Friday, February 14, 2014

social media detox

For about a week every month, I go a little nuts. I think you know what I mean. So let's blame that shift in chemicals for everything I say today.

Basically, I'm tired of being an obligation.

Let me explain.

Most of us are lifestyle bloggers and that's great. We write blogs, read blogs, comment on blogs, and respond to our comments. And repeat. Like I said in this post, it's worth it, but right now? I'm tired.

I like comments as much as the next person. I like building relationships. But sometimes I feel stuck in a hamster wheel of commenting to you, you commenting to me, and we both write responses to each other, often the shorter the better because we are doing such a good job building our blogs that we don't have time for quality anymore. I don't want you to comment because you know I'll write back. I want you to comment because you had something to say. I don't want to have to comment on anyone's post. I want to be able to skip a few days without fear of hurting feelings. And I don't think it's that easy. Most of us take things personally because we are human. I know I do.

So I am challenging myself. A week without blogging (both reading and posting), Twitter, and Instagram. To recharge. To miss it. To be missed. If I come back after a week and I didn't miss you or you didn't miss me, then that's okay. You can unfollow me, no hard feelings. After all, if you don't like food, cats, or rambling, then what are you doing here anyway? I do love blogging, I do, but I'm just tired.

And when I come back, I want to love it again. I want to focus on posts that entertain or inspire me, that show me a new perspective on the way the blogger lives or sees life. I want to write posts for me that some people, no matter how small the group might become, find to hold some value. I want readers who are all in - either engaged in a post or not, no more skimming. And I won't skim either. It's the blogging equivalent of looking at your smartphone while someone is talking to you - why bother trying to talk to someone who's only halfway paying attention?

So as I write this Thursday night, full of ideas of what I'm going to do the next seven days without my head buried in a laptop, I'm optimistic. We'll see how I do. I'll miss you, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I'm excited to see what I do with all the "found" time in my life. I actually have two events coming up in the next two weeks that could use some focus, two lunch dates next week, and a dinner date with a friend. This is all time I normally spend on social media and I feel "behind" when I lose a lunch break. It's perfect timing, really. I also like the challenge of not filling time with Twitter - perhaps I'll pick up an actual book? I've also decided that stockpiling blog posts during this time is okay. My weird experiment, my rules. Who am I to turn away inspiration when it hits? I won't have blog stuff to talk about with my husband on the way home.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day with someone you love- significant other, friend, family, or furry. For the sake of not getting back on the hamster wheel, I have turned comments to this post off (Also? I don't want this to read as attention-y so people leave comments saying don't go. It's only a week - I'm not making a forever exit!).. Emailing isn't part of this experiment so if you want to reach me, feel free to do so that way. Otherwise, I'll be back to let you know how this little social media detox treated me!