Tuesday, February 25, 2014

what I ate while I was gone

Ten days of no posts means ten days of no food talk and there are some things I just need to document.

- On Valentine's Day, we went to the food truck park. I finally tried The Waffle Bus, which a friend of mine loves. I was unimpressed. I got fried chicken on a waffle sandwich with ancho honey and while I loved the components of the sandwich separately, I felt like they muddled together and as a whole, the sandwich was bland.

But it looked cool...

- We had our dating anniversary/Valentine's Dinner at Oxheart. I have blogged about it at least twice and wasn't going to do so again but it was just awesome. They accidentally brought our first course to other diners but gave us a free glass of wine to compensate. Okay, cool. The servers remember us each time we come in and let us try a not-on-the-menu-yet, brand new dessert they were thinking of adding with a wine pairing and both parts were amazing. The service is great, the food is unlike anything else, and I just love it. A memorable meal, for sure.

Carrots from root to tip including a fantastic dill sauce | Sourdough bread with housemade butter | Smoked swordfish with a cane syrup sauce, cabbage rolls (my favorite), and picked cauliflower | housemade sausage with beets (YUM), beef tenderloin, and sauce made from dried offal which was yummy even though it's made from internal organs | the regular baked chocolate mousse and currant dessert which was great | the extra dessert - basically deconstructed carrot cake - honey cake, cooked carrots, and a cream cheese with candied pecans. 

- Andrew was sweet enough to suggest making a peanut mole using Rick Bayless' recipe, rice and beans, and brussels sprouts with bacon one night for dinner. So so good.

He uses a round cookie cutter to make the rice and beans pretty. I'm impressed every time.

- I went to happy hour with Sara and I thought that $3 wells included all cocktails on the menu. Apparently not. My Moscow Mule was $9. Thank goodness I didn't order a second. These are the problems one faces when one isn't cool enough to go to bars very often.

- A new BBQ place officially opened in Houston. It has been operating as a pop-up for nearly a year and we have gone to that a few times. So, when the restaurant opened, we had to check it out. It opened at 11:00 so we got in line at 9:35, obviously. We were about 10th in line. You could tell a few kinks were still being worked out, but the restaurant was cute inside the and the barbecue was awesome. I typically hate all BBQ place's sides but the mac and cheese and creamed corn at Killen's were fantastic. I also really like their coleslaw and normally coleslaw reminds me of nasty cafeteria food. Turkey is my current favorite thing to order and it was moist and had flavor. The fat in the brisket was rendered into the meat nicely so it tasted great, not like a layer of chewy mess. I got a pork rib and it was good but I didn't feel like gnawing on the bone, honestly. Andrew ordered a pork belly rib, affectionately known as a bacon rib, and oh my gosh.... it's a big, fat, piece of smoked bacon. Completely awesome. This place isn't close to our house at all but we will be back many, many times, I'm sure.

Oh hey, five meat plate. Check out that giant beef rib | My three meat plate looks a little healthier but there was a pile of fatty brisket under that turkey.

- Somewhat food related - I mentioned Costco a few weeks ago and my love for it continues to grow. We had dinner there one night for less than $8. The chocolate frozen yogurt is pretty good and it's cheap. We've grabbed calzones to heat up in the oven on a particularly busy night. They have a liquor store attached that is full of deals. I bought the comfiest PJ pants ever there. Andrew brought me flowers from there and they lasted over a week! Basically, I am a crazy person who will tell you how awesome it is at every opportunity. If only I had a million people living in my house and I could justify buying more stuff there.

... and now I am officially hungry again.

Glossy Blonde


  1. Okay, maybe not the best idea for me to read this while I'm starving! What an awesome idea about the waffle truck.... that stinks it was a bit of a let down!! And I don't care that it's 7:30 am, I could totally go for some BBQ right now!

  2. I don't get the appeal of chicken and waffles. They're two things I don't care to eat together.

    I'm always jealous when someone mentions Costco because there's not one close enough for me to join.

  3. Um, Andrew's mole sounds and looks awesome! I'm impressed!
    I have only had chicken and waffles once and that was here in NC at Dame's. They were sooo good I don't think I'll try them again anywhere else because they could no way be as amazing. :)

  4. Welcome back! I'm literally drooling over the turkey from the new BBQ place. And Costco, aw man, be careful!!! It's more addicting than Target for me. D and I make a trip every so often and come home with crazy amounts of stuff. Just wait until Christmas time. It's the best :)

  5. Chicken and waffle is something that just sounds nasty to me...I don't even care to try it so when you said it was bland together...it just confirms my suspicions!

    Andrew's meal looks delicious and so fancy! Puts my messy plates to shame!

    Good BBQ is my favorite. Mmmmm. Turkey is my go to at BBQ restaurants, if they offer it that is!

    Looks like you have had some delicious meals lately! As always!

  6. That plating is impressive!!! We just joined Costco the weekend before last...they definitely have some good deals. Our's is crazy busy though so I'm in get in and get out mode...maybe I would like it more if our's had a liquor store :) Their single origin olive oil is shockingly good.

  7. Such a shame that waffle sandwich didn't wow you! It definitely looks delicious! As does the BBQ food... definitely craving some after seeing your photos!

  8. That is the second time i have heard chicken and waffles today! So weird! Not sure I'd like that combo either. Totally feeling hungry now! Love a good BBQ place.

  9. BBQ is one of my absolute, favorite things!!

    You are braver than me. I never go to a restaurant right after they open. I am not a fan of crowds, at all! I will wait at least a month, sometimes two, before I try a newly opened place.

  10. Yay! You're back! I missed your posts. I totally need to try that BBQ place. I've heard several people say great things about it. Do you really have to get in line that early to get the food though? I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to BBQ at that level yet :)

  11. That's too bad that you didn't like Waffle Bus! I am totally enamored with it and have to force myself to drive by it when I see it. The chocolate fro yo at Costco is the best. Usually we get some, walk around and shop!

  12. i am sad for you that the waffle friend chicken sammie wasn't what you'd hoped for because like you said all the components sound delish!

  13. This is why we're friends. You get me and my need for food porn :)

  14. I could eat everything on this page now, YUM! That BBQ looks especially yummy. I haven't had any in a while. Now I want some.

  15. We have very similar feels about how great costco is.

  16. That waffle sandwich looks amazing! Too bad it didn't taste great. And YES to Costco love (I think I already said that last time, but it's the best!)

  17. hahahaha I'm so glad that you included Costco at the bottom of this list lol It's our favorite date night!


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