Friday, December 13, 2013

five things for my 200th post!

Hey hey, who knew I would make it this far? This is my 200th (published) post but since there has been wine involved, I worry about becoming a sentimental mess. Why don't I just keep it simple with a Five on Friday instead?

1) This was most definitely a week of too much food. We went to a favorite, Underbelly, for dinner on Tuesday and ate 18 month dry-aged beef. It has its own twitter account and everything. It was tasty but I really didn't get it. When you smelled it, it was stinky like bleu cheese. It had the texture of an Italian meat. I would eat it again if it was placed in front of me, but I don't have to have it again. The broccoli roasted in fish sauce won the night for me, and I hate broccoli. I loved the gratin and the papaya salad too, though - maybe I just wasn't in a meat mood. The coffee was also OMG amazing and I have been dreaming of it since.

"Allen the Leg" (yes, the waitstaff called it that) | Wagyu Beef Skewers with Papaya Salad (yum) | Sweet Potato Gratin | Broccoli and Pork Leg | Broccoli roasted in house-made fish sauce. I hate broccoli but I could have had this for dessert!

2) I just started following Anna's blog and the other day she talked about cat health. You know I love Cat Bauer more than I ever thought I could love a cat, so it really got me thinking. Bauey gets steroid shots every quarter that can cause long term effects, but that seemed to be the only thing that eases his hacking caused by feline asthma. Anna's post made me do research and switch him to gluten free food. A lot of websites were Jenny-McCarthy-vaccines-are-bad crazy, but I did find some things that made me think getting rid of grain for him might help his respiratory problems, so I figure it's worth a shot. We are only on day two so it's too early to tell. But it is damn expensive! Have you ever switched your pet's food for its health? Tell me it's worth it!

3) Speaking of following blogs, how come now when I follow a blog on Bloglovin', I follow the blogger too? I mean I like you guys but I don't need to know every blogging move you make. It's too much and I unfollow you (but not your blog) right away. Is there something I'm missing or is this as annoying as I think it is?

They always have interesting mugs! | Andrew and I each got our own caramel popcorn pot de creme since he told me he wouldn't share | My FIL got a fried sweet potato pie and it was amazing.

4) Politics aside, I loved this article. Texas, feel free to put a Festivus pole in your Capitol. This voter will support it. I really feel that I would excel in the Airing of Grievances! (Hmmmm... post idea for next week - maybe Thursday? Who's with me?)

5) I have pretty awesome Microsoft Paint skills. I know you are jealous but don't worry, I would be happy to draw you something, too. I was gchatting with my friend Joey and we were talking about her gallbladder (it's basically an a-hole) so I had to draw it. I have no idea why - I had probably been in a quiet office too long and needed to entertain myself. I have no idea what gallbladders look like at all, for the record. So, now when things get scary or uncertain, I will just draw them in paint and make them less threatening.

It's the last real weekend to shop of the Holiday Season. I have so much to do. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. i don't t like bloglovin' at all. i have a bunch of blogs on there but i never log in. feedly is my reader of choice; it allows me to organize my blogs in folders and it's a better interface.

    so glad you follow anna! isn't she awesome? i love her stuff.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Gallbladders are trouble makers!

    I would have never thought of making broccoli with fish sauce, but it has caught my attention. And if it made you like it when you normally hate broccoli, then it must be good, right?

    A side note, I HATE cherries... but I love this dump cake that my coworker brought in that has cherries in it... go figure!

  3. Lol at your drawing skills, love it. And I dunno, I've never noticed that about bloglovin? Maybe I'm not paying attention?

    My cat used to get super healthy cat food but it was ridiculously expensive and came in such a small bag. And then they quit selling it at Whole Foods so I gave up and just give her Nutro Max or something. She doesn't have any health issues though, she's a shockingly easy cat so I guess I'm lucky.

  4. MMMM Papaya salad!
    I've never noticed that about Bloglovin...but I don't follow new blogs that often right now...maybe like 1-3 a month since I can't keep up already!
    I LOVE the drawing you sent to Joey. Perfectly captures that little devil!
    My Mom got on a health kick with her kitties and was cooking them ground turkey because the dry food is not as healthy, stored in hot vans, etc....but she just couldn't keep was a lot of work!

    Have a super duper spectacular weekend. ;)

  5. I switched Gracie to a different food and eating schedule when she was just a year old. She had a pancreas problem and her blood work came back not so good. She is 7 now and anytime she has had blood work done, they never mention any problems. I think there is something with what foods you feed them! Totally worth the price!

  6. I switched my dog's food for health reasons. I even started making his treats because of a huge outbreak of deaths due to chicken jerky from China. It can be so scary when they get sick. That gall bladder from paint it too funny!! I only follow the blog not the person on bloglovin. If you get to the person I just click on their blog and only follow that one.

  7. Ugh #3 is as annoying as you think it is. I e-mailed them about it, but they refuse to change it, they said this was their 'solution' to other complaints they had about it being too confusing (wtf) I unfollow the blogger as well, it's too much. I only follow blogs! But the extra step is such a pain.

  8. Congratulations on your 200th post! That is amazing!

    All that food looks so decadent and good. I saw your drawing on Joey's blog the other day -- too cute! Love it.

    Also, you reminded me I need to get my butt in gear with this whole holiday shopping. I haven't bought anything for anyone except David. Ahhhh. But I have ideas. That should count for something, right?

  9. The follow a person option on Bloglovin' could just go away. I've found myself following people on accident and not their blogs, so I end up missing out on their posts until I figure it out.

  10. i need to get on your level when it comes to eating at good places more often!

  11. hahaha I love that you said Jenny-McCarthy crazy bc she is legit nuts! but I still watch Hallmark movies with her in them haha

  12. I don't think it always used to follow the person automatically but lately I've been noticing that too and it drives me NUTS! I know everyone through their blog... I don't feel like I need to see every blog they follow, like, etc. GRR.

  13. The gall bladder cracks me up. And I am not a foodie, but the idea of 18 month meat - ugh. I can't even. I love broccoli though. Is it possible for you to make your blog edible?

  14. Congrats Congrats Congrats on 200!

  15. Congrats on 200! Of course you were going to be successful and make it this far, you're an awesome blogger :) I love your food descriptions, even if I don't think ill like the dishes. Such a realist for descriptions! I already suggested Merrick as an option, but even if you choose another brand, I really think a grain free food will help. It's helped our dogs a ton so I'm sure it will help Bauer. Pricey yes, but no more allergies and overall better energy.

  16. I had no idea you could follow actual people on bloglovin. I feel like switching but I'm lazy. Maybe I should check out feedly.

    Is it bad that I thought the drawing was poop before I read it? I can make everything about poop I swear.

  17. I've missed so much the past few weeks but I love that picture of the gall bladder, haha. It actually looks almost eerily similar to a photo my doctor had in her office, haha. Minus the horns! But, it was totally frowning and made me chuckle.


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