Wednesday, October 2, 2013

how to get a spot in my reader

After last week's post about how to get kicked outta my reader, I thought I would follow up with things that I love seeing in a blog that will keep me reading for a long, long time. There are lots of great blogs out there and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface, but this is my completely personal list of things I love to see.

1) Personality. If I read a blog and feel like it's someone I could have coffee or drinks with, then I am set. Personality comes through in writing like you're talking to an old friend and being open and honest.  Bloggers who sound like they are writing for people they know are my favorites.

2) Leaving Good Comments. If you leave good comments for me or for other bloggers, chances are your posts are pretty solid and well-written. It's not a must for staying on my blog reader, but it is definitely how I find new bloggers to add.

3) Tell Me About Yourself. My favorite bloggers are those who give me a glimpse of their life, whether through stories about their past, discussing the day-to-day, or dedicating an entire post to a current obsession. I want to know about the things that make you you.

4) A Little Bit of Everything. One day you go list, the next you rant, the day after you tell me what you bought and love. I kind of like the element of surprise when I open my reader every day and can read about politics, sports, Kate Spade, food, Justin Timberlake, husbands, and cats. And anything else imaginable.

5) Meeting a blogger in real life. I admit, I find it very hard to take someone out of my reader who I have met in real life. What if I see them again? Will they notice? Will it be weird? So yeah, if we have met and I follow you, it will probably stay that way. I make enough awkward situations accidentally to create one that I know I can prevent!

For the most part, I love Blog World. I want to get a little ranty here and there for reasons mentioned in last week's post,  but there are so many bloggers who are amazing that every day I wonder how I am going to keep up, both with reading so many great blogs and with trying to be better myself. Tell me, how does a blog earn a permanent spot in your reader?


  1. 1. People who are real
    2. People who are not into all the blogger material things and are uniquely them
    3. People who can laugh at themselves
    4. People who share a little bit of everything

  2. Hmmm I'm not sure, I add a lot of blogs and then go back and delete later if I need too. I feel like I need at least 2 weeks of posting to decide if I am going to keep following or not.

  3. Girl I want to stay on your reader!!!! lol

  4. I definitely agree with the first four (I have so far kept blogging and real life separate, so the last one doesn't apply to me really).

    I hate quick comments such as "Cool post!". Most of the time, the person didn't read a word of what you wrote; they just want you to click their name and visit their blog. I've actually stopped approving comments like that.

  5. This is great!! You and I have the same taste in bloggers. I like feeling like I'm getting to know someone or hanging out with them. I want to see and hear the person!

  6. 1) people who write without a filter. when you write how you think, you're being honest and REAL. i love that about some bloggers

    2) your passion shows through. we all have obsessions!

    3) people who make no apologies for writing what they write about. i'm often guilty of feeling bad for posting certain things but then i give myself a mental bitchslap and get myself together.

    4) those who give blog love and make it worthy. you can always tell when someone never reads a damn thing but only comments for the sake of commenting, not because they actually read your post. when you see a "great post!!" or "love it!!" you know they didn't read it.

    5) variety is the spice of life! i mean, i have a kid and i work a lot but i also love things outside my family. posts upon posts about ONE thing? no thanks.

    ok, this has gone on long enough. sorry for the long-windedness :\

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Yes I am in with your number 5! woohoo!

    I honestly it depends on content. If a lot of their posts are original topics, whether it be rants, raves recipes or life posts. Personality is a big one too!

  8. Yes to everything on your list! (as for #5, even though I haven't met anyone yet I would probably never remove them from my reader if we did!)

    When I first came across your blog #1 on your list was the first thing that drew me to wanting to follow you. All your posts speak to me like we're old friends having a conversation. You're an awesome commenter and I enjoy our emails back and forth. I always look forward to new posts from you on my reader :D

  9. I love this list so much :) I'm really trying to find the time to blog more often and to comment on all of the blogs I follow. I definitely enjoy reading yours!

  10. more random the better i think!

  11. I totally agree with #5. It's hard to remove people from your reader when you've had a connection with them. Ok, now I sound like I'm a contestant on the Bachelor...

  12. I've never understood these bloggers who pigeon-hole themselves into one topic. I write random posts all the damn time and I'm glad to know that people prefer random (but really, that's just how my brain works on most days)!!

  13. I agree with all these! I'm all about variety..I don't want to be reading recipes every day, or about a work out you had 5x a week. Give me a bit of everything and I'm good!!!

  14. I totally agree that a variety of posts is amazing! I love never knowing what I will get out of some of my favorite blogs (ahem) and it makes it a lot more fun!

  15. I like someone who is real. I am positive and upbeat most times but some days just really suck. Sharing a little bit of everything is what makes us unique. I love learning how everyone does things a little differently.

  16. I love reading a variety of posts as well, and as long as they all feel true to that person, then they fit despite being random topics. Does that sentence even make sense? (I need to sleep). That being said, I do follow some bloggers that have found their niche and I rely on them just for that - like an organization blog!


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