Monday, September 16, 2013

weekend of simple pleasures

Sometimes a good real life doesn't equal a good blog life. Things have been pretty good lately but naps and rest and watching Friends reruns don't really make for a good blog post. That said, this weekend was good and this recap will be short.

The Bronze Age, Just Picked (my favorite!), and Mallrat | Fat Cat Creamery Ice Cream | Mozzarella | Bleu | Bauer was not loving the exam table

Friday we tried to make a dent in the Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Restaurants of 2013 list. Last year when the list came out, I had been to 16 restaurants. This year, I have been to 35, so definitely an improvement. We went to Chinatown to have beignets for dinner, but the place was cash only, we had none, and traffic was too terrible to go get some and go back. Sad trombone. No beignets for me.

We ended up going to see The Spectacular Now. I thought it was pretty cute. It's not a guy movie at all. But, there was craft beer and frozen sangria so the night wasn't all bad.

Saturday was Bauer's vet appointment. My vet told me a lot about how the act of giving cats shots can cause tumors (whether it's an immunization or just saline solution) so his lump is something to watch but not something to worry about now. So I won't. It was likely due to the steroid shot he had a few weeks ago (he has asthma...) Thank you all for your reassurances and for caring about my kitty!

I got a haircut on Saturday afternoon. I have been trying to grow my hair out and I was doing so well, but I think she cut more than she needed to! I tried a new place that has been highly recommended. I pre-paid for the haircut when I made my appointment online. Well, when she finished my cut and I went to check out, I was told there would be an additional $20 fee for getting my hair blow-dried and because it was longer and thicker than usual Um, what? No. So I asked to speak with a manager, she said there was a miscommunication, and they sent me on my way. Lesson learned, it never hurts to be a pain and ask what happened. You may save yourself $20.

Dinner Saturday night was kind of the star of the weekend. Andrew made pizzas - one with roasted potatoes, bleu cheese, and basil and another with mozzarella, proscuitto, and butternut squash. YUM. We ate that and some locally made ice cream while we watched The Five Year Engagement. I thought it was cute but very long.

Sunday was errand running and watching football at the gym. I finally went and checked out Wet and Wild nail polish that Joey highly recommended and I love it so far! You can't beat $2 a bottle. Also my fantasy football team isn't sucking nearly as bad this week and I just might win!

Do you ever feel like you surround yourself with too much noise? That's how I felt late last week, like I just needed a break from email and to take it easy. So I didn't blog on Friday. And I learned that the world didn't end and that all of your lives went on just fine without me, and hopefully we are still blog friends. It was nice and I highly recommend it. I really love blogging, but a day away here and there is great, too!

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  1. I'm so glad that you got good news at Bauer's appointment.

    I'm probably not supposed to say this, being that I am a blogger, but non-blog-worthy-weekends are probably my favorite lol

  2. Yay for Bauer!

    I am always like whatever if the weekend isn't blog-worthy. Real life and rest is more important!

    I think I'll be light on blog posts this week. Just too much noise going on .

  3. I've been blogging every other day for the past few weeks and I like it because it gives me a break away from the computer on my "off days".

    So glad to hear that the vet said you don't have anything to worry about with Bauer. Great news!

    Good for you for questioning the $20 extra fee. That is kind of crazy!

    The pizzas look amazing! So does the ice cream. I feel like your weekend was very blog worthy! It was more exciting than my weekend for sure! :) Also, yay for the nail polish!!!

  4. Those polishes look lovely! And the definitely are a steel :)

  5. In general, my weekends are not blogworthy, so I totally get it!

    My dog has gotten the lump after get his vaccination shots before, and it went away after awhile. Our vet said it is common as well. Glad he is ok!

    I am with you on the noise. I didn't blog on Friday either for the same reason. I am the type of person who needs to respond to comments relatively quickly, because it stresses me out to have a ton of unanswered emails in my inbox, so I can't just post and then go on my way. I definitely have to just take a day (or days!) off to get things under control.

  6. that's odd you paid for the cut before you even went... i don't know if i would do that!

  7. Fat cat creamery? Yum! And those pizzas? Yum too! Did y'all go to Studio Movie Grill to see the movie? I miss that place. I read that book so of course have to see the movie now. Your weekend was totally blog worthy! And you know I'm with ya on the too much noise and needing a break. :)

  8. Umm... please make me a pizza too! Those look/sound SOOO good! And I want to see a picture of the hair cut!

  9. I'm glad you asked about your hair! That would be crazy if they charged an extra $20!

  10. every week lately has been filled with noise so i like to break away from it all during the weekend. ain't nothing wrong with that! :D

    Vodka and Soda

  11. I'm glad Bauer is gonna be ok. What a weird phenomenon!

    Those pizzas look awesome, as does the ice cream. And the five year engagement is such a good movie. I just love Emily Blunt. Saturday nights like the one you had this weekend are my favorite!

    Good for you for talking with the salon. Not until I moved to Houston had I heard about charging for blow drying. That is just crazy! I would not pay that either!

  12. I think posts like this are the better blog posts, actually. :) Glad to hear that Bauer is alright for now. I never knew that giving a cat a shot could actually cause a tumor. Scary.

    I would have been annoyed about the hair appointment, too. And I don't think you were being a pain; the manager needs to know if her employees are giving out incorrect information.


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