Monday, October 28, 2013

food and movies and more food

Who can I petition for three day weekends and four day workweeks? I wish my company would allow more people to work a 9/80 schedule because I think I would do nearly anything in my power to make that work. I could really use a day to be productive, a day to rest, and a day for fun - how about you?


Friday night we had no plans, so Andrew suggested a trip to buy wine, dinner at our favorite BYOB Thai place, a stop at the French Korean bakery that I so love, and going to the movies to see Captain Phillips. Um, that all sounded amazing. I have talked about the Thai place before and it is just so bizarre inside. There is a fake fireplace that had a set of 10 lb hand weights sitting in front of it, ugly Christmas lights, a jazzy version of Lovefool by the Cardigans playing on the stereo, and Cold Case on TV. I snuck a pic to capture some of its greatness. I also got to partake in my favorite activity "Eavesdrop on a Date," and deemed a couple's date to be going terribly because the woman was late and the guy didn't get off his phone.

Best pic I could get of the restaurant - check out the wood paneling, disco ball, and red rope lights. | Just a sampling of Spec's, the best chain of liquor stores ever | A Riesling that I love bringing to have with Thai - it's only $7.

I really liked Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks is just so good. The real Captain Phillips said that the film was pretty close to reality, which was great to hear. It isn't one you have to see in theatres but is definitely worth the money if you think you'll like it and I highly recommend watching it when it comes out on DVD.

Saturday I wanted to go out and spend all the free birthday money I got from stores. We stopped for lunch at a new place near the house and... it was awful. Who's surprised? My Italian sangria was pretty yummy and I might give it another chance, but the pizza we shared was terrible! It was a gorgeous day and lovely to sit outside, though. Also, I highly recommend signing up for Kohl's and World Market's email lists so you can get free cash on your birthday, too. I am one of those terrible customers who spends as little as possible when I get those deals though. Oops. I look at it like a challenge!

That night we went out for dinner. I chose Provisions, which we have been to twice before but not since late December. I love their cocktail list and the overall vibe of the restaurant. It's all small plates and the bread selections are amazing  - you get a bread, a spread, and a cheese. I also loved their speck, which is a type of ham. So we go and get seated in the middle of the restaurant, where the tables were super close together and it was hard to take pics. No big deal. We ordered pretzel bread with a black garlic mustard and gruyere and also got the speck. The speck wasn't as good as I remembered but the bread and black garlic mustard were amazing! Andrew heard that the Caesar Wedge Salad was good, so we got that next. It looked really cool and it was yummy, but I gave Andrew all the anchovies.

We decided to split a large order of pasta - pumpkin with beef short ribs. The pasta was chewy, as if it was undercooked. I thought maybe they put pumpkin in the pasta dough but Andrew said probably not. There was no pumpkin taste in the dish at all - it was very savory and mostly tasted like the veal stock used to cook the short ribs. I was super disappointed! Luckily, we shared Nutella softserve with potato sprinkles for dessert. The sprinkles were amazing - they tasted like potato chips - and were just the hint of saltiness to take this above basic ice cream.

Photo of me at lunch | Wedge Caesar, check out those anchovies | the "meh" pumpkin pasta

Sunday I was lame and laid around all day. I also tried to figure out the new camera I got from my father-in-law. I wanted to go the DSLR route, I did, but I am really bad about learning new things. I figured I would probably use it on the auto mode all the time and make excuses about how I needed new lenses and stuff before I could really use it. So, I opted for a highly rated point and shoot. I love my iPhone and I'm sure I'll still mostly use that, but for intentional blog pics and our upcoming Christmas trip, I think I'll be glad to have a dedicated camera.

Wow, that was a lot. So, how was your weekend?

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  1. ha! i've had a fancy dslr for years and STILL use the auto setting which is super lame. my friend tried to teach me about aperture and shutter and F-setting this and that and i was like ain't nobody got time fo' dat - put it back on auto setting!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Stopping by from the weekend update! It looks like you had a great weekend! Food and movies = my kind of weekend! I hope you have a good week!!

  3. I want to see Captain Phillips! I think I will go this week probably... there's a cheap theater in Pearland. It's filthy but I don't care it's dark and I still get to see new movies for $3.50! Also, thanks for the tip about Kohl's bday list. I am on tons of restaurant ones but they are mostly places in Utah that I won't be able to go next year.

  4. Yay your food posts never dissapoint. I would love a 9/80 schedule. It would be so awesome to have a weekday off to do all the things I can't do while im working. Because when I get off of work, everyone else seems to as well. I'll have to check provisions out now!

