Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the kind of person you're friends with

Last night, Andrew and I were driving home and I was hungry. He can't stand a soggy sandwich so he brings the sandwich meat/cheese/etc. home in case I want to make a sandwich for my lunch during the week. So, I did what seemed natural to me and grabbed a slice of deli cheese (Vermont cheddar, yum...), gave him half, and we chowed down on cheese at a stop light as I realized how unnatural that probably was. I happened to be texting Joey at the time so set the scene for her and ended it with "I just wanted to let you know what kind of person you're friends with." And since we are all friends here in our own way, I want to let you know the kind of person you're becoming friends with.

I'm the kind of person who...

... Makes up silly songs to the tune of whatever song is in my head while I wash dishes.

... Cries real tears when onions are cut or cooked.

... Is loyal to the people and things that I have chosen to love.

... Loves macaroni and cheese and will try it in nearly any iteration in hopes I've found a new love.

... Will keep score and always try to repay you for a good deed.

...Craves Diet Coke the second I walk in the door and contemplates a trip to Sonic to fulfill that need daily.

... Believes in respectfully disagreeing.

... Wears pants to cover up a lapse in shaving my legs.

... Eats cookie butter by the spoonful standing over the kitchen sink.

... Snuggles with my cat before my husband (Andrew understands English; Bauer doesn't!).

... Will probably never spend much time on my make-up, hair, or clothes.

... Is probably irritated with my husband if I'm not giving him a hard time.

... Loves to go against what everyone else is doing, just to do it.

... Always thinks a Gilmore Girls episode is the best thing on TV, no matter what.

... Will immediately wikipedia something in order to prove a point or answer a question.

... Wants to strike up a conversation with nearly anyone.

Those are just a few things about me. What kind of person are you?

Glossy Blonde


  1. We're friends for a reason! I do a lot of these too--except instead of cookie butter it's frosting. And j caught me once and I almost felt shame!!! Haha. I love that you're loyal!!! <3

  2. Love this list, many of the things are why we're friends!

    I also snuggle my dogs first because they don't understand English. Well, I am pretty positive Gus does. But not the other two.

  3. I love making up silly songs, I do it for my daughter all the time. Now that she's old enough she does it herself.

    You have to teach the important things to kids like the making up of silly songs.

  4. Another awesome post idea, you're the master of the lists! I totally wear pants a lot for the same reason ;) I've never tried cookie butter but I have been known to sneak spoonfuls of peanut butter in the kitchen.

  5. And these are all the reasons I like you :) Have I told you my cookie butter tip yet? Dip your spoonful of cookie butter into a bag of chocolate chips, and the mixture is divine!

  6. these are all reasons why i keep coming back! i do the same as your cookie butter thing except mine is almond butter!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I think it's possible that cats and dogs might understand us. If you could away with not helping out with the laundry, because people think you don't understand English, wouldn't you? :)

    Have you tried Coke Zero? It's a diet Coke that tastes more like regular Coke. And macaroni is a favorite of mine to. I like to make it myself, but sometimes there is nothing like cheap boxed macaroni!

  8. This sounds like a list of reasons why I wish we lived closer!

  9. lol... I love the whole cheese story. I can definitely relate to some of these... what a fun list of random things about you.

  10. pants almost always trump actually shaving.

  11. This is why we are friends!! The pants thing, you. Also my dog gets first dibs on any loving.

  12. If we lived in the same city, I feel like we'd be besties haha! I wear pants all the time to cover up my legs when I get lazy! :D

  13. Yep, all of these are acceptable and I love them! :)
    I eat peanut butter over the sink and then eat an apple to make myself feel better. ha
    I also wear pants to avoid shaving.

  14. Okay you are so right, we are obviously meant to be friends!! I am a Gilmore Girls-a-holic! I have all the seasons and watch them on repeat (I have literally watched every episode at least 30 times.. I have a sickness).

    I also pretty much go blind when onions are around, my eyes tear and blur up and I can't even see (we keep goggles in the kitchen for this reason haha don't judge us!)

    Also I always always make up songs, and yum, mac & cheese! Especially fried mac & cheese bites!!


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