tired of dealing with our stupid house situation and of course, like most married couples, we tend to take that frustration out on one another. The other day we carpooled and just kept out ridiculous-ing one another and I laughed until I cried and my stomach muscles hurt. I love my husband all the time, but times like that remind me of why I fell in love with him. Good stuff. Also, I can be so ridiculous that I don't know who else would have me. So there's that.

Little things. Perspective. Gotta keep reminding myself. You only get so many big moments in life so the little day to days have to be good, ya know? I hope you have a great weekend, and do yourself a favor and try Thai food if you haven't already. Thank me on Monday.

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  1. You are so right about Riesling with Thai food! I always do it with Chinese as well. So so good!

    That floor situation is just ridiculous. I hope they get done for you soon!

    Also, I got my card in the mail from you yesterday! Thank you!

  2. awesome that you had a blogger meetup! i think they call those "blates" (blogger dates)?

    hope your floors go in SOON; this is ridic!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Yay for happy Friday posts! I had such a blast last night and agree we need to do it again so soon! Oh and let me know if y'all decided to go to the Eleven XI thing tomorrow!!!

  4. Last night was definitely fun! I am sooooo hoping to see some new flooring pictures on here stat!

  5. I would lose my effing mind over the flooring BS. I hope it's done right and soon. Good lord!

  6. Crossing fingers and toes for the flooring to be finished ASAP. And I'm still jealous of last night! Next time I'm in Houston — we all have to meet up! Happy Friday and thanks for linking up! BTW, I got my note in the mail, and I loved it! Yours is going out today! Whoop Whoop! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Happy hour was so fun last night! Can't wait until next time :)

  8. HA! That wine! Though only $6 was our "fancy" wine in college!! The husband always picked up that exact bottle any time we had something to celebrate!! I love it! And your blogger BFF? She lives in NC?! I'll need to check out her blog! I'm glad you're able to keep some perspective through all this flooring nonsense. I know it is a HUGE pain in the butt, though. Happy Friday, friend!

  9. Awww so giddy you posted the pic! This was after a full day of work, 3 mile walk and searching 5 different apartment buildings to find a friend's apartment because we are cat sitting. Haha story for another day. But then I checked the mail and had a sweet card from YOU!
    Can't wait to get back to Houston to drink wine and eat Thai food with you! :)

  10. I love thai food... it's always a treat when we get it. So awesome you're getting to meet so many blog friends!

  11. I too could eat Thai food every week!! yummy

  12. I'm so bummed to have missed the happy hour last night. I'm glad you had fun! Sending good vibes for floors :)

  13. fingers crossed your floors are done!

  14. Lauren, I've lived in Houston for 5 years and have yet to try Thai food. We need to make this happen! And I love Riesling. Sounds like a win in my book!


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