Monday, January 27, 2014

all weekends should be three days

So if you remember my post on Friday, I was busy doing my sleet and ice dance so that Houston would freak out, as it likes to do, and we would get an ice day off work. Well, it worked, so my weekend was an unexpected three days. I love unexpectedly ending up with a day off; I didn't have the chance to make any plans, and as I need to take a freeway or overpass to get pretty much anywhere, I had the perfect excuse to stay home and relax. It was great. I got to do the things I wish I could do every weekend.

Be Lazy
Friday was the ultimate lazy day. Andrew woke me up with pancakes and coffee and we ordered Showtime so we could catch up on Shameless and watch the last season of Dexter. I'm not feeling it so far. I took a nap and stayed in PJs until we went out for a dinner that night when the roads were declared safe.

Icy windshield, icy car, icy plant. This never happens in Houston | Bauer did't hate that Mom and Dad were home all day.

Have Fun
Saturday was a Houston Blogger Meet-up at Hearsay in downtown Houston, which is in the same area as all the bars from my staycation weekend a few weeks ago. There were only three bloggers there I didn't know (and I was lazy and didn't meet them... oops, sorry!) and lots of bloggers who I haven't seen in a few months! The atmosphere at Hearsay was really cool. The building was from the 1800s and there was exposed brick, a lofted area, and guitar player, and good food. Andrew told me to eat light so we could go enjoy dinner, so I had a cup of carrot-ginger soup and the four cheese mac and cheese. Oh, and bottomless mimosas. Pretty sure everything is better with bottomless mimosas!

Second Saturday in a row to see Miranda! | My mac and cheese didn't disappoint, and I'm hard to please. These are the only pics I took so I guess I was having a good time!

Andrew and I went to a new restaurant in Houston, Cultivare, for dinner that night. The wait was an hour and forty five minutes which was not fun. I think it deserves a post of its own, though. While we were driving around looking for parking, I saw a mural and lots of people on the side of a bike shop. I wanted to check it out while we waited for a table. It was black paint with the heading "Before I Die..." and people filled in their wishes. Some were silly, like eat a $500 hamburger, and lots were more sincere like find true love, write a novel, ride in the MS150 (a bike race from Houston - Austin for MS) I took pics of some of my favorites.

I love the "eat everything" one of course, but "have Taylor Swift write a love song about me" was pretty cute | I took this plc because of "buy a light gray Birkin" in honor of a friend who shall remain nameless who has a knock-off Birkin.

After dinner, we went to check out Fat Cat Creamery, a new ice cream shop. The company used to sell ice cream from a little cart and distribute to some of my favorite markets in town and just opened a storefront with more options. Their brown butter waffle cone was highly recommended, but it added $1.50 to the bill. I thought it was good and very crisp; you could definitely taste buttery richness as opposed to straight sugar in other waffle cones. I sampled the salted brown butter caramel ice cream but it was way too salty, so I got the coffee and cream, which was delicious. Andrew got the cookies and milk, which tasted too buttermilk-y to me, but he liked it. We'll go back if we're in the area, but it isn't a destination like my beloved Cloud 10 Creamery.

The fat cat mural was way cute | My single scoop cone

Be Productive
Poor Andrew woke up sick on Sunday so I got to feel like a wife. We do a lot of chores together; I am lucky that he doesn't expect me to cook, clean, and shop and knows that they are not things I enjoy nor am good at. But, I went to the grocery store by myself (I know it's no big deal but it's very rare), cleaned the house pretty thoroughly, and went to buy an iron. Nothing blog worthy but of course it has made me contemplate the ways in which living together before marriage affected my ability to "be a wife"(since I have never lived alone) so a blog post contemplating that is coming soon.

So really this is proof that all weekends should be three days because I got done so many good things. A lot of people hate or don't read weekend recaps so I tried to keep mine short. Tell me, how was yours? If you live in Houston, you better be doing some ice dancing so Tuesday's storm gives us another day off!


  1. seems like everyone got sick! my 5yr old was sick with a really bad fever all weekend but she's much better now. it also snowed like a mofo so i didn't even leave the house for 3 days either!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. A perfect weekend indeed. All weekends should have a dose of laziness, a helping of fun and a pinch of productivity!!! Hope you get another ice say on Tuesday. I'm doing my dance too because surrounding counties are supposed to get upwards of 7 inches of snow on Tuesday (you'd never believe it with our 65 temps today). I'm hoping it doesn't skip us (which it might BC we're too close to the beach)

  3. I love the black mural wall, so inspiring and awesome!

    We are under a winter storm warning here for tomorrow and Wednesday. Unfortunately when you work from home you don't get the day off for snow. Unless the cable and internet go out which is a possibility since our cable service sucks in good weather!