  5. I couldn't pull the trigger on a DSLR. I am good with my point & shoot. I'm never going to be a photographer and I don't want to be.

    I would kill someone to work four 10 hour days.

  6. That restaurant definitely sounds weird!

    I used to like World Market before I had a job interview there a couple of years ago. The way they treat their employees is really unfair. The cashiers have to sell their card program to some percentage of all people who come through the check-out lane, or they lose work hours, then the job altogether eventually. I do like some of their pastas, though.

  7. That thai places sounds so tacky! As long as the food is good, that's all that matters. :) So I have to admit, I spent 30 minutes on your blog last night looking at all of your food posts, ha! I was trying to pick a unique birthday dinner place and knew you would have good suggestions. We originally picked Provisions, but they're closed on Monday - dumb. And after this post I might have even changed my mind! It ended up being between Oxheart and Underbelly and we picked Underbelly. I hope it's good! :)

  8. I would love to work four 10 hour days to have 3 days off! It would be sooo much better!!! There certainly needs to be a day dedicated to just being lazy and watching TV. I almost wish things would go back to the way they used to be and most places be closed Sundays. Forcing us to spend more time at home!

    I hate when I have disappointing lunches out! Just OK pizza is the worst. I am a pizza snob and hard to please in that respect. All your food photos make me hungry though!

  9. I love that you guys are true food people. I wish we could go out and try new restaurants frequently. Instead, I'll have to stick with my quesadillas and weekly trips to the ONE local restaurant for wings. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie--I love Tom Hanks, so it'll definitely be one I'm sure to snag on DVD. We don't have a theater anywhere near us (how do we live?!). <3 <3

  10. I am all for a three day weekend!! We need to get on that right away! Sorry you had less than stellar luck at the restaurants, they need to step up their game!!

  11. I agree with the work situation! That should be a thing!!

    Lol and that Thai place sounds very interesting. I'd like to go just for the ambiance haha.

    Thanks for linking up!

  12. If the foods good, you can ignore most things! But what is it with the Thai places in the Houston area...there are a few on the outskirts that are... odd.. as well!

    I also consider the birthday money from stores challenges as well. I will dig through the clearance racks and everything!

  13. DSLR cameras are fun, but they take a lot of practice. I took a couple of photography classes in college and I have a Nikon D60. But when I don't use it like every week, I feel super rusty when I do get it out. What kind of nice point and shoot camera did you get?

  14. I suggest everyone work for non Americans. They don't believe in the 40+ hour work week. I have a 'flex Friday' every other Friday but we're straight salary employees. Either way I've spent the past few flex days with Don Draper. Oh and all day this past Saturday.

    You know I love my DSLR. I learned from blogs and practice and annyoing my family. it's a pricey hobby though.

    I went to see The Counselor and it was awful and I was sad.

  15. ease dropping on first dates is my favorite!!!!!

  16. I really really want a DSLR camera but I am terrified I won't ever have the patience to learn how to use it properly.

    Your weekends always look so enjoyable! :)

  17. I'm on board for four 10 hour days to have 3 days off! That Thai place sounds weird but totally awesome, I think my husband and I would love it. Also, I'll probably never buy a DSLR either. I like to stick with the easy point and shoots... and I honestly think a good p&s can take just as good as a picture as a DSLR.

  18. Oh my goodness, Eavesdrop on a Date is our favorite game to play!!!

    You guys are so fun with your trying of new restaurants. Sucks you had bad experiences though. Pumpkin pasta sounds and looks yummy though!

    And yes, I will sign your 3 day weekend petition.

  19. I had a 9/80s schedule for 7 years in Houston and it's THE SHIT!! Haha don't know how iI'll ever work a full Friday again! The pic of you with sangria is so cute! Glad you got some b-day shopping and a b-day dinner this weekend. :)

  20. It seems like a lot of places are advertising savory dishes with pumpkin, but it makes you wonder how much they really put in? The dish sounded good by the name, I would have tried it too! The nutella ice cream with chips sounds very intriguing! And eavesdropping on a date is so much fun! So is making up stories about people, what they say and do!

  21. Just now reading this (so behind! so sorry!) and this reminds me that I definitely need to see Captain Phillips! I think it looks so good so I'm glad to hear a rave review!

    Also, that Thai place looks amazing. PS I love Riesling too and I'm always searching for news ones to try. I'll have to try the one you posted a pic of because I actually haven't tried it before!


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