Monday, December 2, 2013

long thanksgiving weekend

Well, wasn't that a great, unexpected vacation from pretty much everything?

I didn't go to work for five days. I don't think I have had that much time away from work since Christmas and New Year's 2012. It was lovely. Since I wasn't at work, I wasn't in front of a computer. Now I have lots to catch up on, and I want to catch you up on me.

Thanksgiving was nice. We spent it with my mom's family, at my aunt's house about 45 minutes away. Our contribution to the meal was homemade vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, candied pecans, and a cinnamon chocolate sauce. It was a hit!

We went and saw Catching Fire. I loved the Hunger Games books but didn't care much for the first movie (honestly? I fell asleep). I didn't want to see Catching Fire but there was nothing else going on Thanksgiving night so we did. The internet was so OMGCRAZY over it and I liked it, but it wasn't the best thing ever. I think it's a very faithful adaptation of the book so perhaps I just wasn't wowed?

Lots of lazy time with this snuggle muffin, who is clearly tired of his mamarazzi.

There was nothing we had to have on Black Friday, so we went out for breakfast at Pecan Creek Grill (one of my favorites) and out looking for some deals. There was surprisingly little traffic and not a ton of people in the center we were in. It was a pleasant shopping experience! I also finally watched Pitch Perfect and this is another thing that I am going to have to agree to disagree with the internet on. I mean Fat Amy was pretty funny but the songs mostly got on my nerves and I felt like the entire movie was trying too hard to be quotable.

On Saturday, Revival Market was doing kolaches. They do a different breakfast item every weekend and kolaches are by far my favorite. This time, they had lemon and cream (too tart, which was a bummer), apple-pecan (amazing and my favorite), boudin (yum) and sausage and cheese (also really good, but kind of small). We killed time until the liquor store opened because Andrew was looking for a certain beer, had no luck, and then just came home to hang out. I watched This is 40 (we have free HBO this weekend, I should mention) and wow, it was kind of depressing. I mean the characters' fights were so real it was like watching an unscripted reality show. It kind of went nowhere and just felt like an excuse for Judd Apatow's crew to get together, have fun, and get paid. It isn't the worst thing I ever watched and there were a few funny parts, but I don't need to see it again.

Kolaches to share and a flat white for Andrew, so pretty!

So that just about catches you up on what's happening with me. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you...

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  1. I am right there with you on Pitch Perfect.

    I'm glad you had a nice time off!

  2. I have never seen Pitch Perfect, it didn't look that interesting to me when the previews were out for it. I feel the same about This is 40...I really wanted to like it but it was just...meh. Don't plan to see it more than the one time.

    Glad you had a pleasant shopping experience Friday! Places, for the most part, weren't as crazy as they have been in past years. Probably because people either shopped Thursday night or Friday. I think my mom and I are the only crazy people that didn't sleep haha!

  3. Wasn't it just nice to not be working!! I never have that much time off to just relax! Sounds like a fun time. This is 40 was way too realistic for me but I did like Pitch Perfect.

  4. That's too bad you didn't like Pitch Perfect. :( I love it...but I like those a cappella, musical things. The Sing-Off (an a cappella competition on TV) starts either tonight or next Monday! Whooo!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your time off! Time away from work is always good. :)

  5. Ahh I have to disagree, I love pitch perfect! Lol I haven't seen Catching Fire yet but I'm excited. And yum, homemade ice cream sounds amazing!!!

  6. My sister introduced me to Pitch Perfect this summer and I love it. I'm with you on Fat Amy she was the best, I'm all about some horizontal running. :)

  7. i'm with you on pitch perfect; i saw like, 20mins of it and it wasn't even funny or good. so i turned it off. everyone can stop gasping now.

    i haven't seen catching fire yet but i do really want to see the hobbit!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Cinnamon chocolate sauce sounds delicious! We stayed in on Friday and didn't venture out until Sunday. (lots of lazy time with the cats, like you!) Sounds like you got lucky shopping on Friday beating the crowds. And luckily Sunday there were no crowds for us either. :)

  9. I liked pitch perfect and I do quote it, but I had a lot of issues about it. The main girl was a spoiled brat, the love interest chemistry was awkward, and in the end they sold out their traditions to beat the guys. Other than that, I enjoyed the movie lol

    I really want to try the boudain kolaches! What beer was he looking for? I wanna look too since I think I trust his choices!

  10. Wait, was it free HBO weekend for everyone? I will be sad if I missed it!

    I hear ya on Catching Fire. That said, I liked it more the 2nd time, and after I'd reread the book.

    Love the latte art. I want to go somewhere that does that.

  11. You are killing me with the kolaches!!
    This is 40 was sooo depressing. Like I had to turn away and wanted to fast forward through fights.

    Glad the Thanksgiving day food was a hit and you got some family time. :)

  12. I had the week off as well, although it was pretty busy and crazy. Wedding, family in town, lots going on! I also got to see Catching Fire. I didn't care for the first, loved the books (read them 3 years ago) but thought this movie was much better than the first, but obviously left something to be desired. Books are always better. Hope you're doing good!

  13. I loooved Catching Fire. I'm a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan girl though, haha! Never seen Picture Perfect... looked too cheesy to me. :/

  14. Awww Bauer!! He's such a sweet cuddler! Catching Fire was good--but it's not a movie I need to see a hundred times. I'm with you on the first HG movie, too. Good--but just not something I'm in love with. I enjoyed the first two books (the third really lost me?) but I wasn't absolutely IN LOVE with the series. Pitch Perfect was cute--but like you I'd also waited a long time to finally watch it and felt like it had been overhyped and so I was left pretty disappointed. Your breakfast on Friday though sounds AMAZING!!!

  15. Your kitty looks EXACTLY like mine!!! TWINSIES!!! <3

    BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop. Come join us :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  16. Your Thanksgiving desert ice cream and topping sound so delicious! Jealous! And I totally agree about "This is 40" - I thought it was depressing, too!

  17. Annnnd now I want a kolache.


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