  4. All weekends should be three days long, you got so much done! That cat mural is too cute!

  5. That's it. I am moving to Houston. There. It's done. The Alabama bloggers are lame and never meet. You guys have so many cool places to meet up at and there are so many of you!

    I agree, every weekend should be a three day weekend!

    Mmmm ice cream....

  6. Three-day weekends are the best! I'm glad you had such a good one! David and I went out to eat with his parents yesterday for dinner and I talked about your ice pictures. :) They told their own stories about how Houston freaks out about it; it was fun to hear all about it. I'm glad you got an ice day out of the deal! It is freeeezing here. We had ridiculous 30 mph winds last night.

    I thoroughly celebrated my birthday this weekend. I went out Friday night and went out to dinner with 20+ friends (so many people!) on Saturday. I'm still recovering. That's for sure.

  7. sounds like a fun weekend. an unexpected 3 day weekend is always nice! it was really snowy/cold by me so I did lots of hanging around the house :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  8. Every weekend should def be three days! I am so hoping I get a snow/ice day this week. Unlikely to happen in south GA, but I am holding out hope.

  9. Love three day weekends! Blogger meet up! So fun!

  10. I don't give a shiz if people hate weekend recaps. I like them and will always do them.

    You have described the perfect weekend: lazy, productive, social. Proving that you NEED three days. You really do. And Friday night doesn't really count.

    I love that mural. I think that's pretty boss.

  11. glad i am not the only one who sometimes gets lazy and doesn't go out of her way to meet new people

  12. oh my god, your weekend sounded perfect. blogger meet ups, ice cream, and showtime?! it can't get much better. and that last season of dexter was....interesting. just wait till you see the ending, i still feel so unsure about it and its been months, haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  13. I would LOVE to do a blogger meet up! They always look like so much fun and that ice cream/mac n cheese looks amazing (can you tell I'm so hungry right now!)

  14. I already texted you this but it was kind of sad to just wave at you at the meetup and not actually speak! How was that mac and cheese by the way? and I am kinda jealous because I still worked on Friday since I work from home - then worked Saturday morning, ran around all afternoon. I finally got to rest Sat night and Sunday but I am struggling to not be super lazy today cause I didn't get *enough* rest! Maybe I'm deciding now that if everyone else gets a day off tomorrow then so do I.

  15. Woken up with pancakes AND bottomless mimosas! You had the best weekend!

  16. I'm so glad that I got to see you on Saturday!!!!!!!

  17. This sounds like the perfect weekend! I mean, any time mac n cheese and ice cream are involved it's def a win!

  18. That Mac and Cheese looks amazing! It looks baked and perfect.

  19. What a great weekend, aside from your husband getting sick. I hope he feels better soon!

    That mac and cheese looks DELISH!

    I have mixed feelings about everyone's crazy weather. I'm jealous we never get any days off in SoCal, but thankful bc I couldn't survive anything that resembles a real winter lol.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  20. I agree, all weekends should be 3 (or 4) days!! It'd make working so much easier. And man I am still so jealous of all your awesome food, I hope you do our local box swap and we get matched up haha

  21. I love that wall! It looks like you had a perfect 3 day weekend. My fingers are currently crossed for another day off tomorrow because I do not wanna deal with the drivers.

  22. Looks like tomorrow will be a repeat of Friday! So sad to miss the meetup - but I have the last Saturday marked down!! The ice cream looks awesome. I love how y'all try and find all these fun places!!

  23. Wow, definitely a perfect weekend filled with all good things! I can't wait till I can (maybe?) go to a H-town meet up. Of course only if you're there! ;)
    I think it's funny about the grocery store...I LOVE going grocery shopping alone or with the hubs. I will hardly ever skip a trip. I gotta pick just the right hummus, ya know?
    I'll do a snow/ice dance for you, and you do the same for me. If I sees snow falling outside my work window tomorrow it's going to be hard not to run out there and play in it!

  24. Ooh, I am looking forward to your review of Cultivare! I've never even heard of it before. You are so much more hip than me!

    PS so glad I got to see you again and I can't wait for our THIRD Saturday in a row! Fist pump!


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