Thursday, October 10, 2013

can I retroactively put this on my bucket list?

You guys, I don't have a bucket list, but let's go back in time, write one for me, and add "give interview to news outlet and be quoted in an article" to it, okay? Because if we do, then I totally could scratch it off right now. You know, how when you make a to-do list with things that don't require real doing so you can scratch a few things off right away.


On Monday afternoon, I had an email in my inbox titled "Wife of a NY Giants Fan." I had blogged briefly that day about their awful record so I figured someone found me through a linkup and just wanted to chat. But that wasn't it.

The email was from a reporter at the New York Daily News. You know, the newspaper that the late night hosts always hold up with the quippy covers? Yeah, she was from there and she was legit. She was writing a story about being the wife or girlfriend of a Giants fan during this awful time and wanted to know if we could chat for a few minutes. Um, yeah. I like to talk to people, especially about inconsequential things.

So she called me the next day and we chatted about what I do on Sundays, how Andrew reacts when the Giants lose, and how this season is extra tough to get through. She ended the conversation by asking if I had any photos I could send her of us watching TV or in Giants clothes. Have I mentioned to you guys that we wore Giants shirts as one of our engagement photo outfits? Yeah, we did. Those are pro photos and several lbs. ago for me, so I gladly sent her those, along with a few photos from our Lost themed Groom's Cake.

Photos I sent that weren't used

I know you're dying to read the article. Find it here. The friend I mention who has been wanting to have Sunday Funday is Sara, so hey, I guess we need to make that happen. I think the reporter found me through twitter - isn't it crazy what social media can do?

Now, who wants to get drinks on a Sunday?


  1. This is awesome! Where is the pic of the grooms' cake? And let me know when Sunday funday happens :)

  2. That's so awesome that you were quoted AND your picture was in it! What does Andrew think? Is he as excited?

  3. Dang girl! You are famous! That's awesome!!! Love the pics too!
    Did someone say Sunday Funday? I will also cheer on anyone if I have a mimosa in my hand!!

  4. I loved seeing you and Andrew in the article! I clicked on it right away when I saw you posted it on FB. :)

    I would LOVE to get drinks with you on Sunday. Why do we live 12 hours from each other?!

  5. Totally freaking awesome! Blogging has so many awesome benefits.

  6. You are famous! Yes I think you can put this on your bucket list still. I think you could make a list like "things I didn't know were on my bucket list til they happened."

  7. That's amazing! You are totally famous!


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