Monday, August 5, 2013

what I did instead of getting new floors

Is everyone feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week? Great! I'm not (cue the sad trombone).

Why this new flooring is making me want to hurt someone:

  • I was told this would take three days.
  • It has now been five days.
  • It still won't be done tomorrow. However, it should be done by Tuesday night.
  • We are still confined to one room and forced to go out for every meal (we can only access the refrigerator and microwave). 
  • A full size bed is not ideal for two adults. Noted. We will upgrade our guest room as soon as we can! I would love a full night of sleep...
So since you don't want to hear my sad story, let's focus on the good things this weekend, shall we?

1. Tapas and Sangria at Rioja on Friday. Might as well make the best of having to go out to eat, right?
2. Late lunch/early dinner at Pizaro's on Saturday. So good.
3. Iced coffee, why have you never tasted this good before? Quality coffee from Blacksmith + a generous splash of milk + two packets raw sugar = perfection on a summer day. Sorry I doubted you so long.
4. Andrew said we needed a new rug so I found one at Target. It's on sale this week too.
5. Bauer cried all night from being stuck in this room. On Sunday I couldn't listen to it any more so we decided to let him roam through the maze of furniture in the other bedroom. So far, he hasn't gotten stuck or lost.
6. After a day of errands, Tex-Mex was in order. This avocado salad with fresh pico never gets old.

I also spent some time at the gym (loving Songza and the Indie workout playlist) and got a few things at the mall. So I guess it wasn't all bad. Until I got home, realized that my clothes are in four different places, and had to Spiderman climb my way through the room piled high with furniture so I have something to wear to work tomorrow. How's that for an image for ya?

I'm keeping it short today. How was your weekend? Got any iced coffee tips for me? Have you ever had a near heart attack from your significant other suggesting you buy something for the house?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Your weekend doesn't sound bad at all considering the wonderful floor circumstances. I'm drooling over that pizza, looks incredible.

  2. I love that rug pattern from target! I totally feel your frustration of furniture being a maze to get through... I will be so happy when our house is back to normal too. Oh, and that pizza looks delicious!

  3. That pizza looks amazing. I am a huge iced coffee fan...lots of milk and sugar and it is amazing. Perfect on a hot day!

    What kind of floors are you getting? We are discussing (and saving)for hardwoods. I am so done with the carpet, but I am not looking forward to a) the cost and b) the installation process. Ugh.

  4. ...and now i really want tex mex. lol

  5. I freaking hate when things take longer than estimated. UGH.

    Love that rug.

  6. That is the worst part about home renovations - they're never done on time! I sure hope they finish soon for your sanity :) I love the rug by the way, very cute!!

  7. Sorry about the floor, but hopefully that just means they are taking the time to do it right!

  8. full sized bed, NO flipping way. I hope you get some rest soon.

  9. Why does everything take longer than planned?! We always start a random task at home expecting it to take about 30 minutes and it ends up taking 3 hours. I don't get it! Sounds like a pretty great weekend considering the floor was running late!

  10. mmm Sangria and Mexican! Adding this to our list of 'to do's' when we finally meet. ;)

    Spider man - haha

    This is what I do when I creep: Walk like Jim Carey in Ace Ventura when he is trying to walk to the shark tank (that he thinks is a dolphin tank) when he's at that fancy party. Hands up near the shoulders and all. Do you know what I'm talking about?!
    haha Cracks me up to this day!

  11. Love that rug! And how did I not know about Songza? I am checking it out right now and OMG it's so cool!!!!

  12. That rug is amazing!! Well. So is everything at Target. Lets be honest

  13. renos are the worst! that's why when we got our basement done, we put it right in the contract that for every day they are late, we deduct $$ from the total price! they were actually 2 days early :)

    hope your floors get sorted out/done soon!

  14. I'm glad you're liking Songza! I've been hooked onto Spotify recently, ever since I found out they have a web app for it! So the problem of it not working on my work computer, averted. I would love some Pappasito's for some Tex-Mex. They just don't do it well here in Kansas. Go figure, huh? :) Do you guys ever go to Pappasito's? Or do you just go when David and I come to visit?


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