Monday, August 12, 2013

quick recap

File this weekend under one that was not super exciting and was filled with us sharing the spare room AGAIN.

I wanted to stop whining about the floors but since the problem isn't solved, here ya go: After they weren't drying correctly, we were told we could wait until Saturday for the crew to come so we didn't have to take any more time off work. Thursday rolls around and I emailed to confirm... and heard nothing. I emailed again Friday morning and then called on Friday afternoon when I was told that the crew had an emergency and couldn't come... til Monday. I wanted to be a total jerk but I wasn't and so we just rolled with the punches and spent all weekend in our tiny room. As you are reading this, there should be a crew in my house installing floors and if there's not, you better believe that I won't be able to be nice anymore!

Anyway.... here's a quick recap.

Michelle and I | Twinsie Mojitos | His and Hers Beverages | My yummy Buccatini (plenty for leftovers. Kind of obsessed with this pic, too. Natural light is amazing!) | Cookies | Bauer playing with Dad's shoes (yes, that is the flooring we've had for ten days now! YUCK)

1) Let's say that the weekend started early because I got to hang out with Rachelle on Thursday. Mojitos at a divebar and a few hours of girl talk. It is so awesome that you can talk about blog stuff and NON blog stuff with!

2) Andrew and I decided to try out Paulie's for dinner on Friday. Houston friends, GO! It is a casual, counter-service type place with housemade pasta, huge portions, and great prices. Plus I got a $5 frozen bellini and we got some cute cookies to go. What's not to like? I can't believe I've never been but I will for sure be back!

3) Saturday night I got to see my sweet friend Michelle at the new World of Beers that opened near my house. Our suburb isn't known for having much of a party crowd, but the place was full and loud, and then a band started playing, which made conversation nearly impossible. Don't you hate that? She has been living in Singapore with her husband so it was nice to catch up. She has been vlogging and I encouraged her to check out my blog and become a blogger herself!

4) We had a super lazy Sunday. Blueberry pancakes at my favorite local place, some blog stuff, time spent writing handwritten cards to some of my favorite blog friends, and grabbing pizza before the Breaking Bad premiere. Which I had to watch on a tiny, non flat screened TV. It's okay. If they replay it, I should be able to watch it again on my normal TV.

I also joined a Fantasy Football league with other bloggers and I'm looking forward to following all of them (gotta size up the competition, ya know?) How was your weekend? Did you see Victor Cruz' first salsa of the season? Did Breaking Bad blow your mind, too? ("Tread lightly"... SO GOOD!)

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  1. I can't believe these flooring people! They need to get their behinds in gear.

    The Buccatini looks amazing (and the fish cookie is so cute)!

    I'm glad you still had a nice weekend minus the floors not being done.

  2. That pasta looks sooooo good. Sorry about the flooring...sheesh, they are taking their sweet time!

  3. I know from twitter that the floor people still haven't delivered. And that's unacceptable! As for your Friday, though--mojitos are my favorite!!! I'm glad you got to catch up with friends this weekend. I'm sorry you guys are still stuck in the tiny room!!! I wouldn't be nice to the floor people anymore either!

  4. I hope your floors are going in right now! How frustrating that you've had to wait so long.

    Your pasta looks amazing! I'm craving some now :)

  5. i need to get back on the breaking bad train.i watched the first season and havent gotten back yet!

  6. boo for your floors! i hate it when things get delayed like that :( i hope you're getting them in now!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Ugh those floors. :(
    Mojitos, bellinis, world of beer and pizza! Looks like a fun weekend to me!!
    Glad toy got to see your friend! I can't believe all the similarities we have! :)

  8. Yummy food and kitties... Still sounds like a pretty awesome weekend!
    Happy Monday!
    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  9. Pasta looks so good, and whose league are you in? I joined Sarah's-limited space organizing! SO EXCITED!!

  10. I don't know about you, but starting the weekend on Thursday made for an awesome weekend!! Thanks for the tip on Paulie's - I think we need to check it out! How cool that you joined fantasy football! I hope you win it all. P.S. I have no idea what it consists of :)


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