Monday, October 14, 2013

so, about that new to me thing I did this weekend...

The biggest thing I did this weekend was participate in a 5K with Caitlin. She Instagrammed about how registration was half off on Thursday so I signed up and the thing took place on Saturday. I was completely unprepared as I only consider myself a sometimes newbie runner. In order to explain to you how it went for me and answer any questions that my non-runner friends might have about the whole thing, I present to you the questions that my Friday self was asking about this whole thing and the answers my post-race self would give since the experience.

Post-race with an iced coffee. They ran out of water but I would have chosen this anyway.

So, what should I do to prepare for this?

Well, self, you should have decided to run this more than 36 hours before, and you probably should have gone to the gym at some point in the week leading up to it. The 20 minute run you had the night before because the internet said it was a good idea really doesn't count. You should probably also get lots of rest the night before and not eat dinner at 9pm and stay up doing chores and getting your stuff ready til midnight.

What should I bring with me to the race?

You little over-preparer, you! You brought your phone in a new armband thingy, headphones, an iPod nano (just in case), a new headband, and new non-slip grip sunglasses. But really you should plan ahead to have all this stuff on hand and not spend hours shopping for it all the night before, along with bananas the right amount of ripeness and your favorite flavor of Kind bars. All that mess will really tire you out. Oh, and your car keys - tie it to your shoe! Be glad you thought to ask Amy about that one on Friday.

What's the race like?

There will be lots of pretty and fit people. Some girls will be wearing sports bras and tiny shorts and doing weird things with their feet to warm up. Hang out in the back with the people with strollers where you are less intimidated. You should definitely not try to take pics at the starting line or else you won't be able to get your phone back in the armband in a timely manner and you will be thrown off completely because you are half running, half fidgeting with your phone so you will decide to stop to fix everything and never catch back up with your group. Not that you would let that happen to you. You are far too prepared for that.

What about the weather?

75 sounds like a great temperature, but once you start moving, you will probably feel like there is saran wrap over your mouth and nose and you can barely breathe. This is called humidity, which you have never experienced since you only run indoors. It's awful. It will ruin any athletic ability that you thought you had.

What's the end of the race like?

It's the best part - you're done! This race had free Chick-fil-a and free iced coffee (the good kind) so it almost made the whole thing worth it. Almost.

Anything else I should know?

Don't set your Nike app to 3K instead of 3 miles or you will be sorely disappointed about 2/3 of the way through the race. Have a playlist or something ready to listen to. Your earphones will probably strangle you the whole time. Don't try a new headband because it will only let you down.

Would you do it again?

Hard to say. I hated it during the race. HATED IT. I set my goal for my time very low and beat it easily. Now I want to see if I can beat this time with additional preparation. However, the feelings of "I can't believe I spent money to get up early and run in the heat and humidity" were very strong for 3.1 miles. I kind of think running competitively isn't for me, but I'm glad I can say I tried it. Never say never, but I am definitely not seeking another race to try right now.

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  1. Good for you, friend! I would just scoff over the discount and eat donuts on the couch--so you're better than me. I love the way you present this post-very clever. A couple things: I wish I looked that cute after running. And I see painted nails!!! <3

  2. yay im super proud! I'm doing a 5k in november so I've been trying to train for it. I feel silly online since people are training for marathons and stuff but it's still a big accomplshment. I wish I would've known about the half price registration. I need to follow more people on instagram!

  3. Look at you! Finishing a 5k, that's awesome!! I did boot camp on Saturday morning and it was HOT! So I can only imagine how miserable running a 5k was! So proud of you for finishing!

  4. That's is awesome that you did the 5k and as a last minute decision! If if you don't do another one at least you tried it! Awesome job, girl!

  5. Don't lie, you know you're itching to sign up for that 10K with me! Hahah! I love your recap and am glad you came out to try something new!

  6. Congrats on doing the race! That is more than I have ever done haha. I cant bring myself to pay money to torture myself on the weekend. Yet, anyways. Maybe one day! It will only be for a tshirt, at least I am honest.

  7. Good for you! I will walk a 5k any day but never run one.

  8. Congrats on finishing! I couldn't help but giggle while reading this because I would have been right there with you hating it too!

  9. Congratulations on your first 5K! I'm so proud of you for getting out there and doing it! :) I love all the post-race food -- that coffee looks delicious.

  10. Congrats on finishing your first one!!! That is the goal for me every time...just compete with myself and eventually cross the finish line...hee!

  11. That's awesome.

    They do tend to grown on you though. After a few 5Ks I ended u doing 2 half marathons.

    You've got this!

  12. I think it is so great that you just did it last minute! I would have been way too chicken. Also I really like the Q&A format of this post! Haha

  13. High five Lauren!!! This post really had me smiling! I have felt many of these things and I really loved that you mentioned don't try to take a before pic because you won't get your phone back into your arm band! LOL
    I have to admit I got addicted to 5ks and I bet you would enjoy it if you tried it again. It's really fun to do a big one like the Rodeo Run or Turkey Trot. So proud of you! :)

  14. even though I'm on a self-imposed internet hiatus, I will probably still have to read your blog always for impressively funny posts like this.

    OH yeah, I'm so PROUD of you too! You totally did it, and that's more than most people can say! Also, humidity is the worst. Welcome to my hell.

  15. Good for you on giving it a try and finishing it! That's fabulous! I'm not a runner by any means, so I admire your perseverence in running a 5K!

  16. LOL this made me laugh! but congrats on the 5K! a race is a race and if you finished it, then pat yourself on the back!!

    i'm looking for a few races for next year to sign up far i have 2 tough mudder races and i'm trying to find a zombie run! those seem like a lot of fun!

    Vodka and Soda

  17. did you at least get a free shirt?!

  18. Congrats on your 5K! I've done several of them (maybe 5-10ish) but haven't done one in over a year. I guess I was just suddenly burned out over the whole pay $25, get up early, sweat your heart out every time thing. However, I will say that it was so cool that I always beat my time from the time before! And afterwards you just feel that awesome sense of accomplishment, ya know?

  19. Yay for doing a 5K!!! And for doing it on a whim! I bet once it's not so humid you will like it much more, maybe become addicted :) Your assessment is spot-on, every part of it! The truth is, no matter how much you prepare, there's gonna be something to throw you off kilter. I bet you did awesome, despite the nerves/lack of rest/etc.

  20. So here I am, 2 weeks late because my blog reading ability has been less than stellar as of lately! But way to go and I'm glad you did it! Humidity sucks. Every race I've run in the humidity makes me hate life and I question myself thorughout the race. Then I feel awesome afterwards for doing it and want to do it again. It's a vicious cycle. Try running a 5K in November or December. The Turkey Trot is coming up! It's a lot easy to run in cool/cold weather!


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