Thursday, September 5, 2013

a few thursday thoughts

Lots has been on my mind lately; things longer than a tweet but shorter than a blog post. So, inspired by Steph, I think some Thursday Thoughts are in order.

:: Facetime. Am I the only one who finds it strangely intrusive? It's like coming to my house, unannounced. You can text me and ask if we can facetime, but if you just do it, I will decline every time. You don't want me to put the phone in my lap as I drive so you can see up my nose or for me to answer at the gym, do you? Also, it is my dad that I am constantly declining. Daughter of the Year, right here.

:: Big things happening in the world, y'all. I don't like to get too political as a whole so allow me this brief second and if you're only going to read one thought from me today, read this one. I remember in school learning about the Holocaust and wondering why other countries did nothing and said nothing about it. The answer I got is that people didn't realize what was going on. With the exception of North Korea, we get a pretty damn good look at the rest of the world in this day and age. And some terrible, awful stuff is happening in Syria. I admit to being ignorant to world news so I had no idea what the whole story was. This article really gave me the basics and it's worth your time. As for what the U.S. should or shouldn't do? I personally am glad that I'm not a member of Congress who has to decide. Just be informed.

:: I am newly hooked on Chobani Flips and they went and recalled them pulled them off of store shelves this week. Tears. Carly and I (fine, mostly me) are so upset we've been emailing. Does anyone need to join our support group?

:: Are you shopping with ebates? If you online shop and you have not signed up, you will want to kick yourself. If you use this link I will get a referral credit and I promise to buy myself something nice to blog about. Basically it tells you all the coupons that are out there for where ever you want to buy and you get cash back on stuff you're already buying. Win-win. Also, this week when I realized that Travelocity and Expedia are on there, I had to kick myself because I never thought to use ebates for that. UGH.

:: Football season starts tonight. I'm kind of excited, especially because I'm playing Fantasy Football this year. But I'm kind of annoyed that the Giants play the Cowboys on Sunday at the same time Breaking Bad is on. Don't they know I can't watch two things at once? I vote for BB, Andrew of course votes for football, so it will be a late night on Sunday. Also, let's see how excited I am at about week six...

That's enough thoughts. Since every post needs a picture, I will leave you with one of Bauer because he is the cutest tiger striped baby I've ever seen.

Why yes, he does crawl in bed next to me when my alarm goes off and snuggles until I wake up to pet him.


  1. yes to ebates!! i wonder if it will work because i live in canada; it seems that canada never gets any love :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I recently signed up for eBates but haven't ordered anything yet... I'm trying to wait until I actually need something first, ha!

  3. watching the news always gets me so upset. but it's always good to read through the big stuff online.

    and totally agree about facetime. i've only done it a handful of times. but if it isn't pre-planned, ain't no way i'm answering. hahaha.

  4. I would not want to be the one deciding what to do in Syria. The human being in me wants to rush over there and stop it. The realist in me knows that an American presence will not do that.

  5. I have recently wanted to turn off the news because it's so depressing but I don't because I realize I need to be an informed American.

    I LOVE football and I'm so excited preseason is over!

  6. I hope Chobani gets there shit together quickly, because I need my almond coco loco.

    I am with you on the Syria stuff. I would not want to be in charge of deciding what to do. It makes my daily problems look like nothing.

    Ebates is amazing; I finally figured out to use it when booking travel too. I got an almost $60 check this time around! Did you know about the Ebates toolbar? I installed that so I never forget to use it. Whenever you go to a site where you can use it, a little thing will pop up telling you how much cash back you can get. It is amazing!

  7. I can't handle the Syria stuff. It's just heartbreaking. When we were in the Middle East we bought beautiful Syrian handmade wooden boxes and filled them with Syrian chocolates for our parents.

    Ebates is the and I need to get back on there real soon to buy some baby stuff for my SIL!

    Bauer is seriously the cutest kitty! :) and you get some good shots of him!

  8. I don't like Chobani. Can we still be friends? :) I'm kind of glad no one has wanted to facetime with me yet. I totally agree I would want a heads up before hand or I would decline too.

    I love that picture of Bauer. So cute he crawls under the covers!

  9. Wow, I had no idea they pulled it off the shelves. GOOD to know!

  10. awwww what a cutie; I would want to snuggle all morning! I am glad football starts tonight. To be this has been the longest off-season ever!

  11. Wait just a second, the Chobani flips are being discontinued?! I just tried them and loved them!

  12. I don't like to get political either, but I agree that people need to shape up and start paying attention to such important world events.

    K, done with that! I never tried the flips and now I'm glad, I would be sad if my Light & Fit Greek ever got pulled! And I'm very jealous of your cuddle time. Barley does that once every three weeks probably, lol.

  13. Ok somehow I missed this post last week! I blame Bloglovin! I agree with the FaceTime thing, and to take it a step further, I also dislike the Facebook live chat option. It's so invasive. Facebook should be a passive activity, right? And thanks for the article about the current events. I will check it out!


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