Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've been on such a blogging roll this week and it feels so good that even though I didn't have a post planned, I thought some confessions might be in order. Linking up with Kathy, as one does.

- The amount of sleep I have thought I needed this week is ridiculous. I took an hour and a half nap after work Monday and fell asleep on the couch before The Mindy Project was even over last night. Let's say I'm making up for lost time and hope I get back to normal next week.

Bauer got the memo and stayed wrapped in a blanket all evening. I confess that I was lazy and didn't edit this photo at all for size or color.

- I cancelled my gym membership yesterday. I know in the land of sweaty selfies, this is crazy talk but I was just wasting money. I hated everything about going so I never went and never felt good after I did. I need to find something that works for me and sorry 24 Hour Fitness, but you aren't it.

- The amount of money I spend on fancy coffee is a little insane but I don't think I'm that sorry about it. Many twenty-somethings go to bars and drink shots of Fireball; I get a $4 latte at least once a week. No big deal, right?

- I'm going to Austin this weekend and I have nothing hipster-y to wear. My husband doesn't understand that this is a real problem and if we are going to a hipster bar on East 6th, I need to look the part and not like I just dropped in from Dallas or something (this only makes sense if you live in Texas, I'm sure).

- I get irrationally irritated over stupid things like coworkers using valuable mini-fridge space for tortilla chips. They're chips! They can be at room temperature - my salad can't! But since I'm at work, I can't say anything. So I tell you all instead...

- I love to rant and commiserate with others about things that bother us. Some call it gossip, and it probably is, but I often need someone to confirm to me that I am not, in fact, totally crazy. As long as we rant and commiserate in confidence, does it count as gossip?

- I had a weightier post in my head for today's confess sesh but it just didn't get written (see point one). But I love participating and all the new people I meet on Wednesdays so you just get what's in my head, confession style.

Tomorrow I have a Throwback Thursday post already written about the time I tried out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire so if you just found me today, make sure you come back tomorrow for dorky selfies from 2009!


  1. I would take $4 lattes over shots any day!

  2. You need to find your soulmate workout, lady! I hear you on the gym membership. I was 20 minutes away from canceling when a co-worker invited me to a dance class, and now I'm hooked / in love!!

    Whoever used the fridge for chips needs to be smacked.

    Nap on, lady! It means you need the rest!

  3. i'm that coworker who doesn't give a fuck and moves shit out of the fridge that doesn't need to be there. chips taking up half of the shelf? i'll either push that shit all the way to the back and shove my lunch bag in there or take it out altogether. old nasty tupperware of moldy food? that gets taken out too. we only have 2 fridges and like a million people here so use the fridge as you're supposed to! /endrant.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Once a week lattes aren't bad. Once a day and you got a problem. Haha. Rant away girl! I'd rather workout outdoors anyways.

  5. i need to cancel my gym membership as well. hate it, never go, and its a waste of $10 a month.

  6. Oh, Bauer looks so cozy!! My cat hates to be covered up. I don't think the confessions count as is just a fun space to tell everyone our quirky likes or totally justifiable hates :)
    Tortilla chips in the fridge, that is just ridiculous (see totally justified reason to be irritated)

  7. 1. I am over sweaty selfies, ick. Have you thought about trying an organized sport? That's how I like to get my exercise, softball is my sport of choice.

    2. I'm not from Texas but I get what you're saying about Austin. I've always wanted to check it out because I hear all about it's hipness.

    3. I love to rant and commiserate too! The next time I want to do so about blogland I'm going to snapchat you about it! :)

  8. Look at the little ball of kitty in a blanket! Too cute! Nap on sister friend! Nap on!

    I wouldn't be sorry about cancelling my gym membership either. If you aren't loving it or it doesn't make you feel need for it! It has taken me a long time and several months of torture to find something that I actually don't mind doing.

    I totally get what you are saying about looking like you just dropped in from Dallas. There are hipster areas around here too and you certainly look out of place if you aren't dressed all hipster like. Sounds like we both need to go shopping! I have nothing to wear for a party on Friday!!!

    Rant and commiserate is right up my alley. It is totally not gossip, duh.

  9. I've been debating about canceling my membership too...they just don't have hours that accommodate my crazy-ass schedule and it's insanely pricey for how many times I currently go per week. And ummm yes $4 lattes are SO worth it over shots. Cheers, girl! :D

  10. you don't need a gym to workout and be active if that is something you want to do AND now you will have extra money for the better tasting coffee :)

  11. I'm going to be in Austin Friday-Saturday morning. No idea what I'm wearing either.

  12. I didn't feel too out of place being a non-hipster in Austin but we didn't go out downtown at night so I might have then.

  13. Um, is it bad that I NEVER edit photos, for anything? Other than to make sure they are not upside down?

    Also, who the hell puts chips in the refrigerator? It makes them soft and gross and lose all the crunch.

  14. I cancelled my gym membership last year. I hate the gym. I really just do not like working out indoors...weird right? I typically walk, run(ugh), or bike to get my exercise in.

  15. I too cancelled my gym membership because I work better with a buddy system and work had me going alone all the time. I have since joined a boxing class at Title Boxing. Classes basically give me an automatic buddy

  16. Definitely do not feel bad about those lattes! The justification of others buy shots and you buy lattes is spot on. We all have things that are important to us/help us be happy. I won't judge others for spending ridiculous amounts of money on alcohol if they don't judge me for my coffee. haha

  17. Talking about situations and people is a part of life. Everyone does it.

    Don't feel bad about the coffees. We all sin differently.

    I've never gotten my money's worth out of a gym membership.

  18. Hey Lauren!! I totally get the useless room taken up in the fridge thing. Their chips people. Make some room for the rest of us, lol!


  19. I've had gym memberships and canceled them both times after only going like twice. I just HATE the gym. I'm gonna give barre a shot.

  20. I really wish we had a pure barre gym around here because I think that's something I could get into. I need classes or else a gym isn't worth it to me! I hope you find something you like, and if not, create your own home gym!

  21. Wait, lawn mowing. SERIOUSLY that shit is WORK. If things don't work out at my desk job I'm going to start my own lawn mowing business and surely my arms will end up like Kelly Ripa's. (or maybe I'm confused)

    Also, the weighty post, YOU CAN DO IT. I mean, it's hard and exhausting and all, but how rewarding it is too! :)

  22. We have a section of town you definitely stick out in if you aren't dressed hipster, lol. I agree, I don't splurge on multiple alcoholic drinks every weekend and never thought of it that way before! I'm quitting the gym this month...I just have to actually SHOW UP to quit. What's with that?!


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