Friday, April 11, 2014

life lately, five on friday style

Oh hi, unintentional blog hiatus. Here's what I've been doing since I've been gone (you may all sing Kelly Clarkson to yourselves all day long; thank me later).

1) I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got to meet Heidi from It's a Westbrook Life on Friday! I found her blog last summer-ish and we immediately hit it off since we went to rival high schools and have the same TV news loyalty, and we both like cats and food. I mean really, what else does a friendship need? She is moving back to Houston after two years in North Carolina and I am thrilled that we got to start our real-life friendship sooner (I mean, if she'll have me...). We had drinks and lunch and more drinks and talked about life and husbands, a tiny bit about blogging, and guys she brought me a present! Is she not the sweetest EVER?? So come onnnnn, June, so we can have regular lunch/wine/coffee dates!

We had to document with a few pics, obviously. And my present - so thoughtful! A magnet that says "Yay! Cupcakes!," some Carolina BBQ sauce, some Cadbury Eggs (some may have not made it into the pic, oops) and a notepad with a grey striped cat like mine that says "Get this done right meow.... I'm not kitten." Cats and puns!

2) Houston had a BBQ Festival. There were 20 booths. I tried 17 in some way (some looked unappealing so I threw them away after a tiny bite, sorry cows) and I was sick the next day. Too much meat? Coincidence? It was fun, but I don't think I need to experience it again. But, we posed for a pic for Houston's newspaper and made it into the slideshow so at least there's proof that I went once.

I had a raincoat, Andrew had a free poncho.

3) Customer service is a dying thing, but Bed Bath & Beyond's is mostly awesome (sidebar: that was my first-ever job. Hated it then). I bought an iron from them in late January and it stopped working last weekend. By some weird miracle I had my receipt so I took it back and exchanged it for a bigger, better iron that only cost me $10 more. I bought some things there online, brought in a stack of coupons, and ended up with $20 back on my card for that stuff. Plus I used ebates on the initial purchase. Saving money is awesome and if you're one of those "But I never think of that" people, this is a reminder to use coupons, ebates, whatever.

4) They're saying that new twitter looks like Facebook, but don't we all love twitter because it isn't Facebook? I haven't looked into the changes much but I'm skeptical.

5) Real life is keeping me busy so blog life suffers. I know you've heard it all before. But I was recently challenged with providing a link to one of my best posts lately... and I drew a blank. I'm not saying enough here and I'm not doing all that much worth documenting (unless watching four consecutive episodes of Property Brothers counts) because work is busy and I want to relax or exciting things like pulling weeds and cleaning the inside of the fridge are just tiring and I want to just sit and not think for a while. I want to keep using my blog to say something - so I'm going to work on that. On having opinions and thinking of things to share. I have missed all of my regular interactions this week since I have barely commented (but I've read a bunch!).

Five on Friday should just be called "Friday Crap" because don't we all struggle to come up with five things when the time comes? I have a busy weekend planned that I think will be great. Hope yours is, too!

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  1. if twitter turns out to be facebook 2.0. i'm leaving!! i hate facebook!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I can't believe you tried 17 of the BBQ places! Even with just a bite I'm sure that is a lot. You go girl. Do you love BBQ that much? Or do you go with it for Andrew?

  3. Not Friday Crap!!! You shared some pretty exciting stuff...BBQ fest and getting to meet your blogging BFF!! I wanted to post today and then just could not get it together yesterday, I have two half finished posts that I just could not wrap up. It is hard when there is a lot going on in other parts of your life. We will be here :) Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. So awesome that you got to meet Heidi! Why do all the good bloggers live in Texas?! No fair!

    I wouldn't feel bad about not eating unappetizing BBQ. They should have made better looking stuff!!!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I've missed your pretty blog but know life is wayyy more important :)

    So excited your blog date went well! I was scared it didn't and that's why you'd went MIA - so that you didn't have to recap it.

    Ha! Happy weekend!

  6. The new Twitter interface looks like the Facebook interface in that it's bigger and your profile picture is set to the side. The other update is you can filter your tweets to show text only, pictures only, video only tweets. Other than that it stays the same old Twitter.

    I like the new look, I feel like they have so much wasted space in their side margins. As long as my mom doesn't join I'll be fine! :)

  7. My Twitter doesn't seem to have changed yet. That is probably a good thing!

  8. i just signed up for ebates but haven't used it yet, because i am trying not to spend money period haha

  9. Yay for blates! :) I can't wait to finally go on one!!! :D
    I haven't noticed ANY difference in my twitter yet...?

  10. Her presents to you are awesome! I haven't seen the new twitter but hope it isn't like Facebook! That is awesome they let you exchange the iron and gotta love coupons!

  11. Haha I agree that it should be called Friday Crap. Mine is just usually 5 randomly themed things (see: white trash bash this week) because I add it to my happies/crappies of the week so I've already talked about my week above it.

  12. Hey, who you calling crap?! So glad we both got around to documenting our meet up!! And we are totally keeping up with the lunch/wine/coffee/margarita dates!
    Y'all are always famous and make the newspaper and such!
    I had a good experience with customer service this week too - with Southwest Airlines. They really didn't have to give us travel voucher $, but it was a pretty good ending to our horrible delay. Have a great weekend! :)

  13. I love that cat notepad! I am such a sucker for puns! My friend/former coworker got me a paperweight that is a heart-shaped rock and it says "You Rock." I just looove it. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. That is so awesome you got to go on a blate! I can't wait til I finally meet a blog friend in real life!

  15. I just don't see it, but I follow different people on each so... I took a nice blog hiatus last year with the exception of a few posts about my weekends. Now that I've been inspired and making time to plan / write I'm doing much better. So glad Heidi is moving back closer to you, I have a few friends I need to do that ASAP!

  16. I barely remember to check twitter so I had no idea there were changes.

    Hurrah for another real life friendship!

    I am busy as hell and relying on some scheduled posts to help me coast through this time.

  17. I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you got to meet Heidi! Sounds like so much fun, and I know y'all can't wait to be reunited this summer :-)


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