Wednesday, September 25, 2013

how to get kicked outta my reader

You're all pretty amazing. It seems that every blog I read, you read too, and I know because I see you commenting on them. And then I see you tweeting, liking on Instagram, and then commenting on a post from a blogger that I just found like you are already BFFs. And it is impressive. I don't know how you do it. There are tons of great bloggers out there. When I realize I'm not following more bloggers than I am following, it blows my mind that there are so many awesome posts I'm missing out on. But I feel like I read enough already. Time is of the essence and comments are a hot commodity, especially if you are a blogger who opens herself up to sponsored posts. Basically, what I'm sayin' is - you gotta earn it. I know I am just one set of eyes and completely replaceable, but here's my opinion on what gets a blog removed from my reader.

1) "Now I want you to meet my friend, _____" at the end of every post: I get it. You want to make some money. That's cool. But when the end of every post is an introduction to another blogger, I feel a little swindled. Like those paragraphs that came before solely exist to make you some money rather than to let me into your life. I understand doing it every so often, but when it feels like the post is just getting good and I see another blogger's face, I get a little less interested.

2) Referring to your significant other, pets, or friends by derogatory names: Your pet can be a jerk, I'm sure. Mine can, too. But if you constantly refer to your dog by a rude name, then I totally judge you. It's a pet and you chose to have it. Not cool. And calling your significant other something awful or constantly shaming them? NOT OKAY. Like pets, I'm sure they can be jerks too sometimes, but especially when dealing with humans, it's best to keep real problems off the internet.

3) All babies, all the time: This is probably not true for your mom-blogger friends, but I'm not one of them. I respect that you're a mom, but I like when you sometimes talk about shopping, girlfriends, TV, wine, food, yourself... anything but your baby. If the kiddo makes an appearance sometimes, I get it (and I probably like it), but if your blog turns into a scrapbook of your little one, then I no longer feel like we have much in common. It's nothing personal and should I ever become a mom, I will add you right back onto my list!

4) Posts that are too easy: Am I the only one who would rather get no post than a photo with a sentence or a youtube clip? Maybe. But too much of that and I will mark as read 'til I wonder what made me read in the first place.

5) When I leave lots of love... and get none in return: I try really hard to comment as much as I can. Not always, because who can do that? But if you never come visit me or respond to my comments with anything more than "thanks," I feel a little ignored and like our friendship is one-sided. I have made it clear that my blog is all about building relationships, and if we can't get a little something going, that's okay, but I may not check in on you every single day.

Am I harsh? Am I crazy? I feel like with work picking up, my blog time is even more limited. What gets a blog kicked out of your reader? I don't want to be TOO negative, so soon I will let you in on what gets a blog into my reader to see if we agree. To those of you commenting: thank you for being awesome and chances are, you are firmly in my reader. No worries there.


  1. GIRLFRIEND, you and i are blogging kindred spirits because i nodded the WHOLE TIME i was reading this.

    i'm a mom and all but posts upon posts of kids? no thanks. i want to read about you. if i wanted to read about kids, i'd just look at mine.

    and the no blog love things ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME. why?! why not return the love? and i'm just gonna say it: you may respond to my comments via email on your blog BUT COME AND VISIT ME TOO GODDAMMIT.

    love this post!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. ps - "you" = general you; not you, lauren :)

  3. Haha, I agree to this 100%. The introduction to another blogger at the end of EVERY post drives me bonkers. And baby pictures, no thanks.

  4. I have to agree with everything you said here!!! I have never seen number 2 in action, but if I did I would probably be shocked! I can't believe that this happens! Gross!


    #1 - This, and I've also noticed that more people are writing what looks like a normal post, but words within the post will be linked back to websites of companies. Then the "I was compensated..." disclaimer is in very tiny text somewhere.

    #2 - You know this makes me mad!

    #3 - I end up unfollowing a lot bloggers after they become pregnant, if that becomes the only thing they post about. This is not meant to be hateful or cruel; it's just that their blog has obviously become a single-topic blog - pregnancy and mommyhood - and I am not interested in that topic.

    (Also, I hate when a blogger has a baby and suddenly it's like their husband no longer exists. Do they not realize that the kid will learn about relationships from observing their parents?)

    4. Yep.

    5. Yep. And what's even more annoying is when that blogger has "favorite" commenters that they ALWAYS respond to. I don't expect a visit or return comment every time, but if I've been commenting for months, it would be nice if you could say hello.

  6. I agree with you totally! As I newbie I didn't realize that the "meet my friend" sections were paid at first. I can't wait to see your post about what you like to see!

  7. If I comment a lot and get no replies, I will stop reading someone.

    I don't mind a pic or video with a sentence or two once a week. Three or more times? Just don't post.

  8. If I realize I haven't read a post by a blogger in over a week because what they're talking about doesn't appeal to me I usually delete them from my Bloglovin' feed.

    I don't have time to mark a post I haven't read as read when there are girls posting stuff I really want to read.

  9. Totally agree with all of these. One girl I followed had a baby and it seems all she posts now is weekly baby updates. No thanks. I don't mind her baby making an appearance but every post!

    The no love thing totally bothers me too! I try to go to the blog of those who comment and share the love. Wish more did.

  10. All bueno reasons and I agree with them all!!! Please don't let me turn into a "today my baby is this fruit!" Blogger. LOL in the very distant future of course!

  11. make the kids go away! more puppy photos ;)

  12. Mmmm I love this post. My LEAST fav post is the bait and switch. Where it starts out as a post worthy of reading but after two sentences becomes "oh and btw MEET MY FRIEND!!!!!!!"

    I will instantly stop reading.

  13. Girrrl, I totally agree on all of these! Especially #3! Although I will say that I haven't seen point #2 on a blog before...that is horrible!

    I read mostly fashion/style blogs and I hate hate hate when they start doing tons of "filler" posts. I guess that goes with point #4. Like...I just want to see you wear cute outfits, I don't need a post where you link to something else you found on the internet. Save that for Twitter! Am I right??

  14. I agree with every single one of these except the last one. If I'm leaving lots of comments on a blog that isn't returning the favor, I probably won't remove them from my reader. Usually I still like to read their blog but maybe I just start reading it and not take the time to comment anymore.

    Work has been really picking up for me too! Some days I'm not even able to get online at all, let alone check in on blog land.

  15. YES! I'm glad someone finally wrote a post like this. I agree, I hate when every single post I go to has a sponsor at the bottom. It feels like you just wrote so you could put someone in.

    Also, never getting any love in return is no fun. I don't feel like everyone I follow should feel obligated to follow me back, but at least respond to my comments every now and then or come leave some love on my blog!

  16. I TOTALLY agree with everything you listed. Too many sponsors are a little annoying... and boring. Who wants to sponsor a blog and get spotlighted with 75 other bloggers.

  17. Number 5 is the worst! I understand if I leave a quick comment that doesn't require a response, but when I leave multiple meaningful comments and never hear a word back I get mad and usually click unfollow! Common courtesy people


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