Monday, August 19, 2013

how I know I'm an adult

I think I have finally grown up because the things that made my weekend good were so simple. Examples:

  • We have floors!!! Angels are still singing as we speak. The house is mostly back to normal.
  • I voluntarily scrubbed bathrooms without my husband strongly hinting that it should be done. That almost never happens.
  • Andrew smoked a brisket while I prepared easy sides and dessert for a low-key meal at home.
  • We went grocery shopping on Saturday night to beat the crowds (but did stop at the liquor store on the way as an added treat. Don't worry,we got neither wild nor crazy).
  • I started my Sunday with Starbucks and Stars Hollow.
  • A trip to Garden Ridge and some light house redecorating was super exciting.
  • The Giants game and Breaking Bad made for an exciting Sunday night (but I was able to watch on my normal, HDTV and not the tiny one I've been watching for the past two weeks, so both looked better than ever).
1. Floors! | 2. Spicy Chocolate Frozen Custard | 3. Sweet Duncan through the window while Andrew was at the smoker | 4. Brisket! | 5. Salad (from a kit), mac and cheese (from a box), and brownies (from a box)... I am not very domestic! | 6. I need to join a Gilmore Girls addicts group because I watch it far too often.

No drunken shenanigans or going out; just time spent appreciating my house (that I have spent months hating!). I still want to move, but I'm a little bit happier with what I've got. Other fun: kitty snuggles, and my favorite flavor being available at the frozen custard place. This week involves plans for a fun work event, happy hour with a friend, and dinner out for Houston Restaurant Weeks. I've read a few criticisms lately that weekend recaps are boring because "so few weekends are worth recapping." That really bums me out. Who is this blog thing supposed to be for, anyway? I blog so that I can remember what I did with my life and how I spent my time. And this weekend? It should just go down in history as a time that I was grateful for floors beneath my feet and sleeping in my own bed. And if that's boring? Well, as the youngsters say, sorry I'm not sorry.

Have you ever been really happy for something you've taken for granted for a long time? Do you like reading and writing weekend recaps? How was your weekend?

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  1. I always do a weekend recap. I find other posts too hard to do for Monday. hahaha.

    YAY FLOORS!!!!!!!! Freaking awesome.

    I love weekends at home.

  2. YOUR FLOORS ARE DONE WAHOOO! i would've stayed in too just to enjoy them :)

    and never mind what others say about weekend recaps being boring; this is YOUR blog and i read all of the recaps because it gives me an insight into what the blogger did and that i'm not the only one who enjoys staying in :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I've been reading the same thing that other bloggers don't like reading about boring weekends... but these are the same people that are also saying they hate reading vacation posts because they are jealous of your life. So what the heck does that leave you to write about?!

    Personally, I feel the same as you... we're blogging to document our life!

    And I think your weekend sounds pretty awesome. The spicy chocolate frozen custard? Um, yes please. I haven't heard of "spicy chocolate" before but it sounds amazing. Yay for the floors being done! Woohoo! (I love your rug too btw!) And boxed meals is about the only thing I do make these days! Luckily Tony does a lot of the cooking for us :)

  4. Weekends are always worth re capping! We can't all go on vacations every weekend or cook gourmet meals 24/7!! That makes me sad too!

  5. I rarely write weekend recaps because I don't do a lot of anything, I rarely read weekend recaps because it's usually about drunk party time which I'm not so much interested in. That doesn't mean people shouldn't write them or read them, everyone had there own thing and I think your blog should be about you and what you love.

  6. Eh, who cares if people think weekend recaps are boring, they don't have to read them!

    Yay for floors! I would be so excited. I am sad we don't have a Garden Ridge. I hear good things about them all the time. And we made the mistake of going grocery shopping yesterday. Disaster. Not only did you have the normal Sunday afternoon chaos, but since all the students are coming back this week and the store we go to is the closest to campus, it was frigging insanity. And now I think I just remembered that I already complained about this in my post today and you commented on it. Ughhh, Monday, you get the best of me again.

  7. i am right there with you... that weekend sounds much more enjoyable to me than a bunch of struggles and drunk shenannies!

  8. I love weekend recaps! They're fun to write and it's fun to read what everyone has been up to. It gives me ideas sometimes!

    Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me! SO EXCITED that you officially have floors :) Yup, we're definitely grown ups now!

  9. Sounds like a good weekend to me! And yay for floors! Where did you get the rug? I'm looking for one just like that!

  10. Glad you have floors now! And I think the weekends like these are the ones that are *most* interesting to read about. I like to see people's every-day lives, not read puffed-up stories about how "crazy" and "wild" their weekend was. They can go back to MySpace if they only want to read about drinking and clubs!

  11. Girl I am in the same boat, lol. That's life right?! haha!

  12. Spicy chocolate frozen custard????!!! OMG yum! Your weekend sounds like it was utterly perfect! So glad your floors are finally in and that you were able to enjoy a home cooked meal and your shows on your normal tv!!!

  13. your weekend sounds perfect to me. lately i find myself getting weirdly excited about things like floors and home improvement and decorating...guess it's all part of growing up!

  14. I love reading weekend recaps! And writing about my own!
    I'm so glad your floors are done and you had a low key weekend! That custard? Yum! Is it actually spicy?
    Sounds like you have a fun week ahead too. :)

  15. That's too bad people have commented negatively about weekend recaps. Aren't we all here to share what's going on with us? Your weekend sounds like mine USUALLY does. Last weekend was an anomaly :) Where did you get the spicy chocolate custard? And did Duncan get any brisket? He was clearly vying for some!

  16. Well I guess this means I'm an "adult" too, though I still feel 15 years old lol This sounds like the perfect weekend to me! So glad you've got floors again!


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