Wednesday, February 26, 2014

favorite songs - non-singles

I loved to love music in high school and college. The older I get, the harder it is for me to stay on top of what's new. Also? I am awful at remembering song titles and awesome at mishearing lyrics. But, when I saw Elizabeth's link-up to share my favorite songs that were never released as singles, I wanted to play along because so many songs are tied to such strong memories that I really wanted to share.

The Beatles:: Across the Universe

The movie was crappy but man I love this song. It isn't my favorite Beatles song, but it's probably my favorite non-single. I like the nonsensical chorus; I find it soothing.
Favorite line: Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe

Train:: Half Moon Bay

Save Me, San Francisco came out the year I was engaged and this whole album reminds me of that time: working retail, coming in early, and blaring it over the store's speakers before opening while I counted registers for the day. I just love the feelings in this song and it makes me dream of visiting California and falling in love with the whole state. Also, my favorite lyric felt so true as our wedding guest list ballooned during this time with people we felt we didn't really know.
Favorite line: First came love and a baby carriage / Hardly knew the people at my own damn marriage / where an open bar can open your mind

Dave Matthews Band :: Shake Me Like a Monkey

This CD came out around the same time as the Train CD above and reminds me of the same time in my life - wedding planning. This was the first new DMB music to come out in years, and I basically love the entire CD, but this song is kind of random and the lyric below immediately jumped out at me.
Favorite line: I like my coffee with toast and jelly / but I'd rather be licking from your back to your belly.

John Mayer :: Comfortable

I learned about John Mayer in high school and thought I was cool because no one else had heard of him. I illegally downloaded all of his early stuff and immediately fell in love with this simple love song. I still love the picture it paints, the melody, and everything about it. You must listen to it now. It's hard to pick a favorite line.
Favorite line: I loved you / grey sweatpants / no makeup / so perfect 

Mumford and Sons :: The Boxer

I know, I know, this is a cover but I am including it anyway. It's a bonus track on Babel, I believe. I love Mumford and Sons - I saw them from the front row in June and again in September. I love Marcus Mumford's voice, especially in this song, I love the sadness, and the li-la-lis. Every time it comes on I sing along for half and just listen for the other half. Something about it is so haunting and pretty. And then he sings about whores and it all seems out of place but it works!
Favorite line: Asking only workman's wages / I come looking for a job / but I get no offers / Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue

Matt Nathanson :: Pretty the World

The same high school friend who introduced me to John Mayer also introduced me to Matt Nathanson in high school and I loved him all through college. I think I could devote a post to a few of his songs, but this one popped in my head as a favorite. If you haven't heard of him and like really mellow singer-songwriters, give him a try.
Favorite line: So just take me home / 'Cause I'm a mess and not clean / And I'll lie / Until I believe

Now that I have written this, I'm sure I'll come up with at least ten more songs I should have included. Guess my Spotify will be busy today...

Bleh I hate this cover of Across the Universe but The Beatles aren't on Spotify so this will at least let you know what song I'm talking about!

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  1. is something wrong with me because i have never heard of these songs. i know the artists, but not the songs! like you, it's getting harder for me to stay on top of what's current and hot. i only found out about pitbull and who he is like, a month ago. same with macklemore!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Man I've never heard of any of the songs! I always like to see how many I know on Elizabeth's series haha! I mainly just listen to country and oldies though so that's probably why!

  3. Oh that Mumford cover of the Boxer is the best! I played it in class while the kids were journaling the other day. I am a HUGE Paul Simon fan, and I generally don't like covers of his songs. But this one was actually fantastic.

    I'm also a pretty big Matt Nathanson fan.

  4. I know all the artists but none of the songs. Guess I am old, or I have heard them but don't recognize the titles. Can't play them at work to confirm though.

  5. I love Mumford's cover of The Boxer! You should totally listen to Fiona Apple's cover of Across the Universe. It's awesome.

  6. I love Matt Nathanson! I don't even remember who introduced me but I'm so thankful :)

  7. Train is one of my favorite bands ever! I'm actually pretty in love with all of these songs. I like your taste in music :)

  8. I love that you picked songs that have meaning for you. That is my favorite thing about music, how it can take you back to a moment or a feeling.

    I know all these bands, but haven't heard these songs! I'll be adding them to my Spotify now. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. Matt Nathanson! YES! He is one of my all time favorites. I can listed to every one of his songs, well known or not. My favorite memories of his music is the year after I graduated college, my best friend, her husband, her little brother and I all went down to Destin for a week. We literally had that CD playing EVERY time we got in the car. So naturally anytime I hear any of the songs on that album, I can picture me in the car with the windows down smelling the ocean and hearing the waves crash.

  10. I'm not a huge John Mayer fan, but I love that song.

    I didn't know Mumford covered The Boxer, that would marry two of MFD's loves. I'll tell him to check it out.

  11. i know john mayer get a very bad wrap for being a dbag. but i still love his music. and this version of comfortable. YES, YES!

  12. I love Train and Mumford and Sons. Those are great picks!

  13. I'm so sheltered... I don't know any of these!!!!

  14. Mumford and Sons. LOVE LOVE that song!!

  15. Across the Universe is the best!! I love the Beatles. I liked the movie too. It's on the favorites list :)

  16. John Mayer "comfortable" was on repeat for me every day in HS. I had this guy friend who would sing this song on the daily in his car. God, it brings me RIGHT back to HS just hearing it. That's my favorite line of that song, too! And The Boxer is an all time classic in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of the Mumford & Sons cover, too. But then again--I"m pretty much a fan of anything mumford & sons. Oh man I love music...

  17. I love these songs!! SO much meaning and melodic :) did you see the Across the Universe movie? I've always been intrigued but I'm scared it would tarnish my love for that song if I dislike the movie. Lol!

  18. David and I enjoy the movie Across the Universe. Ha ha You and I tend to have opposite opinions quite a bit, but it's all good. :) I love the song "Across the Universe," too! I also enjoy "Revolution" and "I've Just Seen A Face."

    I like a lot of Justin Timberlake songs that will probably never be released as singles, like "Amensia." I also love Jason Mraz's "Unfold," and I was happy they released "93 Million Miles" as a single.

    By the way, welcome back to blogging!


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