Wednesday, December 4, 2013

lady dates I will decline

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that she was invited to another friend's house for pizza, but at the almost last minute, the hostess informed her that she would be serving eggplant and spaghetti squash instead. What.the.heck. So of course I freaked out and said that a lame food switch like that was totally grounds to ditch the lady date, but my friend is a kinder person than I, attended, and ended up getting pizza in the end when the veggie dish didn't cooperate. But that got me thinking (now I sound like Carrie Bradshaw...) - what types of lady dates would I decline?

It's the only Carrie at the computer gif I could find.

No matter how much I like you, I will decline an invitation to:

- Go bike riding

- Play a sport of any kind, really

- Attend a heavy metal concert

- Binge-watch CBS sitcoms

- Eat at Chili's, TGI Friday's, or any other chain restaurant that makes me cringe

- Search with you through a million stores so you can find one specific dress/top/shade of eyeshadow you have in mind

- Go to an event where I have to google what the dress code means

- Listen to the opera

- Knit

- Cook

For the record, I enjoy sitting and talking over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, eating (obviously), failing at painting pottery or canvases, Bingo, shopping with no real end in mind, pedicures, and just plain talking the day away with no end in sight.

Are there any lady date activities that you would refuse?


  1. I like TGI Fridays... but mainly for the potato skins. Not like you find many of them around these days.

    Dude, true that on the million of stores. I can't handle that. I like to go in, get what I want and get out. Fast.

    CBS sitcoms... Big Bang Theory is awesome! I've binge watched that. And How I Met Your Mother too. That's all. Lol.

    Um, I agree with you on all your points. Dunno what else is left!

  2. - mom groups (different from play dates with friends with kids of the same age - they play while we kick back with some wine and chat)
    - network events. i seem to bust out my resting bitch face at those events for some strange reason
    - galas. see "network events".

    that's about it! we usually get together and have dinner or craft.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I agree on all of these, except for Chilis! That is Brian's and my favorite chain!

  4. I am so with you on the shopping a million stores thing. Just No. If it was a Karaoke night I would decline, I will not subject anyone to my horrible voice.

  5. Yeah, shopping with a goal is meant to be done ALONE. Also, yes to the sports thing! Except I guess sometimes I invite people to nightclub cardio but only if they express interest in trying it. I always feel uncomfortable when someone invites me to play tennis, like wtf, I don't even know the rules and I'm way uncoordinated so you're not gonna have fun playing that with me! But the intentions are always good I guess...

  6. I'm thinking real hard and I can't come up with anything at all. I'm pretty much game for anything at least one time.

    I sat another 5 minutes and still nothing, hmmm interesting thing to learn about myself.

  7. We are totally on the same lady wavelength. I would decline all of those lady dates too.

    I will also decline dates where I have to dress up.

    I prefer to cook alone and when I shop with someone I want to be moving around in and out together. Two store max!

  8. I would decline all of those as well. EXCEPT for TGI Fridays. I am sorry, but their Jack Daniel's Chicken Tender Appetizer is the shit and I must have it. Mainly because I cant get it around here anymore. Chilis or other chain restaurants? Gosh no! Chilis is disgusting to me now!

    I decline dates with friends that have kids and plan to go somewhere that has lots of screaming kids. No thanks.

    Also, I am not outdoorsy so don't ask me to come hiking or camping. Nope.

  9. i would never invite you to a chain place if we had a lady blate haha

  10. My friend Kasey, bless her soul, is always inviting me to join her leagues - volleyball. softball. flag football. kickball. Girl have we met?! I appreciate her not leaving me out but... no. Not a chance!

  11. You really did sound like Carrie Bradshaw!

    I agree. I would not want to knit/crochet or cook with anyone. I prefer to bake by myself. I tend to not enjoy crafting, but I typically go to girls' nights like that so I can talk and drink wine while I attempt to craft.

    I would also refuse to go to any concert where I don't like the music. Even if the concert is free, I won't go.

  12. I agree with the shopping thing. I enjoy shopping by myself anyway. One date I would probably turn down is getting pedicures. I don't like people touching my feet!

  13. No sports for me either. I will make your team lose and I will probably end up with a black eye in the process!
    We obviously need to get pedicures together while enjoying some wine. :) totes.

  14. I think we would be perfect for each other. I can agree with all of these except Chili's... I love that place! haha

  15. No way would I lady date shopping for clothes! Wine or coffee chat!

  16. Lauren I just love your personality!!! I totally agree with all of these...especially the shopping one. I will always pick work over that lol

  17. I wholeheartedly agree with no dates to a chain restaurant! We live in Houston, you could eat at a new restaurant every day if you wanted too!!


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