Wednesday, August 21, 2013

winning, literally

I heard a little bit about a conference called Blog Elevated coming to my city (less than half an hour from where I live, no less, which is awesome - Houston is huge!). Truthfully, I kind of ignored it; I mean, we are moving soon so I am trying to get all distractions from saving money out of my head until we have a new house. But, my sweet friend Rachelle scored tickets at a discount from joining one of Blog Elevated's twitter parties and convinced me that I should try to join in and get one, too. I love a good sale so I thought I would play along and see how I fared.

I tell my husband about all of this, and of course, he is cheap too. He is also competitive. Put us together in a game and the smack talking will never end. We have had several people refuse to play Taboo with us because we are that good! I'm an enthusiastic competitor who loses my mind in the heat of competition when adrenaline is flowing; Andrew is much more calculated and careful. Oh, and he's pretty funny too. More on that in a sec.

Andrew has a little-used twitter account and when he saw me sit down last night to get ready for the twitter party and I explained to him how it worked, he started playing along too... he was hoping I would win something, but more importantly, I think he wanted to beat me! We played along and I had fun interacting with my friends playing (hi Bre and Miranda!) but I think he started to get bored and the silly side came out...

(Andrew is A Blinking Idiot - I'm glad they have s sense of humor!) 

He didn't win that one. Our house internet was being a jerk and I have serious sausage fingers so my answers were riddled with typos (see, I told you I get excited when I compete). We were on what we thought was the last question. "Laptop!" I yelled out and tried to type. Andrew had another answer...

I just laughed. Other bloggers loved him.

I assumed we didn't win and was ready to go to bed, but he asked and.... he won!

The code was DMed to him! I didn't want to let down his new followers (he had a few) but I didn't want to fool anyone, either, so I tweeted the truth and made sure he retweeted it.
And of course he had to have the last word...

Sooooo... we did it! Okay, kinda he did it but I did give him the answers to the questions I knew. And now I am going to Blog Elevated! I'm so excited! I miss learning, so this is going to be a great opportunity to just soak things in, plus I'm looking forward to all of the bloggers that I know I'll meet and hanging out with ones I already know and love! Thanks to Blog Elevated for holding fun twitter games - I look forward to joining in the next round just to meet other bloggers! (PS - I heard that the secret is using TweetDeck. Y'all should try that!). And thanks to my sweet blog friends for being supportive during the games - blog friends really are the best. Oh, and sorry for blowing up your twitter feed last night if you have no interest in this. I'll try to be more calm next time! I am also so, so pumped that so many bloggers are going to get to experience Houston, so of course next week I will have to try to round up some of the best things to do while you're here!

Any advice for me on attending a blogging conference? Are you going to Blog Elevated? I have business cards to order, outfits to plan... I'm still so excited!


  1. Ah I would like to go to this! Do you know when another twitter party will happen? I saw reg was like 200 bucks, right? But congrats! that's hilarious that your hubby ended up winning but ya'll area team so you win too :D

  2. So jealous! Wish I was going too!

  3. I woke up the baby laughing when I saw it was your husband that won.
    Also, I have been banned from Taboo games myself. I'm very competitive at board games and table sports. Things that don't require running.

  4. That is awesome you are going! Wish I could go too :) P.S your husband rocks!

  5. So happy for you that you get to go! And on the cheap! Way to help out Andrew!
    I will live vicariously through y'all and soak up Houston via your blog...and twitter. :)

  6. This is so cute and fun! I'm so glad y'all won! And props to your hubby for playing along. Mine would just roll his eyes--haha.

  7. I'm so excited that you won! I'm definitely going to find out when the next Twitter games are and keep playing! If I don't get to go, you better report back and tell me everything you learned!

  8. Sweet!! We are super competitive as well, and usually competing with each other. It's nice when we can team up and compete against other people and annihilate them!

  9. congrats! and don't worry i am still giving you the credit for the W

  10. This is awesome! Congrats lady!


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