Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a confessions post completely void of usher references

It's Wednesday which means that we wear pink link up with Kathy so here goes...

- These posts get great traffic. There, I said it. We all like little, mostly-relateable facts about our peers, so it makes sense. Getting to get some things off my chest to an extra-large audience? Wins all around.

- I bought a groupon for a maid service that I am pumped to use, but I am planning on pre-cleaning parts of my house before they arrive. I don't want to embarrass myself.

- I confess that too many confession posts in a row run together in my head and I can't remember whose blog I'm on.

-It's April and I haven't started on my taxes yet. I am normally more on top of it but we almost always owe (what am I doing wrong?) so I have put it off a lot this year.

- I get embarrassingly behind on blog comments. While I don't believe that I should ever apologize for living real life in favor of blog life, I do feel bad creating a new post when I have other "blog work" - like responding to comments - to tend to. I am going to get to them, I promise, and work on a system besides getting super excited to read them and then letting them collect until there are so many I feel like I will never make a dent in them.

- I just discovered chili cheese wheat thins and I think I might be in love. Chili like peppers, not like the stuff for hot dogs, for those wondering. I would be...

- There is a huge snarky side that lives in me that I don't let out on the blog much but if we have ever talked privately, you might have seen it. I worry that I come across as mean snarky and not funny snarky so I try to keep it off the blog unless I am sure you can tell I'm mostly kidding. But really I like to make fun of things, probably more than I should.

- I get irrationally paranoid when someone tells me I look like I'm losing weight and I'm not. Like, um, how was I looking before? And if I am looking thin today, then can I wear that outfit for the rest of the week? Would that be weird?

- I got April Fooled. Twice.

- I pretty much can't stand Facebook but I still check it all the time.

- I confess I have never watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother and I guess I'm not sorry because apparently the finale was terrible?

- I love TV but I am finding it hard to get really into shows lately. I am hooked on Nashville (so bad it's good), love Parenthood, Modern Family has its moments, still watching New Girl, and love The Mindy Project. I was so excited for last night's episodes!

Not from last night but whatever...

- I confess that I am spending a lot of time trying to think of some confessions that will make those of you stopping by from the link-up stick around beyond this post, but I already put a lot of myself in this blog so I can't think of much that won't be redundant to anyone who has been around longer. So I confess that I have writer's block?

You have probably already written your own confessions post, so now you just have to tell me which confessions you find relatable and which you think I'm crazy for. Let's talk about it!


  1. i hear you on the replying to comments. i have comments to reply to from posts from LAST WEEK and with today's...ugh. so i think i'm just going to reply to humpdays comments and call it a day. you should to. lazy bitches unite!

    thanks for linking up :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Replying to comments stresses me out when I get too backed up on them. I also hate Facebook but also find myself checking it all the time.

    Those Wheat Thins sound amazing. I used to love chili cheese Fritos.

  3. I was actually wondering about the chili.. good to know! And I got April Fools'ed a couple time, no shame in it!

  4. If I had a maid coming I would totally clean up certain things in my house before they showed up, I don't want them to know that during the week I keep a stack of dirty clothes on the bedroom floor instead of taking them the two extra steps to the laundry basket.

    I hate Facebook too yet I check it all the time. So annoying!

  5. You would! I'd almost forgotten about those wheat thens and here they're back again! :) Tell me about how you got April fooled!

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't finished her taxes!! Also, I try to keep my snarky side off my blog too. :)

  7. I would also clean my house before the maid service came. Why do we do that?! ;)

    Ooo, I am going to have to try those Wheat Thins. I love anything even remotely spicy.

  8. Girl. I loooove me some snark! Let that shit out to play up in hurr!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    I'm jealous of your cleaning lady groupon! I want to get our apartment pro cleaned this spring... carpets, too!

  9. I am a really snarky MFer.

    Sometimes I have to just delete some comments that only require one word replies from me.

