Friday, October 25, 2013

bad food, good food, beer, halloween, and cats.

It's Friday, which obviously means that my brain only works in multiples of fives. How about yours?

1) When you take food seriously, it maybe isn't such a good idea to let your friends take you to a restaurant with poor Yelp reviews in the 'burbs. That happened to Andrew and I last weekend and while the company was lovely, my clearly-from-a-box bowtie pasta and Lean Cuisine-esque lemon basil sauce was not. I tried to go with the flow, I did, but it was awful.

2) Speaking of food, sometimes an old standby is all you need. I met up with blog friends (is that qualifier still necessary? I'm thinking not) for dinner at Torchy's Tacos and dessert at Cloud Ten Creamery (which I discussed here). If you are in Texas and haven't experienced Torchy's, you need to, and if you aren't in Texas, I'm sorry. I love it.

That would be a fried avocado taco and a taco with pumpkin-seed crusted chicken and yummy spicy carrots. Oh, and the absolute best banana split ever.

3) If you follow me on twitter, sorry for the repeat info, but a beer leaked in my purse. Andrew was going to give one of his coworkers one of his prized pumpkin beers so he put it in my purse to not forget it but forgot to take it with him when he got to work. I tried to be a good wife and take it into my office with me so it didn't get warm in the car (we still have highs in the 80s, people!) and somewhere along the way, the cap got loose and beer poured into my Kate Spade bag. Luckily the bag is black and you can't see it from the outside, but I let it air out and my office smelled beer-y all day. I was not a happy camper and told Andrew that he now owes me a new bag since the lining is ugly and stained. Not a real problem, I know, but my whining for handbags doesn't have to make sense.

4) I was so excited when I tweeted that I didn't like Halloween the other day and actually had people agree with me! Costumes are expensive and I'm cheap. If I went to your house on any other day and it was filled with cobwebs, I would be grossed out. And we teach children to take candy from strangers - what? Honestly, these really aren't the reasons I don't like it, but it's just not for me. I prefer sitting inside with my porch light off, thanks.

5) Little things: The Giants finally won a game! If they can win this week, they will have the same record as the Texans and I might be willing to wear my Giants shirts again since all of Houston still wears their Texans shirts with no shame. G-Chat is making my work days way better. And my cat is precious. See?

We call this Peek-A-Bau. He goes behind our bed frame and jumps up to say hello. See all the scratches? It is definitely not my favorite way to wake up but he looks so cute when he does it!

I love the idea of Q&A posts. Got any questions for me? I would love to have an easy post answer them next week! Happy weekend!

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  1. That peek a boo picture is so cute! Our bed has lots of cat scratches too... because when they were kittens they had trouble making the jump up. There is a Giant's fan at my work and when I heard they won, I thought of you! That really sucks about your Kate Spade bag. I know those babies aren't cheap. They need to have a Torchy's Tacos in Maryland.

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Nothing worse than paying for a horrible meal. Kitty looks so cute! That might make for a rough wake-up call, but totally cute!

  3. I have not been to Torchy's Tacos and I'm in Texas! Help me fix this!!!

  4. Why don't I live in Texas so I can go to Torchy's with you? I am sorry about your Kate Spade bag, you are totally justified in wanting a new fact demanding it would be just as well! What a cute little kitty cat!

  5. Any reason to get a new purse is valid, especially if your old one smells like pumpkin beer!

    How many times did people come in your office yesterday and ask if you were drinking?

  6. i'm WAY cheap. i can't stand the thought of paying over $10 for a costume you're only going to wear ONCE. which is why the last time i dressed up, i only spent $3 and scraped up a costume by reusing old stuff.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Oh the hubs better be getting you a new purse. You deserve it. =) And I'm with you on the Halloween comment. We don't do Halloween parties or anything like that. This year we are going to give out candy (mainly so we can actually meet some of our neighbors) and next year we will dress up Avery Claire, but we won't be dressing up with her and we won't be plastering cobwebs all over the house... =)

    Happy Friday dear, and y'all have a wonderful weekend ahead. Thanks for linking up today!!

  8. Bauer is soooo adorable! Wake up Mom!
    LOL about your purse. I got red wine spilled on my (one and only Coach) purse a couple weeks ago, but wiped it off so fast it didn't stain. Maybe I should have let it sit so I could get a new one. ;)
    I'm pretty jealous of your Torchy's and ice cream! They don't have places like Torchy's here! Happy Friday!

  9. Since Andrew is the reason the beer was in your purse in the first place, I think he should buy you a new one! :)

  10. but for reals. that ice cream goodness.

  11. Bauer! TOO CUTE.

    He owes you a purse. I'd be eye bugging over that one.

    No need to clarify friends with blog. Friends are friends!

  12. I think we are safely regular friends now. Yay for Torchys! I want to go back, I really might take my mom this weekend!

  13. Ok, that photo of Bauer is TOO CUTE! And oh, snap, I love your "lean cuisine-esque" description! LOL
    P.S. I'm trying to think of a question for you. Let me get back on that!

  14. Torchy's? Oh my. Looks SO GOOD!

    Bauer is so cute. Love the picture. I just want to squeeze him!

  15. I always cringe when someone wants to go eat somewhere with a bad Yelp review. We try not to spend a ton eating out, so when we go I want it to be Good! :)

  16. Ohhhh that banana split looks delish! Was the banana toasted a bit or something?

    I had beer leak all over my purse / kill my iPhone it was the WORST!!!!

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