Wednesday, December 11, 2013

wednesday confessions, number one

I am still in a food coma after five consecutive days of amazing meals, so what better thing to do than link up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions? I like to spout off opinions in a sentence or two so here goes.

If you didn't follow me on the Blog Baton last week, this Bauer/Mama selfie is new to you!

- The stupid Geico commercial made me hate the term "Hump Day." The incessant quoting of that has died down a bit, so hopefully I can tolerate it again soon.

- Twitter makes me crazy when The Voice and now The Sing Off are on. Damn you NBC for encouraging people to clog my twitter feed with who you should save or whatever.

- I am counting down the work days until I am off for nearly two weeks and really looking forward to all of the work parties happening next week.

- I love Christmas time and don't mind giving gifts but man I loathe the shopping part. And the wrapping.

- I am on the hunt for new blogs to love and read obsessively over Christmas break (hello, archives). But man that stuff takes time. I mean I don't want to add someone to my Bloglovin' and then realize they aren't for me! Being unfollowed makes me sad, y'all, and I feel so guilty when I have to unfollow someone else.

- One of my friends knows about my blog and was asking me about it and it was so weird to talk about it with a non-blogger and how some blog friends are like, actual friends and stuff. If you don't do it, you don't understand!

- I wait until I am out of an essential article of clothing (jeans, work pants, underwear) to do laundry pretty much every time. This results in five loads, minimum, and I hate myself every time.

- I have yet to even purchase Christmas cards so will anyone be all that sad if I just don't send them this year?

- I have dirty second day hair today and we have a Board of Directors meeting which should mean I look my best. Oops.

- I check the Bloglovin' Up and Coming list more often that I should admit. How do you get on there? (Also - it is a good place to find the aforementioned new blogs to follow.)

Well that feels confess-y enough. What are some things you want to get off your chest?

Dateless in Dallas


  1. haha i'm with you on the non-bloggers who don't understand. yesterday i received a christmas card from a blogger and my husband who got the mail asked who that was and when i said: "my blog friend"; you know, because that's totally normal and he was confused LOL

    thanks for linking up lady! next week i'll put the link up code on my blog but ugh i'm so lazy :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I know some people just don't get the blogging connections! So jealous you have that time off, enjoy it. I spend Monday just wrapping all the presents I had. I feel if you do it all at once it makes it feel less tedious. I have found a lot of people to follow through comments left on some of my favorite blogs.

  3. I am ashamed of how long I go without washing my jeans sometimes!

  4. I'm the exact same way with laundry! I think I hate it so much because I always wait until everything I own is dirty and then it's an insurmountable task. I've been known to leave clothes in the dryer for at least a week and just pull out things as I need them!

  5. I put people in a trial folder and drop off if I don't like it.

    I don't even know where my bloglovin number is.

    I've always hated the term hump day and the commericals only made it worse.

  6. I am not sending cards this year, so don't feel bad.

    I wear my jeans SEVERAL times before washing. I hate laundry. It literally NEVER ends. Just like the dishes! Ugh!

    I have never thought to check out the up and coming list. Good idea!

  7. - Any kind of Twitter party annoys me, even when I'm participating.

    - Two weeks off sounds heavenly

    - Check out Princess Burlap if you have not already. She has a unique voice and writing style, I just love her blog.

    - I bought Christmas cards but have not addressed them and I don't have any stamps on hand so I was wondering the same thing!

    - I check up and coming too but am never there, I think you have to have a "rash" of new followers to get on the list.

  8. I put off laundry as long as I can, too! Every year I think about sending out cute, creative picture Christmas cards, but never end up doing it. That's how this year is going too. I love wrapping presents. When I was still living at my parents' house, I would sometimes wrap my own presents after mom put them into boxes.

    My blogging confessions (they won't be juicy at all):
    - I tend to jot down blog post ideas at my desk and/or write down notes so it'll be easier to write at home.
    - I feel like a terrible blogger because I don't leave comments often. I find it fun to simply read the posts and move on to the next one.
    - But I still love blogging.
    - I pay attention to the stats maybe a bit too much. I'm super happy when I get 30 readers in a single day!

  9. I cant' wait for my 2 weeks off too! You'd never know I just got back from vacation. I'm already tired. I don't really know so don't listen to me but I think you need to have a ton of followers AND be newly followed by a whole bunch of people at once to make that list. Needless to say; I will not be on it!! : )

  10. The whole non-blogger thing... I get really awkward. I hate it! They ask stupid questions. Well they aren't stupid, but I don't like it!

    I also hate twitter on nights with large reality shows are on. STOP RE-TWEETING! I DON'T CARE!

    I am also with you on the laundry... it sucks, but I can only blame myself!

  11. I hate unfollowing too, but I choose carefully before I follow. I use bloglovin for my reader, I'm pretty picky on there! I like everyone I follow though :)

  12. Lucky that you get to be off for two weeks! We had a week off for Thanksgiving week but we only have Christmas day to be off :( Enjoy your vacay!!

    I also don't like wrapping because I'm not very good at it LOL. I also don't like shopping for the simple fact that I end up buying things for myself and then I feel majorly guilty for like .01 seconds.

    I feel you on non bloggers not understanding our blog life and it is quite a weird conversation.

    You can follow my blog if you haven't already! hehehe. I don't know how you get on the up and coming on Bloglovin' but one of my fellow blogger friends screenshotted it when mine was up there. Pretty awesome!

    Thanks for linking up missy! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

    Bella @ Dateless in Dallas

  13. Ugh. I don't like the tweeter on those nights either...Are they really saving someone by tweeting and retweeting?!
    I am a stickler about the laundry and do a load every other night. It helps a lot! And then I don't have to do any on weekends if I really don't want to! :)
    Counting down to Christmas break too!!!

  14. i have this love/hate with wrapping gifts. i want them to look so pretty, but then i realize they are just going to get tore open. so then i usually just gift bag.

  15. Twitter drives me crazy when people are at a conference or big event that I'm not at. Not everyone cares what's happening. Laundry only gets done on weekends. No budging on that one! Talking with my grandma about blogging was so weird she REALLY didn't understand. Neither did my MIL...

  16. haha I love wrapping presents.. send them to me to wrap! and I wore second day hair to work yesterday too, oops! Oh well, I don't like to wash my hair everyday!

  17. We always do like 100 loads of laundry at once, and every single time I think to myself, why didn't I keep up on this?!? Ugh!

  18. 5 loads? I think I'm bad and just throw everything together. Dirty clothes = 1 load. Workout clothes = 2nd load. Jeans (which is like every other week because I have so many of them) = 3rd load. That's it. I should probably separate whites and colors but meh lol.

    I am already overwhelmed with the few blogs I follow these days so I'm trying to not follow anymore blogs. Hmmm.

  19. Ha-ha I always feel like a kid that got away with something scandalous when I second (or third) day hair and it's still passable! Especially if there was a workout in there and it's dry shampoo that came to the rescue!

  20. If you feel bad about your second day hair I wonder how you'd feel about me the other day... had to actually stop and think back to the last time I washed it because I couldn't remember off the top of my head. I'm gross. :/

  21. I totally agree about non-bloggers...they really just don't get's like an entirely new world, and well I guess it is lol

  22. That Geico commercial isn't getting on my nerves just yet :).


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