Thursday, October 31, 2013

why being 28 was awesome

Guys, today I am 29. My last birthday in my 20s. I won't stress about the big 3-0 yet as I still have another year before I get there, but I will take the time to think about the fact that 28 was really great. If I had made a list of things to do before turning 29, I would have put all these things on them.

See a Beatle in concert: Last November, I got to see Sir Paul McCartney in Houston. It is hands down one of my favorite memories, ever. Houston was unseasonably cold and the concert was at the baseball stadium downtown. The roof was open at Sir Paul's request so Andrew and I were in our warmest coats and linked our arms for warmth for most of the show. Oh, and in a huge baseball stadium full of people, we had amazing seats on the floor. He sang all the hits and never lost energy or stopped for like, three hours. I say it was the best concert I have ever been to, though I could be biased since he is a freaking Beatle. I would pay a small fortune to see him again in a heartbeat, but I am oh-so-glad I got to see him at least once.

The stage was so close. So close!

Tour Small Town Texas at Christmas: Pre-blog, Andrew and I went to Fredericksburg and other tiny Texas towns to look at Christmas lights. We went to a German market, saw a courthouse covered in lights, watched a small town parade, and shopped in the town where Hope Floats was filmed. It was so fun and I recommend it to any of my Houston friends.

In Smithville (where Hope Floats was filmed) with a replica of the largest gingerbread man ever made.

Visit Chicago: I have loved Rick Bayless since I saw him on Top Chef Masters, and eating his food was one of the things I was dying to do. You can only do that in Chicago. I was in Chicago for nine days and had his food or drink four times (umm, glutton much?)

Go to Washington, DC: DC probably isn't a place I would have ever wanted to vacation, but when a chance to visit for work arose, I took it! I crammed as much into 24 hours as humanly possible and I would have loved to spend much more time there.

Make New Friends: Even though there are posts that are older, I consider February 6, 2013 my first day of blogging. That was the first day of regular posting. Since then, so many great people have come into my life, whether in person or via email, twitter, or text. It can be hard to make friends as an adult, but I think I have learned in my 28th year that it definitely isn't impossible.

Just a small selection of blog friend pics that live on my phone. Such an amazing group of women and I call them all friends now!

Working Out Regularly: I have never liked the gym or moving, period. I got B's in gym in school and A's everywhere else. The age of 28 is when I finally started to take control of my health and trying to work out regularly. I ran 25 miles in a month and finally completed a 5K. Here's to continued fitness success in the future!

Be in the front row at a concert: We saw one of Andrew's favorites, the Airborne Toxic Event, at a small venue back in March and were in the front row. Over the summer, we saw Mumford and Sons in Austin and were in the very front row. We stood and sweated to keep our spot but it was so worth it. I never would have imagined that I would be that close to one of my favorite bands!

Attain celebrity status: After the Airborne concert, I was in the daily email that CultureMap sends out, which was exciting (linked above). More recently, you got to see me in the New York Daily News. For someone who hates being photographed, this is pretty exciting.

Exploring Houston Restaurants: When the Top 100 Restaurants in Houston list came out in 2012, I think I had been to 14. When 2013's list came out, that number was in the mid-30s and growing all the time. Everybody's gotta eat, and I like that we take the time to seek out new things whenever we get the chance. Soon, I will have a food tab in my nav bar so all my food adventures will be in one place!

An amazing carrot dish from Oxheart. So memorable and one of my favorite food photos. What a gorgeous dish!

Of course I have a husband, pets, and non-internet friends and family who also make my life great. I am ready for whatever fun the last year of my 20s has for me! Hope all you non-birthday people have a happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great past year!! I know this next year is going to be your best yet!!! I turned 30 this year, and it really isn't so don't let it hang a cloud over your last year in your twenties!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! although getting older sucks bag, there's the wisdom and control we feel over our lives that only comes with age.

    hope you have a great birthday lady!!! hugs and happy halloween!! xoxoxoxox

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope this year is even better than the last! :)

    I am soooo excited for your food tab...I never know where to go or who to ask as a newish Houstonian. Your reviews are always great.

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day and hit all of your year 29 goals! Also, 30 isn't so bad!

  5. Happy happy birthday! That was a wonderful post to sum up all that you did when you were 28!

    I hope today is filled with as many non-Halloween things as possible for you! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! Getting older isn't so bad sometimes!!

  7. You did have a great year!! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. I would have to say 28 was a GREAT year! I am {almost} 30 and don't like it! When I turned 29, I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my last "20th" birthday in Vegas. Cheers to 29!

  9. happy, happy birthday, lady. cheers to 29 :)

  10. Lmao. B's in gym :)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!! What a great year you've had! EVERYTIME we drive by Smithville I say awww Hope Floats was filmed here...but never stop! :)

  12. ♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to youuu, Happy Birthday to youuu, Happy Birthday Dear Lauren, Happy Birthday to youuuuuu♪♫♪♪♪♫ Here's to hoping your 29th year is as awesome as your 28th was!

  13. Happy Birthday! (again!) You did so much at 28! At first I thought I was reading about everything you did in your 20s LOL I hope 29 is just as great. And, I want to go to Smithville and see where Hope Floats was filmed. What an awesome movie :)

  14. Happy Birthday Lauren! I realize I'm a day late but I took yesterday off to have a much needed family day.

    I hope you had a great birthday!

  15. Sorry I am a bit late, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful year you've had!!!!

  16. Yay Happy belated birthday!!! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of your awesome 28th year!!!

  17. In case I never actually told you happy birthday, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! This post was so sweet! It's so nice to be able to reflect and think of all the amazing things a year can bring :)


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