  10. I love when Groupon has housecleaning services- and I definitely always clean first too!!!

  11. I am snarky. I love snarky. You speak the language of my people!!!

    When you said chili cheese wheat thins I immediately thought...hmmm what version of then you freaking answered it! Get out of my head!

    Chris did our taxes back in February, but I used to wait to the last minute when I was on my own so I feel ya! Owing money sucks the big one!

  12. Chili cheese Wheat Thins?? Never heard of them- I must find them! I want to eat them and watch Mindy Project and New Girl and pretty much everything else in my DVR lol.

  13. We have a maid service that comes on fridays (my parents house, I'm not that fancy haha), and we always do a little pre-cleaning. I feel bad if they have to straighten things up and clean!

  14. I still love Parenthood but Joel has GOT to go. Can't stand him. I hope she's done with him now. I'm thinking of cutting New Girl though, I don't love it.

  15. I'm not a fan of April Fools. I just don't care for stuff like that..I'm no fun :) I love the Mindy Project but did not watch last night's episode yet. I have not watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother either yet...and I'm a little scared to. I didn't want to watch it too late last night in case it pissed me off (like the finale of Lost did.

  16. I love those damn wheat thins but they give me the worst breath...hahahah TMI? Confessions right? Just roll with it ;-)

  17. Hi lovely,
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  18. I am totally jealous of your maid service! I would be too afraid of what they're judging! I mean, come on you know they have to be thinking something!

  19. april fooled twice?! not cool. so glad that day is over.

  20. I always forget what I have already confessed. I am much more snarky in person too. Parenthood and Nashville are so good.

  21. A maid service?? Woo-hoo!! When I get way too far behind on replying to blog I went on vacation or something...I usually end up clearing out my inbox and just trusting that I'll be back to catching up with everyone soon!

  22. Toootally confessed about my love for The Mindy Project AND the lameness of HIMYM! Loving your blog! Let that inner snark roar, girl! :)

  23. Ugh the losing weight comment! Since my body is posted on the internet on an almost daily basis, I HATE when I get comments about "you look like you've lost weight!" I mean...I look like that from yesterday? Really? Do all my other outfits make me look fat? Is that what you're saying? It's just such a weird comment to make, especially considering that I never lose weight EVER in the history since I started my blog. It's a HUGE pet peeve on mine, can you tell?!

    Also don't even bother with HIMYM. I sincerely loved it for all those years and then the writers just f-ed us all over. I'm so disappointed.

  24. Just discussing the weight loss thing the other day. NEVER say anything unless you know 100% they were doing something. You notice, no one ever goes... "Hitting the oreos hard lately, huh?" I love confessions!

  25. I was excited about the wheat thins when I knew you meant like the pepper but then you said not like for on a hot dog & I got to thinking...that would be so much though better ha.

  26. I have thought about hiring a maid service so many times but I've never done it for exactly that reason. I feel like it would be counterproductive because I'd probably end up "pre-cleaning" the whole house and then wasting the money on the maid!

  27. Ooo ooo, I have quite a few of these to comment on!
    1. A maid service sounds amazing! I've thought about using one for whenever we move (which is a long ways a way) -- that way we know the house is all clean when we move in.
    2. David and I haven't done our taxes yet either. We are huge procrastinators every single year. You'd think we'd learn? We owed last year, but I'm hoping to get some money back this year.
    3. I was thinking it was chili cheese flavor like what you put on hot dogs. I'm glad you cleared it up. ;)
    4. What happened to you on April Fools day?
    5. I have an unhealthy addiction to FB. I am on it at least 3-4 times a day.
    6. David and I watched the series finale of HIMYM and we had mixed emotions. I got more upset about it than I thought I would.
    7. I'm glad you enjoy watching Nashville and Parenthood -- I've thought about giving Parenthood a try. David and I adored Friday Night Lights and several characters from that show pop up in Parenthood, which would be fun to watch.

    This now concludes the longest comment ever. :)

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