Wednesday, April 30, 2014

my confessions about blogging

I think a lot of bloggers like to read about blogging, and you're in luck, because that's what we're going to talk about today. You might be judging me when it's all said and done but that's what makes this a confessions post and not just a list of thoughts.

- I confess that I mark beauty, fitness, and recipe posts as read no matter how much I love you. I'm not going to pin that, do that, or buy that, so I just move on. I'll be back tomorrow.

- If you use weird fonts for the body of your posts, I want to click away. Comic sans is terrible and unless your blog is about elementary school students, make it go away!

I honestly can't think of any blogs I follow offhand that do this but I know I've seen it...

- The same goes for text columns that are too narrow. If I have to squint to read your blog post, then buh-bye. Lose space on the left and right sidebars to have more room for content, please.

- And, one more confession about looks - I confess that I take your blog hobby more seriously when you size your photos. Look at this old post here and then this one for comparison's sake. I think the one with bigger pictures is more appealing. Picmonkey should be your best friend, if it isn't already! You took those pretty pictures, so let me SEE them!

- I confess that I judge how much I like a blog by how the blogger treats me. Someone recently asked what my favorite blogs were, and I gave a long answer with many variables because a lot of the bloggers whose writing I love aren't particularly friendly, whereas other bloggers whose blog subject matter isn't always my favorite are great people who I enjoy emailing.

- That said, I procrastinate on responding to comments and I feel terribly guilty every time. I like thoughtful responses, so why is it sometimes so hard to give them in return?

- I hate whatever the wordpress commenting platform is that makes me go back to your blog to read comment replies and about 75% of the time, I never click over to read your response.

- With all the recent talk about blog organization lately, I confess I wonder where I land in different people's blog folders.

- I love words and list posts are hard for me. I realized last week that my long, wordy, confessions posts like this and this got fewer hits than my short ones like this. It makes me sad that so few people want to "have to" read, but it isn't going to make me change my long-winded ways.

- If you follow me on twitter, then you know I don't like hashtags in blog posts, but the point above deserves a sorry not sorry. If I were in to that kind of thing.

- I give myself a hard time when all my posts for the week are link-ups, but a good idea is a good idea and posting more than four times a week is usually overwhelming!

.... and I could continue. I like to overthink blogging, clearly, and I'm sure we differ on quite a few opinions. I'd love to hear some of your blogging confessions.

Linking up, as always, with Kathy.


  1. i almost always mark all fashion topics as read because i dress like a potato so if the post isnt' about how to dress like a better potato, then i move on. i also hate it when the blogger doesn't email me the response to my comment but tells me that they left a comment back on their blog. nope, won't click back!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. agreed that i go back to blogs where i like the blogger more often than some of the bigger blogs who never respond to comments. (even though I've been SO slow at responding to commments too!)

  3. You're in my READ FIRST snapchat folder! But, if I'm extra busy and you have something I'd like to read over coffee (always) I'll wait till I have uninterrupted peace :)

    Ha- what do you feel about book review posts?

  4. I started emailing my comments back because I can't remember to go back and check a post to see if they commented back, so I don't expect anyone else to. I'm considering Disqus but I think you have to go back to see the full reply?? And, I can't figure out how to get it to install without eating most of my past comments. I'm starting try to let the "if you read it you should comment rule" go. I read but if I really can't think of something to say I just move on and will comment next time.

  5. You are in my friends folder, it's my first read.

    Good for you going back 25% of the time to read a response to a comment you have to click on. I go back and read that 0% of the time.

    I hate reading blogs where I think they're trying to hard and it feels not natural. It's not likely I will read them long.

    I comment on one fashion blog a few times a week because I like the blogger.

    I always read word posts if they're written well.

    What is up with the narrow center columns?

  6. i always write too much, but i have trouble shortening my stuff. i also write lots of different posts so im sure i bore you some! lol. no recipes here (yet?), i aint that fancy. i like blogs that will never respond to comments, and i like others because they are nice and i enjoy emailing them, even if their posts arent my cup of tea.

  7. I feel guilty for linking up too many posts a week too. It just doesn't feel like I'm actually contributing to my blog. lol.

  8. Picmonkey is the best thing in all the world - seriously! Also, I agree about the Comic Sans thing hahaha

  9. I hate the comments that I have to go back to their blog post to read. Sometimes I will...but I am starting to remember whose blogs they are and I just don't comment anymore. Same with captacha...if I don't get it right the first aren't getting a comment.

    I am picky about fonts AND the color. There are so many blogs that have like a gray background and white letters. I cant read that shit.

    You are in my daily must reads. Duh! I am like you, I visit bloggers daily that are friendly.

  10. Well you're in my Priority folder. I have sponsors, former sponsors, priority, blogger (which is just, meh, whatever) and 'chopping block'

    :D So yeah, I like you!

  11. You are in my A Team folder which gets read first! ;) Weird, hard to read fonts or dark backgrounds get skipped I just can't deal. If I like you more than your posts I'll stick around.

