Thursday, September 26, 2013

because I am going to see if The Secret works...

Were you guys big Oprah fans? I was. From the time I got my own DVR in college, I would record her show every day and catch up on it whenever possible. I didn't watch every single episode, but I had plenty. When Andrew and I moved in together, I think it was one of his least favorite things but I didn't care. I loved her! (We won't talk about OWN... it never caught my attention so I don't watch it but I'm still an O supporter, in theory).

Anyway, several years ago she talked about this book called The Secret all the time and had bunch of shows about it. I never read it because I was a broke college kid who would rather spend money on Forever 21 tops than books, but the gist I got was that you should envision yourself doing great things and you will end up living the life you envision. So today we're gonna give it a try.

Ladies, I want to hang out with Aaron Paul in L.A. this weekend.

What? You don't know who that is? Well, if you remember my love of Breaking Bad then this post will make a lot more sense. Basically Aaron Paul plays Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad and he seems like the coolest celebrity ever. His character says "bitch!" all the time, so the actor will say it to people who run into him in the airport or whatever. He is having a contest right now and the winners get to go to LA on his dime to watch the BB finale with the cast. How cool would that be? And no, this post isn't part of me trying to win - it's a random drawing - but it IS me trying to envision it happening to see if The Secret works.

Okay, so in the name of envisioning, here is how it would happen. Aaron Paul would call me himself and be all "Bitch! You're going to LA!" I already told my boss that there is a tiny likelihood of this happening so I can take a few days off work next week, easily (yes, seriously, I told her). So I would freak out because I have nothing to wear and probably tweet like a mad woman for fashion advice and end up wearing like, jeans and a t-shirt and Target shoes but whatever. Andrew and I would land in LA and be greeted by Aaron Paul and his wife, also named Lauren, and then we would go to some cool hotel like the Roosevelt. Isn't that the one that Lindsay Lohan lived in while she was having all her issues? So yeah, we would go there and order room service and hang out with Jesse Aaron and his wife. And seriously, they are the cutest married couple ever and we would probably become BFF, but let's keep the envisioning simple, shall we?

This is pretty much what it would look like, but I would encourage Andrew to dress up a little more. We'll be the four best friends that anyone could have!

Part of the prize is that you get to cook something in an RV with him, so I would want to cook something easy like mac and cheese but Andrew would make it difficult and want to make coq au vin or something ridiculous but I would go along with it so we could hang out with AP more (can I call him that, do you think?) Then we would get to go to this cemetery and watch the pilot and the finale with the cast. I would ask them all riveting questions, I'm sure. I would have to ask Dean Norris how he went from a great show to Under the Dome (bleh, that show was terrible) and RJ Mitte what he thought of ol' Miley (he used to be on Hannah Montana... why do I know this but I can't point to major countries on a map?). Mostly I would want to follow around Aaron Paul and wife Lauren because they are adorable (yes, I have stalked her Instagram to prove this, and IG doesn't lie). Oh and I would watch the finale and probably freak out and then watch all the actors watching themselves. So crazy. Then we would party all night and while we were hanging out, Andrew and I would impress everyone with our amazing food knowledge and the whole cast would promise to call us if they were ever in Texas. Yeah, that's how I would want it to end.

So, Universe, now it's up to you. I am hoping that The Secret wasn't just a load of junk and by clearly envisioning winning this contest, I am making it so. Somehow I'm doubtful, but you never know...

(Also, I am writing this post Wednesday night. Winners are chosen in a few hours, so this may be a moot point by the time you read it. Oh well, at least I tried!)


  1. Be wearing jeans and a t and target shoes. LOLOLOL That would be so me.

    I hope you won!

  2. I don't even watch Breaking Bad and I am lol'ing at this post.

    I would so be the a-hole wearing Target shoes and a t-shirt also.

  3. That sounds like it would be an awesome night! I think Jesse/Aaron would totally prefer Mac and Cheese with hotdogs, dontcha think?

  4. So how do find out the results? Maybe you tweeted already and I missed it... Why are you going to watch it in a cemetery? I think that's very cool because I like cemeteries, but I'm also puzzled because most people don't feel the same way...

  5. I don't even watch Breaking Bad but this post was hilarious! You are such a funny writer! Good luck on winning ;)

  6. you get a car, you get a car, you get a car, EVERYBODY GETS A CARRRRR! love her

  7. So...did you win? I think visioning good things can cause good things to happen. Like when you're playing sports and you envision yourself winning. It hasn't worked for me...yet. Here's another example: "I envision that you will respond to this comment."

  8. lol to "the four best friends that anyone could have" I read that as if it were the song from the movie! Don't die but I've only watched two eps of BB. Bryan is always nagging on me to get on the train, maibs I will, Aaron Paul is seriously a great celebrity so that's reason enough, right?


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