Thursday, November 14, 2013

Words of Wisdom For Blogger Husbands

Hi Blog World,

It's Andrew, Lauren's husband (hubs, Mr. Man, whatever other clever names you ladies come up with for your significant others) again. You may remember me from a previous post I did for Lauren (there would be a clever link to it here, if I had the patience/knowledge on how to insert a link). One small change for this post: Lauren doesn't know I'm writing this, and it will publish without her knowledge. She's having a case of writer's block tonight, but really wanted to post. This is my hopefully not lame attempt at helping out my darling wife.

As Lauren has gotten more involved in the blog world and made so many friends that I hear so much about, it has provoked some thought on my end. Are other "blog husbands" as invested in their wives' blogs as I am in mine? I read every post, will scan the comments to see what everyone has to say, and try to help her come up with ideas for future posts. While I hope this has helped her in her quest to have a quality blog - I think most of you loyal readers will agree her blog is entertaining - I think it has helped me better understand my wife. She talks about things on her blog that just don't tend to come up in normal marital conversation. I think it has helped me grasp her thought process and, possibly, helped me get a better idea of how to communicate with her.

So for all of you blog ladies out there with boyfriends or husbands, I hope your man takes the time to read and appreciate the mind of the woman he loves. I certainly am trying to. This crazy world of "theme days" (Five on Friday, Wedding Wednesday, etc.) and lists and product endorsement has been a fun one to get a glimpse into. Now for a few random Lauren facts:

She NEVER, and I mean NEVER, gets out the door on the first try. She always forgets something.

If she does get out the door without forgetting something, she will undoubtedly think she left her hair straightener on and go back in the house anyway.

She calls her cat approximately five different names per day.

She changes outfits a minimum of twice when getting ready for a blog friend meet up. Is this normal?

We have an inside joke/funny "look" she makes sometimes, and she made the silly look in the middle of our wedding ceremony. No one noticed but me of course, but it is one of my favorite moments of our 7 1/2 years (and counting) relationship. It was my wife in a nutshell, and it was perfect.

/// ETA by me, Lauren: Y'all, I honestly had no idea he was doing this. I drafted a post and it didn't feel like what I wanted to say today so I sat and wondered and left the blogger window up and this happened while I was in the shower last night. He even figured out how to schedule it. Now I feel like a jerk for not making him coffee this morning...


  1. ha this is awesome!! my husband somehow found out about my blog and i'm like, MIND YO BIDNESS!! but i think he still reads it despite my protests

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Andrew-you get FIVE STARS today! What an amazing husband you are. I think it's so wonderful how invested you are in the blog world--and I particularly like how you view it as a way to learn more about your wife. My husband also reads my blog (though it rarely comes up in conversation). This past week he used one of my posts in his weekly devotional with his staff then printed it off and hung it on his desk. I swear I thought my heart was going to explode when he told me. In the blogging world, it's very easy (and pretty common) for the husbands just to write it off as some ridiculous hobby we enjoy. Kudos to you. And EXTRA stars for such a great post on a day she was blocked! You rock! (Lauren, you're kind of great too ;))

  3. What a great sneaky post! My husband keeps up with my blog, too. I think the last advice he gave me was to stop posting so many pictures of our dog haha... There's probably a picture of her in every post and he doesn't understand it.

  4. Gold Star for your husband today! This was cute and incredibly adorable that he surprised you with this! Also, uh does anyone get out the door on the first try?

  5. Aww love this! What a sweet surprise!

  6. He figured out how to schedule it? I was blogging for over two years before I figured that out. A+ + + + + to him!

    This is awesome.

    My husband reads in a catch up fashion and wants to discuss something I wrote two weeks ago and I'm like what? What was that?

  7. Awesome job blog husband!!

    I love that he provided us some random facts about you from his point of view!

  8. Awe, how sweet! I wonder if my husband would ever post on my blog. I hadn't really asked him. He is pretty supportive and doesn't give me too much crap for having to take pictures of everything we eat, or pictures of what we are doing for the blog, etc.

    Oh, and I totally have to go back to check to see if my straightener is plugged in about 3 times before I decide it is safe to leave! And change multiple times before going somewhere that we are meeting other people!

  9. This is so sweet!! My husband reads all of my posts and loves them too, but I don't think he'd ever be brave enough to post on my blog! Mad props to Andrew! So excited to read more of your guys's loveliness :-)

  10. Awww! So sweet of Andrew. I think he deserves a coffee or two now!
    My husband reads my blog and tells me he refreshes the page multiples times on his phone...and then gets sad b/c I don't post everyday. Whoops!
    Those are perfectly good reasons for Mrs. Lauren to be late. :)
    I call our cats multiple names too!

  11. this is awesome! go hubs. also brad is a good blogger bf and reads my blog and then will call me out for any grammar mistakes i make (usually after a good number of people have already read the post)

  12. What a good hubby to not only read but write a blog post!!!!

  13. ANDREW! You are an awesome hubby and Lauren is so lucky to have you!

    I love that you were able to figure out how to post on your own! Woohoo!!!! Come back more often. :)

  14. That is so awesome that he takes an interest and reads it. Our blogs are such a good insight to who we are.

  15. I LOVE THIS! Lauren, you have best husband ever! What a sweet, thoughtful, and charming thing to do!

    Side note - I call my cat 5 different names a day too. So I feel ya.

    But on the topic - yes, my "blog husband" (IE boyfriend) is completely invested in my blog, and I love having his support! He takes all my photos, brainstorms on picture locations and post ideas, "helps" with outfits (ok I don't really trust his opinion with this one but he tries), etc etc. :)

  16. My husband reads my blog too and helps announce to me when I have a new comment. Changing outfits is normal before going out :) Oh... and during our wedding there is this look we do that is from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" and I gave that look to him to make him smile. :)

  17. Oh I think you owe him more than coffee :) He's so sneaky doing this - I love it!! Good job Andrew! You are a very supportive blog husband. Your next duty? Be a patient photographer and take Lauren out for some "outfit of the day" and other fashion photos. I'd love to see that!

  18. I love this! Bryan was very good about reading mine when I did blog, and he also thought it gave him insight into my crazy lady mind. Now I want to know how many times you changed outfits before we met up yesterday! I changed 3 times, standard practice.


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