Thursday, August 29, 2013

my single girl life

I always dreamt of college. Of decorating dorm rooms, a roommate who became my BFF, common areas to kill time in, and basically everything portrayed in Saved by the Bell: The College Years... and then I went and went to a commuter school in the city I've lived in my entire life for reasons that are neither here nor there. I lived with my parents until I moved in with my husband when I was 22 and have been here ever since. I never got the dorm experience or any experience in living alone at all! I wouldn't change anything in my past, but I never thought that I would never live alone. I often wonder what my life would have been like in my own apartment, and judging by my cohabitating habits, I think I have a good idea.

Heeeeey 21 year old self, you think you are so cute in that Charlotte Russe corset but you are not going to the Renaissance Festival so maybe another top would have been better.

In my single girl life...

... dishes would be left to "soak" in the sink for a few days and the clean dishwasher would be a perfectly fine alternative to putting dishes in the cabinet.

... the TV would rarely leave E! and Friends reruns would be a constant staple.

... I would have no idea what channel ESPN was.

... there would be at least two cats. Probably three.

... I would live off of Lean Cuisines, boxed mac and cheese, and grilled cheese.

... Clutter. Everywhere. Yes, my name is Lauren and I'm a mess.

... bills probably wouldn't be paid on time, but new clothes would likely be purchased when I didn't feel like doing laundry.

... I would only drink screw top wine because I can't work a corkscrew (I'm working on it...)

... there would be a lot more pink in my house.

... I would read more books.

... I would live couchless for a few months because I am terrible at making decisions on high dollar purchases (or any purchases, really).

I am happy with my life right now, but I really do wonder how I would have done on my own. Would I still be sloppy, or would I have become a neat freak with no one around to nag encourage me to clean up after myself? How cute would my pink duvet be? HOW MANY CATS? I guess I'll never really know. But believe me, any time Andrew is out of town, I make a pot of mac and cheese and make sure my wine is in an acceptable bottle. There's nothing wrong with a single weekend every so often.


  1. I also went to a commuter school and missed the full college experience. It still makes me sad but ultimately I achieved my goal of graduating and that's what is important. So i tell myself to shut up. I plan to live alone at least one year before living with my boyfriend. It will be nice not to have to wear pants.

  2. living away from home can be dangerous! i went away to college to a school that is known in my city as "the zoo". about 60% of the students get put on academic probation during their first year because they party so much and their grades slip. while i enjoyed partying, i also kept up with school as much as i could but living with a bunch of people can be tough too (i need my space).

    if i were single and lived on my own, i would definitely be the same as i am now - organized, money smart, probably a homebody more than a typical single girl.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Heck yes to a pot of mac and cheese and a bottle of wine! It is nice to have "solo time" once in awhile. I've never lived by myself... I moved from my parents house into Tony's apartment. So sometimes I wonder what single life would have been like too. I have a feeling it would involve a lot of boxed mac and cheese and grilled cheese too :)

  4. I LOVE when MFD goes out of town. I really enjoy alone time and love being by myself in my house.

  5. I loved living alone. Seriously, it was amazing. I love it now when John goes out of town and I get the house to myself. He hates when he is home alone, but I freaking love it. The house is clean, I can do whatever I want, etc.

    I am convinced I would have an easier time losing weight if I lived alone.

  6. Ohemgee I love you! Wine and mac and cheese! This is so me!!

    I never lived alone either and I always wonder what if. LOL about all the cats!

    I went to a commuter school too and lived at home until I was 21, but I feel like it did more harm than good. I felt the need to rebel and not go home on the weekends. I had too much fun!
    Then I lived with girlfriends until Rowdy and I bought house when I was 27ish. :) If we hadn't bought the house I probably would have lived on my own for one year before moving in with him, but no looking back now!

  7. Since Tyson works nights I pretend to be single girl 5 nights a week, since he make dinner for me before he goes I also pretend I have a personal chef. :)

  8. My single girl life was def lean cuisines, mac n cheese, and never doing dishes. Not only did I own a corset from Charlotte Russe, maybe 2, but I worked there in high school so I got discounts. Senior year of high school, new year's eve, I wore a black corset under or over a see-through long sleeve black lace top. With a a red ribbon belt. Because, duh.

    *omg dies and hides*

  9. i still can't work a cork screw either. glad i am not the only one!

  10. Haha! I loved the dorm experience, having roommates in college, and now living on my own. I'm glad I have had these experiences because otherwise I might never have learned how to live on a budget, pick up after myself, etc. I'm so thankful for these past few years that I've lived alone, but I also know that it will be SO HARD to adjust to living with someone else again.

    And for the line about being couchless - that was so me! I didn't have a couch for about 3 months because I couldn't decide. I would just make pallets on my living room floor to watch TV. So pathetic, right? Haha! Luckily I have mostly "grown up" furniture now :)

  11. I had the whole university (as we call it here in Canada:) ) life for 4 years and really enjoyed it. That said, I am loving my own space now!

    And heck yes to mac and cheese! Maybe I'll have that tonight HA!

  12. Friends reruns! Yes. Amazing. I have one on right now, in fact.

  13. Single girl life is overrated! I moved out when I was 18 and had my own apartment. I was a slob and very poor :) And I pretty much ate what you mentioned: frozen Totinos pizzas and I'd make a pot of fettucine alfredo and eat it all week! Even for breakfast...

  14. so..... i definitely had that charlotte russe corset. and i remember LOVING it at the time. wearing it to all these pirate theme parties we had. i don't know what i was thinking. probably wishing i was at a renaissance faire. hahahaha.

    there are some sweet things about living solo. but the company is always more worth it. {and i promise i don't have any cats.}

  15. haha you crack me up! I lived by myself when I was an RA for 2 years in school then I moved into a sorority house for a year (not my brightest idea), then I moved in with my husband, then b.f. for 3 months before getting engaged.


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