Monday, August 26, 2013

there's a cocktail named after my blog. or something.

If I were to describe this weekend in one word, it would be sleep, but since a one-word blog post is no fun, allow me to elaborate on what I did for the few hours I was vertical.

Sorry for the IG repeat | S'mores dessert | Proof that sometimes I attempt to dress up.

Around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning, Bauer woke us up. Our solution for going back to sleep when this happens is that one of us will sleep on the couch and one will stay in bed in hopes that the cat will settle one place or another and let us get some rest. Andrew took the couch. At 6:30, I was startled awake by repeated ringing of the doorbell and literal banging on the door. My first thought was that something was on fire and a neighbor was trying to alert us. Then I thought maybe Andrew had run something down to the curb (it was trash day) and had accidentally locked himself out without his phone and I slept through his more delicate attempts to wake me up and let him in. I ran to the door yelling "I'm coming!" when he stopped me in the hall, looked out the window, and told me it was his coworker. This coworker lives close to us and is kind of weird; he asked Andrew if he could come live with us if his marriage fell apart (most likely due to his cheating; Andrew told him there was no way in hell). This guy is an HR nightmare and even though I believe Andrew would have the right to say whatever he wanted when he wasn't on company time and was in his own house, I knew he would be pretty professional and I didn't think his reaction to this disturbance was going to be... strong enough. So I offered to do it.

When I get excited, I often can't remember what I say. I don't think before speaking. Combine that with the fact that it was 6:30 a.m. and I really can't be held accountable for what happened next.

I opened the door and said something like "What are you doing here?" He asked if Andrew was home and I know I said "Of course he is! It's 6:30 a.m.! Why are YOU here?" He got really flustered and said he needed to talk to him. I proceeded to drop F bombs, saying things like "You aren't his f-ing friend! You shouldn't be here at this hour" and "Why the f are you here?" I told him to leave and if he needed to talk to Andrew, he could call him on his work phone. So he left, Andrew turned his work phone on, and had a message from the guy saying he locked his keys in his company truck and needed Andrew's work keys to solve the problem (don't get me started on how any other person in the situation doesn't know where we live and would have solved this issue on their own!). He had the audacity to tell Andrew "Your wife cursed me out. I didn't appreciate that." UMMM HELLO JERK I didn't appreciate your dumb self thinking it was okay to come banging on my door at 6:30 a.m. Andrew of course told him that he didn't blame me for saying whatever I wanted to. He has also notified his boss and HR that this guy's behavior was completely out of line, though the offender is dumb enough to go to the company HR department and complain about me today. I'll let you know what happens.

Other than that, we had a date night at Phillippe for Houston Restaurant Weeks. It's in the Galleria-area, and honestly, I felt like the scene and ambiance took precedence over the food, which was a bummer for me. BUT, they did have a cocktail with a great name that I had to try, obviously...

I didn't take a pic of the drink because it was hard to take sneaky pics, but it was a yellow martini. I'm not a huge gin fan, but if you are, then you would probably like it!

The food was super-French and not that thrilling, but the s'mores mousse dessert was awesome. I would almost go back for that. Almost.

Andrew spent pretty much all day yesterday making a mole that was amazing along with Mexican Chocolate Pots de Creme. And then I watched Breaking Bad (OMG) and the VMAs (Oh Miley. And not nearly enough N'Sync, am I right? But there was definitely a dance party in my living room.)

Bauer does not like his carrier | Tacos | Yum.

The back to school traffic is back, at least where I live, but I am really excited for the upcoming three day weekend. How was your weekend? Did I overreact to the guy at my door? Is there a cocktail that (almost) shares a name with your blog? Are you going to be listening to N'Sync all day, or is it just me?

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  1. I would have cursed at him too. (Even tho I normally try to avoid confrontations... but at 6:30am?!) What an idiot.

    That is so awesome you found a cocktail that shares your blog name :)

  2. I would have raged like a mofo at him too. It's one thing to send a text at 6:30 a.m. - the person will see it if they are up. To come banging on the door like the world is on fire? F U, you weirdo!

    Love that the drink is named after you. I'd totally be telling everyone in the metro area that it was. hahaha

  3. You def didn't overreact! I can't believe he's taking that to HR.
    I love you found that drink! Although I'm not a gin fan either, so I wouldn't have gotten it...or maybe they could have used vodka!
    The s'mores sound delish, but wish the rest of the experience was better. Houston don't change!!

  4. It is sad, but I'm also super excited for the three day weekend. I can't even deal with the co-worker drama in this email...seriously that's insane-person crap right there. Also we do the SAME THING with Barley every single morning...Bryan's on the couch by 5 with him and I'm snoozing off in bed. It's like our only strategy!

  5. cursing is fair game when it is 6:30 am on a weekend.

  6. Wait, whaaaaaaaat? That coworker has no clue what boundaries are, and that was completely inappropriate!

    Secondly, I'm pretty sure there's not a Life of Love cocktail, so you win!

  7. well sucks that the food wasn't that great, but the cocktail sounds interesting...

    hope you have a great Monday :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  8. I would have done the same thing if some dude was knocking on my door at 630 AM. That is insane! And the guy went to hr about you?????????? hell no.

  9. What the heck?! Crazy person and you didn't overreact!! UGH!

  10. if that happened at 630am, i would have opened the door, told him off and slammed it shut! ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

    Vodka and Soda

  11. Still can't belive that guy's nerve! Has Andrew told HR about him wanting to live with you in the past? Just so they know he's a creep?

  12. Wait a second.. the guy complained to HR because you cussed him out at YOUR house at 6:30 AM?! Has he lost his mind?! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of! I would have had the same reaction you did!

  13. Is cat included in the recipe? Lolzz


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