Thursday, December 5, 2013

gifts for my blogger friends

Hey hey hey, I no longer have one of those .blogspot names - check out who finally got her own URL! I had to pick a blog name so that I could buy one and now it's done - welcome to I also have a new button to celebrate. With an actual photo of me, if you're into that. The plain one with text is there too, and if you have my button and I don't have yours, let me know - I would love to support you!

Also exciting this week - I am going to have The Blog Baton tomorrow, Friday the 6th. Don't know what that is? Find out here, follow along, and please please please like some of the pics I post? I don't ask for much but nothing will be worse than holding the baton and having no likes. It's Friday and you won't want to pay attention at work anyway. I have some fun food plans in the works if that will entice you any...

Now, I bet the title of this post grabbed your attention, and sadly, I will not be doing any giveaways today. After seeing an item on Instagram that I thought would make a good gift, I went to to try to find it. I have never really shopped there but I do like to check it out when I'm near one because they really have cool stuff. As I was looking for the item in question (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation pint glasses that have since sold out), I kept scrolling past things that made me think of bloggers in my life. No, not family and friends, but online friends. You guys are a big part of my life too! So, I thought I would share what I saw as well as include a gift idea for any blogger you might be looking to buy for this year. Bonus: I may just have helped you meet your new favorite blogger. You're welcome!

This isn't a post sponsored by Urban Outfitters or any of the bloggers below - just my real thoughts while online browsing!

All images but the cookbook from

So first, if I was buying a gift for the always honest and sometimes slightly traumatic Kathy (read her post on childbirth, then commence never having a baby), I would definitely include this snowman card. No woman uses the word boner the way she does.

Then I saw this cool book and thought of Jess - I have already asked her about twenty questions about being a vegetarian (she has a post on this but I CAN'T find it!), but I'm not sure if she has Trader Joe's in her area or not. I love that place, so I bet this would be awesome for her!

My sweet friend Joey mentioned to me one day that she really likes totally hates the phrase "like a boss." So now, anytime I can slip it into conversation, I tell her that I am doing things like a boss. Eating lunch like a boss. We have matching rugs because we shop like a boss. She would love to drink her coffee every morning like a boss - I just know it!

I think Steph  has a graduate degree in both finding perfect someecards and knowing when to say eff this ess (still keepin' it PG-13 here, y'all). I totally thought of her when I saw this (also - go check out her giveaway for $25 to a charity of your choice!)

I could get all gushy about Heidi and how I feel like I have known her forever when we haven't met but that might be weird for her. She is one of my many cat lady friends and I love this so I think she would, too. I would get it for her in addition to two one-way tickets back to Houston (or anywhere in Texas, I guess) so her and her husband can live here and we can let the kitty marriage between Bauer and Fancy finally happen.

I first learned about the Supaboy on Kathy's blog above, but when I saw it again I thought of Nadine and Ashley (come back, friend!). They both love video games and I would even love one of these if my mom still has my Super Nintendo games somewhere!

And finally... because I don't want to leave anyone out... how about a Selfie for all my blogger friends? Someone can hold the phone and someone else can hold the button? I don't really get the point of this so I think I'm missing something but if there is one thing bloggers like besides coffee and wine, it's selfies. So picture me like Oprah giving an imaginary one to all of you! Selfies for everyone!

This is from Oprah's "You get a car!!" moment in case anyone wasn't a huge fan of hers!

Do you find yourself thinking of blog friends nearly as often as real friends, or do I just need an extra hobby?


  1. Haha this post made me laugh. Mainly because it is all true, at least for all the bloggers I know too! I am sure Ashley and I can spend hours with that Supaboy! Yo:u know you want in on a Mario Kart tournament, don't lie!

    Also I think I need that ecard glass. I think about that ecard every single day when I decide I am not longer going to be productive at work. Ha. Some days that is 4:45 pm...some days it's 9:15 am. Whatev.

  2. Congrats on your domain name!!

    Thanks for thinking of me, that'd be an awesome gift. Unfortunately we don't have a Trader Joes close (I think there's one an hour away) BUT I am hoping they will build one around here in the very near future because I hear such great things about it!! Btw my vegetarian post is here:

    P.S. I love that Oprah gif hahaha

  3. Haha, I LOVE this! Sometimes I see things that remind me of bloggy pals more than...what should I call them...face to face pals?! Haha..I want that mug! Yay for custom domains ;)

  4. ok, let me just say that this post wins the internet not only because it's incredibly thoughtful and awesome but because of all the mad wicked shout-outs you gave to all the bloggers who give you a blogging boner. yes, i love the word boner and will use it any any opportunity #likeaboss. haha do you like how i threw that in?

    and errday at 3pm, that ecard rings true for me.

    i think of my blogger pals a lot. in fact, it's sort of an obsession of mine but that's not weird, right?

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I want all the drinkware.

    HOLLERRRR custom domain! Congrats!

    I will like the crap out of your blog baton posts. I want to do it! Do you just ask?

  6. Congratulations on your new domain! How exciting!

    I really like the Like a Boss mug and the iPhone camera thingy (I didn't think how cumbersome it would be to actually work it though...).

    I tend to think of my IRL friends more. Fail? It probably just means I need to spend more time in blog land. ;)

  7. Haha this post is so fun! I love that paperclip cat holder too. Can you believe my husband bought himself that Supaboy! He hasn't even shared it with me yet! Hehehe! I see things all the time that remind me of you and all my blog friends. You're all like my real life friends too :) and I miss you guys! I need blog again!

  8. Love all these gifts! Perfect with the people you gave shout-outs to as well. Congrats on the custom domain too! I will totally like your pics tomorrow!

  9. Aw no present for me? Rejected. Lol jk. Love that cat paperclip holder! And congrats on the blog address!

  10. Love that glass, I'll take one!

    I love selfies because it gives me a chance to see all my online friends "in real life". Yes I look at your lovely sidebar photos but you guys don't look like that every single day. Can't wait to follow along on The Blog Baton.

  11. You are not alone.... I am here with you. (I totally just sang that outloud). PS - before I even read the text I saw the glass ecard and totally thought of Steph...Haha! This makes me want to do a post like this! Is it me, or are our blog friends easy to think of gifts for?!?1

  12. Aw! I love this post and I would totally love the cat paper clip holder! And those National Lampoon pint glasses sound cool too.
    You can gush all you want! Totally does not weird me out because I fee like I've known you FOREVER too!
    I think about blogger friends probably more than what is normal. LOL I feel like they know more about my life than my IRL friend back home who don't know about my blog.
    ONE WAY ticket to TX! Yes! It's on my list for Santa. ;)

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