  12. I'm with you on fashion posts. If the preview pic doesn't show me something that catches my eye, I click "mark as read" 95% of the time.
    And don't even get me STARTED on the abomination that is comic sans. -_-

  13. I don't even use my folders anymore. With the new bloglovin, I just scroll down and click open what I want to read. It helps that I unfollowed a ton of blogs that I never read or just followed for a giveaway or something.

    I actually really like list posts and I like the long ones too but ONLY if people break up the paragraphs. I cannot read giant paragraph blocks of text on the computer. I end up losing my place and it is just too much.

    Comic sans is the worst font ever created. I have a colleague who uses it for everything--her vita, exams, memos, etc. This woman has a Ph.D. and all of her documents look like they should be written with a crayon.

  14. Yes! Photo's are key!! They make a huge difference. If theyre way off to the right or left or small I cant take it seriously and then I think neither do you. So there's that lol! :)


  15. Eh. I rarely read fashion posts. I usually skim recipe posts, mainly because I love to cook and get ideas.

    I do not use folders to organize my blogs. I probably should, especially when I miss a few days reading. That "unread" number in the 100s is intimidating.

    I really like your wordy posts!

  16. I never read fashion posts. I'll just click read and move on to the next blog. And I totally over think blogging. I think most bloggers do. :)

  17. I mark all fashion posts as read right away! I can't do it.

  18. reading is hard ok.... don't make me actually do it ;)

  19. FYI, you are in my "Houston bloggers" folder in Bloglovin.

    The photo re-sizing thing really grates my nerves too. Since I'm in a blogging category where photos are the most important element, why wouldn't you take the time to re-size? And why wouldn't you want large images? IMO, all blog pictures should be re-sized to the same width, and it literally takes like 2 seconds to do it!

  20. I NEVER read beauty, rarely read fitness, & will read/pin a recipe if I can tell it looks good from Bloglovin.

  21. I always wonder where I land in other people's blog organization. But then I move on because I know there are perfectly lovely people in my folder that I almost never read. It's not personal. haha

  22. Oh man, blogging confessions could be a whole linkup of its own! Never stop the wordiness! xo


  23. I never go back to Wordpress blogs to read a response, I feel like it's milking page views.

    I love big pictures too, I want to see all the stuff!!!

    Beauty, Fitness, and Recipe are not for me either although I will read and comment if it's a good blogger friend.

  24. I need to learn how to do the email reply thing. I just went through and cleaned up Bloglovin so I dont have categories, there are really only blogs I actually read.

  25. I mark a lot of blog posts as read too. I also judge a blog by it's cover - if the design is horrible and hard to make sense of I can't read it because I am too distracted. Also, if the font is super tiny or unreadable I say forget about it.
    I'm so with you on bloggers who you enjoy talking to! Those are some of my favorite blogs!

  26. I totally judge bloggers by my initial interactions with them. If they never respond to my comments or treat me like they don't care, I will move on in a heartbeat.

    I also tend to wonder where I fall in people's organizational folders when they mention it. I always wonder if I fall into anyone's priority folder. I just get envious of the relationships people have formed and hope they like me as much as I like them.

    And even your wordy posts flow well, so I don't mind reading them at all.

  27. I definitely judge blogs based on my interactions with their bloggers. I will still read but I never comment if the blogger does not ever respond to my comments. I, like you, read some content I'm really not into just because I like the person.

    I do not like wordpress. Spencer always wants me to switch over but I won't. Mostly because of the comment situation. I don't get all the options.

  28. LOL I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You have a lot of valiid points. But listen here girl - you better be reading my fitness posts!!! haha :)

  29. Amen to the beauty and fashion post. As well as the wordpress commenting. Ugh! Don't make communicating so difficult.

  30. I also wonder where I'm placed in people's blog organization, since 1. I don't post on a regular schedule and 2. I don't comment as often as I should. And I had no idea about the Wordpress commenting thing. Good to know. Do I have to change anything on my end or is it just like that? Does this mean I shouldn't respond to your comments? Just kidding, I will. You can read them only if you want. :)

  31. Beauty and fashion? What is that??

    I never click over to read comment replies- never.

  32. I love this post! You hit the nail on the head on many things that I also deal with as a blogger. As far as the posts where you wrote more, the only difference I can visually see is that your shorter post was broken into two sentences per paragraph whereas your longer posts were 3 big paragraphs with 6 sentences in them. I have the same style of writing as you as in writing in short paragraphs so I get what you mean.

    I don't feel bad about doing linkups too much because a lot of times I get writer's block especially if I'm on here 5-6 days a week it can get dull really quick.

    Oh and don't get me started on the commenting back to your readers LOL. It takes me at least 4 days sometimes to comment back and even then I still feel guilty but I do it anyway.

  33. I pretty much skip just about any recipe, fitness, and beauty post--apparently, I don't really want to be educated while reading blogs! When I want to find something specific I'll search it on either Google or Pinterest and usually find what I want on a blog (i.e. black bean soup recipe).
    And no, I don't usually take the time to click back to a blog to see a response!

  34. I love that you always say what you feel! Haha!

    Seriously though, are people still using comic sans?

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