Wednesday, August 28, 2013

weekday awareness

Everybody's workin' for the weekend. That's why there's a song about it. Every Friday, every blog lists five great things about their week, myself included. I like being able to post about the minutiae that makes up my daily life. But so many times I see people saying they're so glad it's Friday, can't wait til Friday, etc. And I feel you - I mean, who doesn't love a weekend? But isn't it kind of depressing when you figure that you are spending over half your life wishing for a few days that are over faster than any of us would prefer? Well, it was depressing to me, so like any good blogger, I took my thoughts to twitter and learned that a few of y'all felt the same. In order to support Weekday Awareness, I give you ten things that make Monday through Thursday not suck.

1) Coworker Chat - I don't know about you guys, but I am lucky enough to work with some great ladies. I actually miss them when one of us is on vacation and I like going to them for advice or to tell them my latest stories and hear theirs. Our "catch up time" makes the work days more fun.

2) Friend Dates - Weekday Friend Dates feel extra special - it's like "Hey, I took time away from my busy life to hang out with you."I love seeing friends on the weekends, but when our schedules mesh during the week and we can connect? Even better. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to the whole work day.

3) Blog Posts - Weekends are my blog world catch-up time, and few people blog on days beginning with S. But don't you love reading what your blog friends are up to and looking forward to comments on your own posts? The best stuff in blogland happens while we're all supposed to be hard at work. Would I rather be at home sleeping? Definitely. But, do blog comments and great posts make me happy and make me think? YES.

4) Going to Bed Early - Going to bed early on a Friday? You're a grandma! Going to bed early on a Thursday? You have had a tough week and you are just gearing up to be your best at work tomorrow. Just sayin'. For what it's worth, I go to bed early anytime I can and I don't need an excuse, but I like that my laziness can be equated with responsibility on a weeknight.

5) Real Breakfast - Pancakes are more of a treat and taste better when you make time for them on a weekday. It's just a fact.

6) Better TV - Summer notwithstanding, weekday TV is normally the best. New Girl on Tuesdays, Modern Family on Wednesdays. No one ever wants to rush home and watch TV on a Saturday night. Can you even name anything that comes on Saturday night? (Besides SNL.) I like being able to come home and unwind with my favorite characters.

7) Anticipating the weekend - I love the anticipation for something good ahead - vacations, my birthday, Christmas, the weekend, etc. Sometimes just knowing a good weekend is on the horizon makes me almost giddy. And when Sunday morning rolls around, I'm always bummed that my coveted weekend is almost over. I'll take happy anticipation anytime.

8) Payday - I get paid on a Friday but Andrew gets paid on Thursdays and even though it shouldn't matter, knowing that there is brand new money in the bank account makes splurging a little more okay than it is any other day.

9) A glass of wine feels like a treat - Like many, I enjoy some wine on the weekends. It's kind of a given. But if I have one (or two...) during the week, it's like it's a treat and I earned it.

10) Staying up past your bedtime is an act of rebellion - If I let myself stay up past 10:30, it's probably for something good. It's like going back to elementary school and being allowed to break the rules. And since I didn't break nearly enough rules as a kid, I'm making up for it in my twenties I guess.

So there it is. Ten whole things that make me not dread Monday through Thursday and wish my whole life away. So next time you hear me saying that I can't wait for the weekend, sit me down in front of a good blog post and feed me some breakfast, okay?

What makes your weekdays awesome? I want to share your posts on twitter today so tweet me @lauren1031 or leave them in the comments. I'm going to use #weekdayawareness and you should, too!


  1. definitely my lunches at work make the day tolerable because my entire team (plus some others include the director, CIO and SVP) join us and it`s nothing but laughter, funny shit and stupid stories that go around. good times.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So true, but it's hard not to wish the days away!

    I love weekday TV, food shopping in preparation of the weekend, going to the library which I only do during the week, meal planning, making my weekend to do list, and coasting through the beginning of the weeknights at home, trying to relax.

  3. I miss having work friends I see every day, it was definitely a great thing about week days.

  4. Yay I borrowed your idea :) I couldnt come up with 10 but I tried lol

  5. That's a good idea to treat yourself to a real breakfast on a weekday morning instead of just weekends. It's a good way to start the day and may even make the rest of the day better :)

  6. I absolutely LIVED for the m-f when I was in college. I LOVED going to classes and I loved even more the hustle and bustle of the day. The shifting gears. My lunches in the Student Union that had my pretty staple group but also had the random passerby that made lunch that more entertaining. And the weekday TV? Oh. Em. Gee. Nothing better than anticipating a new episode of your favorite show. I realize now that this was NOT a reflection post on the good old days of college--but that's the last time (besides now) that I can remember not hating my m-f! I love this concept though, friend!

  7. I'm glad you started this topic...hopefully it will inspire some people! I get paid on Wednesdays now, which is nice.

  8. i love this idea! i also need more friend dates in the week. i realize i get stuck into such a routine and never see anyone during the week.

  9. I cook real breakfast at least twice a week even though I know it will make me 5-10 minutes late to work. Oops! It's just so worth it!
    Yes, wine! Always.
    I love the anticipation of weekend events also. It's like we are earning those days off by getting through the weekdays.
    Glad you started this topic girlfrand! :)

  10. Like I tweeted yesterday, I'm so torn between "working for the weekend" but at the same time not wishing my days away. I always feel like I am wishing them away for the next "big" thing...graduation, then getting a job, then getting engaged, then getting married, then buying a house, then having kids, etc. As I make my way through these thigns, I often wonder if I will ever just be happy to just BE, not looking forward to what is next, but being content with what I have. Well, this got a little deeper than intended!

    I love Thursdays, knowing that the weekend is quickly approaching, but also because Friday is usually an easy day and Thursdays are just hopeful. I actually used to love Mondays. Not sure when that stopped.

  11. Shopping during the week always feels extra amazing to me even if I don't even buy anything!

    Pancakes in the mornings before work would just make every morning so much brighter. Mmm!!

  12. I love this idea! Going to do a post about it next week :)

  13. friend dates are fantastic. you can ALWAYS get a table right away.

    i also like my solo work lunches. normally it's just sitting at starbucks reading but i mean i won't ever complain about that. ever.

  14. Okay, okay, I'll admit. These are pretty good reasons! I'm going to try to come up with some of my own today!

  15. #4 is absolutely my favorite thing about the week. I have no problem with putting on my pajamas at 5:30 when I get home for work.

  16. You are so right; I completely agree with all of these. I know not many people like Mondays, but they're probably my favorite day of the week. To me, Mondays are like New Years Day, a fresh clean slate to start a new week. I just love Mondays!

  17. I know I'm late to the game on this, but I am just catching up on my blog reading :) I love everything about this! I'm guilty of a little weekday complaining every once in a while, but I have to remind myself that it's part of my life and you have to enjoy it. I might use this next week in a post.


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