Thursday, August 22, 2013

movies that you should have watched when you were a kid

Time for another confession: I'm not a big movie watcher. I sleep through them. Even as a kid, I preferred to watch Nickelodeon for hours at a time rather than popping in a good old VHS. So, unfortunately for me, there are a ton of movies that I didn't see as a kid that everyone else has seen. I've tried to watch many of them as an adult and they kind of stink. However, I will say that I can kind of see where some of your love stems from. I just can't connect.

(Sorry for the gif heavy post but what else can you use to talk about movies?)

1) The Princess Bride. I know, I know, mawwaige is what brings us together or whatever, and Saul from Homeland is in it, but I am just bored. People love this movie and I hear it quoted all the time but I think it is terribly slow. I wanted to like it, I did, but I couldn't sit through the whole thing.

2) Goonies. My husband LOVES this movie so I think I have seen all of it, albeit in pieces. I love seeing the cast since so many of them are famous now but the story (again) moves so slowly. And the special effects are awful. Stick with your fond childhood memories of this, maybe show it to your kids, but please spare an adult from watching it for the first time.

3) A Christmas Story. This is a favorite of mine that a lot of people are divided on. I make sure to watch it every year and to me, it never gets old. But I see how Ralphie's daydreams, misadventures, and anger towards the Ovaltine jerks may not translate if you didn't grow up wondering if your tongue would really stick to a pole in cold weather.

4) Frosty the Snowman. Andrew and I both grew up watching this special every year so we decided to DVR it one year and watch it with some hot cocoa before bed. It is so anti-climactic. He's built, comes to life, makes mischief, and melts. And it takes thirty minutes. It didn't hold up to either of our memories, so if you think you love it, just remember it fondly. Don't make another adult watch it with you.

5) Billy Madison. I saw this movie when I was 12 and promptly watched it about half a million more times in the next year. I could quote it with the best of them and found it hilarious. When I turn it on now, I still laugh for nostalgia's sake, but I think if I saw it for the first time I would think it was terrible!

What do you think? Any movies that you loved as a kid that you can't imagine seeing for the first time now? 


  1. i LOVE the goonies!!

    ok here are mine: 16 candles (hello..jake ryan anyone?!), pretty in pink, breakfast club, lost boys (although cheesy now but hella scary back in the day), top gun (still a classic!)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Whhhaaatttt???? Girl this post is blasphemy! You picked timeless movies that will always be good no matter when in life you watch them!

    We're friends now right... so I'm allowed to say "you crazy"? :D <3

  3. I'm a book person so I don't watch a lot of movies and yes people are always giving me the side eye for that. I do love The Goonies though, such a great movie.

  4. Oh, man. I'm with you on the Princess Bride thing. I only watched it because I had a SEVERE crush on our blockbuster guy (yes, we went weekly and got to "know" him) and he recommended it. I pretended to love it, but it was SO SLOW! I've never seen the Goonies. I've also never seen Billy Madison. My husband laughs almost constantly through that movie but I just can't get into it. I love A Christmas Story, though. I'm the wife who demands that it be on while we're opening presents on Xmas morning (you know, the 24 hours of A Christmas Story thing--I honestly think that's what ruined it for some people though). And forget Frosty. I've never been a huge fan. I really liked Rudolph until the kid I nannied had to watch it from start to finish over and over and over and over (are you getting my point?) from ten days before Xmas one year. And thanks. Now I want to put up my Christmas tree and it's not even September yet ;)

  5. I've never seen the Christmas story...I know I'm weird.
    Billy Madison! Yes! LOVE it! Want to touch the hineeey!
    Shampoo is better! No, conditioner is better!
    Soo yeah, I have a prob with loving that one a bit too much!

    Another fave is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Why my parents let me watch that at a young age is beyond me, but I still love it to this day. My bro and I always quote it!

  6. I love to watch A Christmas Story over and over again; it never gets old!

  7. Most movies I loved when I was younger I still love now. The Goonies, The Princess Bride, A Christmas Story, etc being on that list!

  8. What!! I LOVE the Princess Bride, it is literally my favorite movie of all time BUT you know what's funny is I think some movies are just different as an adult. The goonies for example, I don't really remember watching it as a kid and now watching it as an adult, i'm just like "ehh... it's an o.k. kid movie".

  9. There are a lot of popular movies that I didn't see, either, though it was largely because of my childhood (long story). I get annoyed when people hound me about having not seen them. There are movies I love but I don't make people feel like they *must* watch them just because I loved them.

    I also used to think "Billy Madison" was funny. Not that I am older I find it a little immature.

  10. i just watched Christmas Story for the first time this past year. which i feel like is horrible of me for being such a lover of christmas!

  11. Did you ever watch "The Neverending Story"?? I could not imagine watching it now as an adult! Is it weird that I think of Billy Madison as an adult movie? Maybe it's because my mom wouldn't let me watch it when I was younger LOL

  12. My husband loves The Princess Bride, but I never liked it at all - maybe as a kid I would have, but that's ok.

    I liked the Frosty The Snowman show as a kid too, and I'll probably like it again now that I have a little boy - but yeah I couldn't watch it in the past few years.

    As an adult I catch so many stereotypes and innuendos in Disney movies it's crazy. I loved Pochahontas as a kid, but watching it now makes me ashamed that I watched and loved a movie that called native Americans savages and were seen as worthless.

  13. I loved Billy Madison then and still love it now! It is so stupidly funny and I quote it all the time.

  14. I watch the classics like Home Alone and A Christmas Story and I force my child to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas and I will shove Beetlejuice down her throat as soon as she turns 5.
    When I was little I watched Honey I Shrunk the kids like...every single day. I can't so much imagine it now because of the special effects.
    But the stuff that's horrible now? Disney movies. Addy is into Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. OMG they are horrible! Ariel is 16! Belle had Stockholm Syndrome. OMG.


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