Friday, October 18, 2013

five things that feel new to me

From restaurants to behavior to the realization that I've needed new people in my life, this week was full of things that felt new to me.

1) So I have been absent this week. I was in a funk. I think it happens to us all. No apologies from me, but a realization: I need to stop talking and writing just for the sake of doing it. From now on, if I have nothing to say, then I will try to keep quiet. Do you ever find yourself commenting on a blog post because you feel like you "should?" I feel that way a lot and I just want to stop - if I have nothing of value to add, then I won't say anything. That doesn't mean that a topic has no value, just that I have nothing of my own to add to it. Also, time saved on my end of trying to say something beyond "I love that!" This also applies to my own posts. I am going to put less pressure on myself to blog five times a week unless I have something I want to share.

2) Girlfriends. I didn't know what was lacking in my life until, well, I had them to add. I had a three hour dinner with the always fun Sara the other night and we talked about so many things that I never knew that I needed or wanted to talk about. I get it now. Girl talk. I feel like I haven't had a good dose in a long time with someone who knew me outside of work, outside of growing up - who just knew the me that I have become as an adult. And when I was in my funk this week I had Joey giving me perspective and Heidi reminding me that duh, we are inexplicably bonded, and I was so grateful to have people in my life to give me what I needed when they didn't even know they were doing it. Enough of a sap fest for ya?

3) In my quest to tackle as many of the Top 100 Restaurants in Houston as possible, I went to my 39th on the list with Sara - Dolce Vita Pizza. Honestly, I paid more attention to the conversation than the food, but it was good! We had pumpkin and goat cheese croquettes, a salad with escarole and pecorino, and a pizza with butternut squash, mozzarella, red onion, and pancetta. The pizza was thin and charred and not like Americanized pizza at all. As long as that's what you're expecting when you go there, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and the patio is really cute!

4) TV. It's fall TV time and I mentioned that I am not watching anything new for the first time pretty much ever. I am relying on my old standbys to entertain me. The Mindy Project has really grown on me and I laugh out loud nearly every episode. Plus, I don't think I have ever coveted a TV character's wardrobe more! New Girl was one of my absolute favorites... until this season. Nick and Jess together are so boring. The only redeeming thing is Winston's cat, which is precious. I really thought Modern Family was back to being great again this week and you know Andrew and I were dying over Phil's "I trusted his opinion. He looked like a Mumford and Son" line (but did anyone else think they were going to steal from The Office and it was going to be a ladies' suit, a la Michael Scott's Miss Sterious?)

5) Some unsolicited advice for you: Pull out some old music and listen to it. I pulled out my iPod for the 5K last weekend and haven't seen the thing in over a year. I have been listening to it in my car and it makes traffic so much more bearable. I really like "Royals" and "Roar" when they first came out, but after hearing them on every car trip I take, I need something new old. So dust off your CDs or or something and sing to all the songs you used to know all the words to (in my case, it's lots of Dave Matthews and John Mayer, circa 2003).

It finally feels like fall and I hope it stays that way! I hope your weekend is a great one!

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  1. i feel that way about responding to comments, i always love comments and spend lots of time responding to each one but there are some comments that people leave me where the only appropriate answer is "thanks!" but that seems like a cop-out/lazy way out so i don't respond but make sure to leave them a kick-ass comment on their blog and i'm the queen of kick-ass comments because i'll legit sit here for 15mins if i have to and type out a long ass comment if need be.

    happy friday!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Phil seriously cracks me up on Modern Family. I love how he was trying to "sexy pose" and Gloria and her entrances!!! I have been sticking to my old faithfuls this season as well, except for The Originals...but that is a spin off from Vampire Diaries so the characters have already been in my watchings.

    I love listening to music that isn't played on the top 40 stations anymore! I have several Spotify playlists from high school and college music, and one that is titled "Old School."

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I hate when people act like music can't be listened to anymore because it is old. Ridiculous!

    I have begun doing the same with comments. I don't like to leave a cheap, quick one out of obligation.

  4. I'm with you on the commenting. I always read them, but sometimes I just don't have time to comment, or they have that verification thing turned on (and that just annoys me) or I just don't really have anything to say. So don't feel like you are being a bad blogger. We all do it. Oh, and I've had weeks were I don't blog but once or twice! Sometimes you just don't have anything to say on there, either! Ha!

    And old music — it's the best!!!

    Happy Friday Lauren, and thanks for linking up. Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Girlfriends are the best for helping you through the rough days! Those croquettes sound amazing! I love going back to old jams when I get bored with new stuff and jamming out to it!!

  6. I'm with you on the commenting because you feel like you have to thing. A lot of the time I just read on my phone, where commenting is a pain in the butt, but I still feel bad for not leaving a comment!

  7. but no for reals. nick and jess i'm over already... need more schmidt and winston with his new cat.

  8. Girlfriends are the best, sweet friend!!!

    I think you and I already "spoke" about this, but I totally agree on the commenting thing.

    Once you're done your Top 100 Restaurant quest, can you please share your top 5!?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Haha, right now I feel like I don't have anything of value to add to the first thing on your list because once again, I agree completely! I wish I had a few more girlfriends to hang out with. I'm glad I have you blog friends though, it sure does help during the times I need some "girl talk". The pizza looks interesting... how did it taste? I've been curious about The Mindy Project but haven't watched it yet. Anddd I love listening to older music! Sometimes I think I like it better than all this new stuff. :) Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

  10. Pulling out old music is the best! It can bring back so many memories (only pull out the stuff that uplifts you though LOL). For me, it's Jimmy Eat World (college days) and 90's country music (my parents thought they were cowboys).

  11. I love Dolce Vita! I've only been once but I'm pretty sure our pizza had butternut squash on it too and it was SO good! The mozzarella salad was good too. I'm a sucker for fresh mozzarella.

  12. I'm with you on commenting- also, if someone has a lot of comments, I won't respond because about 10 other people have already said the same thing, so I just keep quiet. I LOVE Mindy even more than I did last year. I think that's the only show that i haven't missed an episode of this season!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Speaking of old music, George and I accidentally started listening to the 40's on 4 station in his car the other night and now it's our absolute favorite! It's just so calming and classy. You're definitely right about listening to different things because it can completely change your mood!

    PS I looooove Mindy Project. I think that Mindy and I would be best friends if only she knew me. Sigh. But you're right, New Girl just isn't as funny as it used to be.

  14. I am so blase about TV right now except for The Blacklist. I can't even get into my "normal" shows.

    Yesterday I started binge watching Sons of Anarchy from the beginning though. HOLLER.

    More people should be quiet when they have nothing to say.

  15. I am totally with you on listening to old music. Although I turned on a 90's Pandora station recently and it made me sad not glad, so yeah, that had to stop. I'll just stick with my country and rap!
    I never got to see Modern Family from the beginning so I am always a season behind (via Netflix) and it sucks.
    Nick and Jess need to get outta the bedroom and start being cool again! Winston and the cat = me laugh crying!

  16. I have been feeling really bad about not updating/commenting. Usually because it's a lack of time to do it seriously, but I also just feel in a bit of a funk (like you said).

    Having girlfriends is awesome. I never really had close friends until I started teaching at this school, and I feel pretty close to them. Still not as close as I am to my sister, but closer than any other friends I've had :)

  17. I love Dolce Vita! I think this may be the first restaurant I've gone to in Houston before you! :)


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