Thursday, September 19, 2013

best of me

Tonight the Blog Elevated Conference kicks off. I'm hoping that I meet lots of new bloggers who decide to click on over here for their first time. I started thinking about what I want them to get as their first impression of me and here's what I came up with:

I often think it's more fun to go against the crowd than with it.
I am fiercely loyal to people, things, and ideas that I love.
I often speak and write in run-on sentences but I have a good grasp of grammar, I promise.
Food - from ordering it for work to trying new restaurants to photographing pretty plates - plays a huge role in my life.
I'm not good at keeping my opinions to myself, good or bad.
I try to be the same on my blog as I am in real life: open, a little silly, sometimes sarcastic, and always with something to say.

Every post needs a picture so you get one of my fat kitty and me.

Since I've been blogging for over six months, I actually have some posts to choose from as favorites. I will add them to my About Me page soon, but for now, they can just live here. 

Love and Marriage: How We Met and Our Proposal

Several posts are pretty old, but there are a few from when I was super brand new that I still like!

Is there something that you always look for when getting to know a blog for the first time? Is there something that immediately draws you to a blog? I am partial to Houstonians and cat ladies, personally...


  1. funny blogs and ones that are real and honest are my favorite. within the first 10 lines, i'll know if i will add them to my feedly and those who make it are those i can relate to.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Yay I will probably see you there! :)

  3. I hope you have so much fun at the conference!! I'm sad I can't go.

  4. What you wrote could've totally come from my own brain.

    Have a great time at the conference!

  5. I think we are the same person.

    I am so glad you posted this list of posts because I didn't read all of them...and my favorite one I need to read right now is the hugging one. Because I am totally not a hugger!

    Bauer doesn't look TOO fat. I am visiting a friend this weekend and she has the fattest cat I have ever met. I will need to take a picture of her.

  6. I am drawn to follow blogs that:
    (1) contain actual original thoughts and blogging about the person's life - everything isn't just give-aways, sponsored posts, "Look what I found on Pinterest!", etc.
    (2) the blogger doesn't try too hard to be "funny". I hate those blogs where EVERY OTHER WORD is a joke, wise-crack, pop culture reference, or snarky remark.
    (3) Another huge turn-off for me is husband/boyfriend-bashing and cruel remarks about pets.

  7. sarcastic is my favorite. there should be a font for it.

  8. Have so much fun at Blog Elevated this weekend! I'm bummed I'm missing it, but I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. What a great post idea! I may have to steal it :)

  10. The conference sounds fun!! ENJOY lovely!

  11. I wish I was going to Blog Elevated so I could meet you :) Hope you have a great time! I liked the past post you wrote about not being a hugger. I'm not a hugger either.

    I'm drawn to cat lady blogs too. And any blogs that are written well and I have common interests with. Like yours! :D


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