Monday, September 9, 2013

a surprise and a scare

It's weekend recap time, but I'm trying to watch the Giants game while I blog, so I'll keep this one short.

On Friday, I picked up the cat to make him sit with me like I always do. I felt a noticeable lump behind his shoulder blade and told Andrew. I was freaking out but trying not to and luckily, he started googling and was able to tell me that it was probably nothing to worry about. I tweeted about it and sweet Joey texted me to say the same thing. I called the vet Saturday morning and was told yet again that it is likely noting to worry about. Bauer already has an appointment next Saturday, so we will get it checked then. But for about ten minutes, there was panic. Crazy how much we love our pets, right?

I also got a nice surprise on Friday. The doorbell rang; it was UPS. I didn't pay attention to the package because I assumed it was just the Giants baseball hat Andrew had ordered. He opened the box and I saw a flicker of a very distinct blue. Last weekend, I confessed to him that I had lost my favorite Tiffany bow necklace that he gave me for Christmas when we were still dating. I like to joke that I knew how cute bows were before Kate Spade did. I realized it was missing in the spring, but with my track record of being a mess, I didn't really want to tell him, and I have enough jewelry that he never noticed. Last weekend after thoroughly cleaning out my jewelry box, I was convinced it was gone for good. Well, he ordered me a new one. I didn't realize how much I missed it but now I am so, so happy it's back!

Saturday was pretty uneventful - I had a good day at the gym, went grocery shopping, and had dinner at my favorite Thai place, Vieng Thai. That place is so kitschy (disco ball, rope lights, feels like an old person's house) that it makes for an even more entertaining night.

On Sunday, football came back. My fantasy football team really let me down! DirecTV also hugely failed with their football on your phone promotion - nothing about their website worked. You have to laugh when someone's marketing is so effective that they can't fulfill their promise.

I was too excited about my present to photograph it before opening so here it is with one of the pretty pink roses I had to have this week |  Andrew is making BBQ for something at his work and Bauer was really into it. It was pretty cute.

This week and next week feel so jam-packed and I'm ready for it. How was your weekend?

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  1. Keep me updated on Bauer! Do you think it's just a cyst? Our family cat had one before.

    That is sooo sweet your husband got you another Tiffany necklace!

  2. Eeeeek Bauer! I would feel the same way and still be freaking out. I'm glad you've got him an appt to get check. Please keep me updated.

    What a sweet husband! Regifting you that pretty necklace!

  3. Poor Bauer! I hope everything turns out well, I'm sure it's ok, but I would have freaked out just the same! The necklace is so pretty & what a lucky girl you are that Andrew surprised you with a replacement ;)

    My fantasy team may have actually pulled off the win this week, still one more night to go with my opponent's guy playing though, so I refused to blog about it and jinx it!

  4. What a pretty bow necklace!
    I lost a ring my mom gave me when I turned 18 and I still have not admitted it out loud. I'm so sad about it.
    OMG. I hope Bauer is okay! He is your baby after all. :) Once time Fancy licked herself so much she created a bald spot! I freaked out!

  5. I hope Bauer is okay!

    I hate losing jewelry. I lost a huge awesome turquoise pendant in Atlantic City a few years ago. I'm still pissed about that. It was a one of a kind piece too.

  6. Poor Bauer! I would have been freaking out. Let us know how the vet appointment goes.

  7. Awww, so sweet of him to order you a new one!

    I hope Bauer is ok! I would be freaking out too, so you are not alone.

    My fantasy team was doing awesome yesterday then they shit the bed. We are now tied and each have one player playing tonight. Hopefully my team steps it up!

  8. I think it's the sweetest thing ever that he replaced your necklace as a surprise! And I assure you, Bauer's lump is easily handled! I love crazy little restaurants like that! Totally makes the dining experience less commercial :) So glad you had a nice little weekend, Friend!

  9. OMG that is SO sweet that he replaced your necklace!!

  10. teehee loving how into football you are! =) I'm a sports gal too so it's so refreshing for me to see other sports gals! The little things...


  11. nicely done, hubs, nicely done!!!!!! love the necklace.

  12. :( hope bauer is ok!!

    and lovely surprise!! so sweet :)

    Vodka and Soda

  13. how sweet that he got you a replacement.

  14. Love that necklace, I've been wanting one!! I have the matching earrings but no necklace. Think you could drop hints to your hubby that I'd love one? Lol!

    Hope Bauer is ok, how scary!

  15. That is SO sweet he bought you another necklace. I love it girl.

  16. I'm sure Bauer will be fine. Lucy gets lumps, and we had them checked, and found out they are just fatty cysts. They're harmless, just add character. Try not to worry.
    PS love the necklace :) good husband!


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