Tuesday, September 3, 2013

goal check: august into september

Oh, Labor Day. You're supposed to signal the end of summer but really, you're just a really damn hot three-day weekend. This weekend was awesome in that it was an extra day, but honestly? It wasn't too special and I didn't take many pics. In short: shopping, gym, sleep, awesome brunch at Hugo's, saw Drinking Buddies (I liked it but maybe wait til it's on DVD), and attempted to get hooked on Parks and Rec. So far? I like it but I'm not in love and I want to love it!

Coffee from my favorite cupcake place | Duncan at the vet with his new NY Giants blue harness | Andrew ordered me a margarita at lunch that was bigger than my water glass... and then I took a two hour nap | Saw this at Ross. Why?

So, instead of boring you with a recap, how about we take a look at my goals for August and see how I did...

1) Walk/Jog/Run/Elliptical 25 miles. DONE! I think I actually hit 26. I was lucky because I took a lot of mornings off from work due to our flooring debacle and took advantage of it to go to the gym. I'm going to see if I can do 25 in September where I will have to go in the afternoons and on weekends more often.

2) Say yes to invitations where my first inclination is to say no. I went to one event outside of my comfort zone and actually made lunch plans with a coworker I don't know that well, rather than continuing with the "Oh yeah, we should have lunch" thing that we all do. Oh and I'm going to a blog conference that I declined attending at first, so I did pretty well.

3) Get this house on the market.  Big, fat fail. I don't know what we're waiting for but I'm blaming the two week floor debacle for procrastinating. Maybe September will be our month?

4) Use my time better. Not too terrible but I could always be better! I'll keep working on this in September.

5) Learn how to do something new to me, whether it's a hairstyle, blog trick, or recipe. I made my blog header clickable instead of having a separate navigation bar, so that counts, right? Honestly, I forgot I set this goal for myself so I kind of achieved it by default.

6) Stop drinking soda... at home. I know "cokes" (as we call everything fizzy and delicious in Texas) are full of not good things, but I love them. I trained myself to only like diet ones years ago so now I am going to train myself not to "need" them daily. I'm allowed to have one at work every so often or when out for dinner, but I won't buy any 12 packs this month to keep in the house. I'm already one week into this challenge and so far, so good.

Not toooooo shabby... but I can always do better. I want to keep the same goals from August in mind for September and add one to it: make an effort to eat better and use My Fitness Pal (Find me? I'm LM10). It's no secret that we go out to eat all the time, and that is what frustrated me most last time I used MFP - it was hard to accurately log what I was eating. I'm going to do my best this time around, though, and eat as well as I can when I'm out so I can enter something. Any tips, tricks, or success stories? I honestly thought logging more time at the gym would have made more of a difference, but it hasn't so I'm ready to take it up a notch before the holidays are here and all attempts at eating well go straight out the window.

How was your long weekend? How did you do on your August goals? 

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  1. Hugo's has brunch?! I had no idea! I have to go there soon! We love their food, but have only been for dinner!

  2. I've completely cut Pepsi out of my life but I can't let go of my one Vernors per day. At least I switch to water after my one sugary soda.

  3. I love a soda every once in a while, especially when I'm hungover. My husband drinks a ton of soda. I can't imagine it.

  4. i tried watching parks and rec and i didn't even think it was funny :(

    i haven't had soda in 2yrs; i took a small sip once a few months back and it was so sweet i couldn't handle it!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Good for you! I need to get on the Diet Coke thing... why must it be SO good!?

  6. I don't think one or two sodas a week would be so bad. I mean, people have been drinking them for years. Maybe you can pick one day a week when you are allowed to have them?

  7. not to rain on your parade, but they say the diet sodas can be worse for you and make you crave sugar even more..... ;)

  8. Yay! Way to go on your miles and stepping out of your comfort zone! That was how I stopped drinking sodas - didn't allow them in the house! If the hubs wants one he has to run to the convenient store. Oh, and for emergencies try Zuvia! Black cherry is yummy and fizzy!

  9. You are killing your goals!

    Soda is hard. We don't buy it because I know we would drink it quickly until it is gone. We have zero self-control when it comes to having Coke in the house, so I just avoid it, but we both do love a Coke as a treat once in awhile.

  10. I want to give you my soda willpower! I have like, half a Diet Coke a week. I think you are doing great though! MFP is rough, I had that one too. I found that the only thing that ever set me straight on how crappy I ate when I went out or kept track of it at least was Weight Watchers. Good ole' dub dubs has good restaurant comparables, obvi not Hugo's or anything, but you can find similar stuff in that app! Too bad it costs so much cash!

  11. Hey lady - Just letting you know that I'm giving away a Doggie DNA kit right now in case you ever wondered what Duncan was made up of! :)

    Current giveaway: A dog DNA kit! Our Journey Giveaway!

  12. Wow, I'm horrible at keeping to my goals. Stop making me look bad! lol, jk. What I mean to say was: Great job! I'm so proud of you for saying yes to things outside your comfort zone. That should be one of my goals for the rest of the year.

    Also... I call most everything "coke" too, instead of "soda". Maybe I lived in Texas in a past life?

  13. Wow 25 miles is no small feat.
    Wish I could do half of it :-(

  14. I'd that an impressive list of accomplishments! And that no soda goal is a tough one. I don't think there's much better in this world than a fountain Dr. Pepper on a hot day... except maybe a good beer on a hot day!

  15. You did great on your goals! I heard that once you put your house on the market in Houston, get ready for it to sell quickly. I hope that happens for you!
    P.S. Duncan does not look thrilled to be in that harness!

  16. I think you did great on your goals! And the "yolo" thingamajig totally made me lol.

    Regarding goal #2 - I think that is a great goal to have! I definitely need to say yes to more things when it comes to blogger events! But yay for our upcoming conference!


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