Thursday, November 21, 2013

things to know on Thursday

Here is proof that I will never be a food blogger: after just two days of food-centric posts, I'm don't want to write any more! So, instead, here are some things worth knowing today, on Thursday.

This picture has nothing to do with anything; I was playing with the VSCO app and thought Bauer looked very gentlemanly.

1) I should clarify a few things from yesterday's post - first, the portions were pretty small so while 23 courses was more than enough food, each course was nowhere near a normal restaurant portion! And second, my husband thought it was very important that I share with you that we went to this dinner a week after the Giants won the Super Bowl - as season ticket holders, we were able to buy tickets to the game and resell them for a very nice profit. If not for that, the meal never would have happened. Just thought I would share that because I know that I would be wondering how and why someone would have a meal like that! I believe this is known as keepin' it real in the blog world.

2) Since I am trying to be industrious and get as much Christmas stuff knocked out as possible now, I wanted to make sure y'all are using ebates. You are, right? It gives you cash back on your purchases and lets you know if there are any coupon codes you should be using. If you would sign up through this link I would be oh-so-appreciative. It was so nice to get a check for like $50 after doing my holiday shopping using ebates last year!

3) Speaking of Christmas, I am still trying to hold off on listening to Christmas songs, but I did want to share my three favorite lesser-known songs: 1) Need a Little Christmas by Johnny Mathis (it was playing as we got engaged) 2) Donde Esta Santa Claus? by Guster (This is the version I prefer. Andrew hates this song with a passion so I like it even more!) and 3) Cold December Night by Michael Buble (He wanted to create his own special Christmas song and I love it!). What are some of your favorite lesser-know Christmas songs? I want to add some new things to my Spotify playlist!

4) I often feel behind on blogging. This week is one of those times. I figure people would rather get a comment on their new post than a response email from me from my post a few days ago. Is that right? I will catch up, one day, and I am trying to be better about sending responses as soon as I read comment emails - because you better believe I read them the second I see them. Just life, ya know?

5) I'm going to a wedding this weekend and the high is going to be 51 degrees. That is so rare in Houston and I have no idea what to wear. This is causing undue stress. I should mention that it's my cousin's wedding so the only people I will know at the wedding I have known my whole life and it really shouldn't matter. The more I blog and pay attention to other people's clothes, the more I realize how ill-equipped my closet is for any situation besides being mostly a bum and going to work. Perhaps "dressing like an adult" should be added to my New Year's Resolution list.

6) Okay, can't get Christmas off the brain. Have you heard of My extended family draws names for Christmas (there are like 30 of us) and you can draw names online so everything is secret, create a wish list, and set it up where spouses don't draw spouses, parents don't get their (adult) kids, etc. My family is using it this year and so far I think it's awesome! If only I knew what to add to my wish list...

So I think these are enough things for you to know on this lovely Thursday going into a holiday week. I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to only working a few days next week and then fully immersing myself in the Christmas season!


  1. I have ebates and haven't ever used it but my mom has! I'm more of a "lets go out and buy what we need" kind of gal, but now that we live so far from civilization (and the fact that all of my shopping and wrapping HAS to be done before surgery, I might just depend on the internet this year. And thanks to your little tip about amazon prime--I might be all set ;) You don't need to justify your meal--but selling tickets is always nice ;)

    Can I tell you I've never heard Michael Buble's xmas album? Everyone gushes over it and I KNOW I'd love it--I just....I haven't bought a CD in ages.

  2. I pretty much always feel behind on blogging, lol. I take soo many random photos of our dogs, how can you not? I love it :)

  3. I have ebates but I have yet to use it! I always feel behind on blogging girl, just comment when you can girl. Comments are comments. We do a draw for our families too and we so need to use the online version. So much easier.

  4. I love the song Need a Little Christmas! and that thing sounds awesome! We do secret santa just between my siblings but if it ever grows larger that is good to know!

  5. Ebates is I have the toolbar installed because I was not remembering it otherwise.

    I am not a Buble fan. Am I insane?

    I always comment first and reply to emails later if I feel behind.

  6. 1. Ok. So don't be all like what the crap Nadine....but how does ebates work? I am so overwhelmed on all the different ways to save money that I tend to ignore most of it. Please educated this silly girl.

    2. It is never too early to listen to Christmas music. Especially during morning rush hour. Try having road rage when O Holy Night is playing. YOU CANT. Michael Buble Christmas is awesome.

    3. I have lots of fashion ideas in my head, I just need the money and the nice body to make it work out.

  7. If you are a country music fan you should check out Alabama Christmas the first Christmas album by Alabama. It's full of original Christmas songs I can never get enough of.

  8. just give in and listen to the christmas music like i am!

  9. We draw names for the kids every year! Makes it way easy!

    I'm enjoying Christmas a little bit already. I mean there is a short time between Turkey and Christmas this I want to have just a little more holiday time before it goes away and those darn new years resolutions come about.

  10. Donde Esta Santa Clause by Guster FOREVER AMEN! That song is the best. We blast it every year. Also I posted a Christmas playlist on pretty providence today!

  11. For occasions on cold days, I like black slacks with some sort of nice long-sleeved top. I can't wear a dress/skirt and pantyhose...the pantyhose always seems to tear no matter what!

  12. Aw, Andrew is so sensible! I totally didn't even judge on the price :) Myself, I'm just now starting to listen to Christmas music. My husband is being a grinch though and not letting us decorate until Dec 1. He's mean!

  13. Wear whatever dress you want but with a warm wrap? That's what I think I would do. Lol, I'm so behind on replying to comments too. I wonder if anyone ever reads them tho...

  14. I am always behind on blogging, commenting, emailing.

    I have to check out this Donde Esta song now!!

    Thanks to you I am loving Ebates!!

  15. I am not with the whole blog world on this Christmas thing. I am one of those people that is like, "Let's not talk about it until after Thanksgiving." I guess I like to savor the days before then and appreciate Thanksgiving? But really I just feel like a grumpy Grinch about it. I'll come around I'm sure! :)

    You should definitely post a picture of what you wear to the wedding this weekend. It's too bad it's been such a dilemma; wish I could of helped more!

    Random Thursday thought from me: Did you see that we're getting the tallest, fastest water slide in the world at the Schlitterbahn here in Kansas City?! Eek! It looks terrifying, but I'm slightly intrigued by it.


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