Wednesday, January 22, 2014

wednesday confessions, part two

I always love Kathy's Wednesday Confessions post and I always forget to participate. But not today... Here are a few things I'm going to confess to you.

- If you overheard a night in my house, you might think we were speaking a foreign language. Underwear are known as pantaloons or underoos, Bauer hiding under a blanket is tunny baby, and nearly everything ends with a y sound (think "brekky" and "dinny" for breakfast and dinner). Why do we talk this way? I have no idea. There are many more... don't even get me started on calling the cat a Swedish Ball of Meat. Why?

Bauer being tunny baby. Also, he has always reminded me of Andy in the pic because of the faraway look in his eye. Probably just me, though...

- My toenails are abysmal and embarrassing right now. It's a sad state. I'm too lazy to care.

- I read GOMI. I know it's mean and I shouldn't but I also think it gives me pointers of what not to do as a blogger. I don't post, mostly because I am lazy but also because it's usually pretty mean. Not that I'm better for reading it but I feel a tiny bit better not creating it.

- I have the worst memory ever. I will see a movie, remember the overarching plot, then see it on TV and watch it like I never saw it before. I kind of hate it.

- I also can't do anything else if I'm reading or writing. If I'm blogging, I can't watch TV at the same time...

- Which is why I never read books anymore! I hate to admit it but I don't make the time. TV and social media and crap I read on the internet take up all my headspace.

- I've been a jealous person for as long as I can remember. I'm working on it, though.

- I'm pretty sure I eat something chocolate every day I'm drinking "hotty chocs" as I type this post.

- I want to be a bigger, better blogger, but again with the lazies!

- I stop myself from Instagramming another picture of Bauer at least twice a week. But he is so handsome, it's hard!

- I blame the 2+ hours I spend commuting every day for why I don't get more done. If I ever got that time back, I am really interested to see how I would use it.

- I have been planning to only blog four days a week but so far I'm on a roll this week. It's hard to pick which day to skip!

Anything you need to confess?


  1. thanks for the mention, Lauren, and for joining in on humpday fun. ha, that sounds dirty.

    don't even talk to me about toenails. i haven't even looked at them since the winter started. i'm afraid of what i might see! and i'm the same - when i'm focused on something, i'm FOCUSED! otherwise i get distracted and forget what i'm doing.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. i instagram pics of my pup at least twice a week. i swear he looks different in them all! :)

  3. Hotty chocs? This is why we're besties. I also eat something chocolate every day if not multiple times a day! My toe nails are also gross right now. I often times wonder what people would think or me and J if they ever got to be a fly on our wall in the evenings. We're soooooo random and laugh like idiots at so many things!

  4. I've been horrible at reading lately too but I've decided it needs and deserves some time.

    I have made a deal with myself to spend less time with electronics and more time with paper. We'll see how it goes.

  5. I make myself read on my lunch breaks at work. I usually bring my lunch 4 out of 5 days and all my co-workers go out every I have alone time in the break room and read at least a chapter each break. Otherwise, I wouldn't have time either!

    My dogs take up most of my picture sharing, no shame. They are way cuter than most peoples kids anyways.

    My toes have been the same color all winter.

  6. I definitely over IG the dogs! For once my toes are great! But I'm lazy about regular pedis.

  7. I really just love the word pantaloons!! I recently just heard about GOMI and I am afraid to read it because if I ever find myself on it I just might cry. Sensitive much?! Commuting will be the death of me. This is the longest commute I have ever had and the 2 hours kills so much of my day. Pet picks are a must on IG. I really try not to do 2 Seamus pics in a row but it totally happens. They are just too cute not to!

  8. Ok, so I totally read GOMI too. I am with you though--I feel slightly better about myself because I don't post anything. Some of it is right on, a lot of it is downright nasty and mean. I have pretty thick skin, but I think I would run away from the Internet and never come back if people said some of the things about me that I read about other bloggers. It's like Mean Girls on steroids.

    Also, I have been meaning to ask you have a dog? I swear I saw a dog in a Christmas picture you put up and I was like what?!?! she has a dog?!?!

    Did I imagine this or do you have a secret dog??

  9. My memory sucks too! I hate it. My brain is like swiss cheese or something. I forget movies quick too. I also can't multi task with the reading and writing. My husband is the king of it though. I feel that blogs and TV is the same reason I don't read books anymore. I need to try harder to read.

  10. I eat some sort of dark chocolate every day; it is too hard to resist!

    Ugh ... a 2+ hour commute does not sound fun!

  11. so...I read GOMI too. I would never post on the site because people can be SO BITCHY. But I guess it helps me realize what I do wrong while blogging!

    Also...I'm more jealous than I care to admit. I was WAY worse in college and obviously it drove my boyfriend (now husband) crazy.

  12. My feet are gross and will remain so until I need to go to Mexico at the end of February. They could use a break just like everything else could use a break!

    We have a whole weird dog language.

  13. ahh the power struggle that is wanting to be a better blogger and the lazies. i get it.

  14. You and Bri can join a bad toenails club together.. his are always so freaking long and they are the hardest things ever, if you step on one it'll impale you, I swear! Also I love that you have your own "language" haha. I realized I have so many weird names for stuff it's gotten out of control, i.e. Hansel is called "Skinnamon" (rhymes with cinnamon) by me at least half of the time and everyone knows who I'm referring to when I do it. Another example, I call Olive Garden "Olivia" and I always say Brekky (makes me feel Australian!) haha

  15. I love the secret language and we have that too!
    I just made an avocado into chocolate pudding, so yeah, weird, but I HAD to have my chocolate fix!!
    I have the worst memory also about stuff that just happened last week. But I can tell you exactly what my husband wore on our first date. So weird.
    I am not jealous. Just kidding, I'm just in denial about it!
    Glad we are still so alike. :)

  16. As I'm reading this I'm trying my hardest to watch my weekly guilty pleasure of best ink and I feel you it is SOOO difficult to do! If I had a dog I would instagram him every day (with no shame!)

  17. Oh mannnnn... my toenails are straight JACKED right now. I think it's been at least 2 or 3 months since I painted them. It's mostly chipped off but it looks like they're painted because of staining. *dry heave* It's hard to care when they've covered by socks all day, amiright?!

  18. I can't watch TV and blog either. Well, I can, it just takes me 9 hours to finish a single post that way!! haha.

  19. Dude, a 2-hour commute?! Holy shitballs! I thought my 45 min - 1 hour was bad. Like that say...someone always has it worse...

    And what's GOMI? I feel like it's some club that I wasn't invited to, but it seems it's a bad club? So is it like Bad Girls Club?! I love that show!

  20. I read and post on GOMI. However, I post under my name, with my blog linked - so no anonymous crap here! When I post, it's either in an advice giving capacity on a blogger talk page, or it's about the one of two bloggers that I can't stand, don't respond to me directly, and have been personally bitchy and insulting to me. So, I give zero f--s about what people think about me writing about them. I've said it to the blogger directly, they just refuse to acknowledge me or behave poorly. That's when I turn to GOMI. #teamstephanie

    Anyway! you can definitely get your blog as big as you want! It's hard to not give into the lazies though. I definitely did at first, I was all 'eh, when I feel like it' but now I love it too much :)

  21. I'll confess that I want to sleep more than anything. Literally. Maybe it's the weather today. But sleep. Ahhh.

    Love the funny names. We have a TON here too. Trust me. I often wonder if my child repeats them, and if so, what other people think! Awesome.

  22. ha love your made up language. I say lots of nonsense things too and love it. and I have also previously re-watched a movie and then remembered at the end that I've already seen it oops!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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