Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the way I was (embarrassing photos ahead...)

I remember what it was like in 1996 when I was in fifth grade and a teacher told us that there was one special computer in the school library that could "talk" to a computer at another school in another state. We were going to do the same research and compare data with them each week. It was a big deal. This was the first I had ever heard of the internet.

Remember those machines where you could be on a magazine cover? I probably begged my parents to let me do this... Also, sorry for so many pictures of pictures but my scanner never works.

When I was in my most awkward, formative years, I needed glasses. They didn't have rows and rows of cute ones for kids at each eye doctor; instead, there were about five choices and they were pretty much unisex. Hello, Bug Eyes. I'm grateful I finally got contacts in 8th grade but from 3rd until then, I had huge "nerd glasses," as my husband now affectionately calls them.

Cat lady (my mom still has the sister of that cat - she'll be 20 next month) | I'm in the middle. This was my mom and step-dad's wedding and those are my cousins.

In middle school and early years of high school, the really lucky kids had pagers. You had to come up with different codes so your friends knew what your page meant! I didn't have a pager, but I was lucky enough to get a cell phone when I was 16 - the Nokia kind with the snap off faceplate and that had the game Snake installed.

Do you remember when cameras weren't everywhere? We had to actually plan ahead, buy film, wait to take 24 photos (because you used it sparingly, remember?), and get the film developed. If you were like me and had to pay for that yourself, you paid as little as possible, waited 3-4 long days, and finally got your photos back. It was a real treat if my parents offered to pay and I got one hour delivery.

I thought I was so hot when I was 13 and I got to get Glamour Shots. Check out the totally age-appropriate white button down  and brown lipstick (did I age 40 years that day? Why am I in front of a body of water? WHERE ARE MY FRECKLES?)

I don't think I had the internet at home until my first or second year of high school, which made me so uncool. Was there anything worse than someone using the phone and getting you kicked offline, "your" AOL dialing number not connecting because it was too busy, a song download getting stuck at 98%, or wondering if someone's vague Instant Messenger away message was about you? No, no there was not. AlSo, wE tYpEd LiKe tHis (whyyyyy?).

This was my favorite BUM Shirt from Contempo Casuals - I think it was the first I got in adult sizes. The holes punched through my head are there because this photo was in my Five Star planner that my friends and I filled with the coolest things we could find - stickers, pictures, collages, and notes. Was that a trend anywhere else?

I loved TV and getting my own VCR and a stash of blank tapes was a big deal. Accidentally recording over an episode of Gilmore Girls that I had yet to watch was pretty awful (the episode where Lorelai inherits money and pays back her parents for Rory's education? I didn't see that until, like, five years after it aired because I recorded over it. I'm still annoyed). Make sure the tape isn't set on the two hour setting or you will be in trouble when you try to record all your shows!

In high school I guess I thought I was rebellious for dancing on a table in a science lab? Also check out my cool Rainbow Brite shirt and velvet flares. I know, I wish I had kept them because they are obviously still so stylish...

I also fondly remember making mix tapes by recording songs off the radio, passing notes in class, and making collages from magazine cut-outs. That was my favorite hobby and even as an adult, I still notice cute fonts and pictures that would be perfect for the imaginary collage I guess I'm still making in my head. When my friends and I were bored, we would wander around the neighborhood, or call a cute boy and see if he would meet us at the park. We snuck beyond the area our parents allowed us to hang out and went to the gas station or grocery store to buy candy. I walked around barefoot more places than my adult, germaphobe self cares to remember. I didn't have a cell phone, and I didn't get kidnapped. My mom didn't dress me in the trendiest clothes marketed at kids and when Limited Too became popular, I had to beg to shop there. Off of the clearance rack, because it was way more expensive than my normal Target and Walmart staples. Back in my day, I think being a kid was a lot easier than it is now, even though then I thought it was so hard.

Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up, Suze and Steph, and giving me an excuse to dig up some dorky and embarrassing pictures!

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  1. omfg dialup. i remember playing warcraft on dial-up and just as we were going to dominate the land, my friend's mom would pick up the phone and kill the connection AARRGGHHH!!!

    then my friend "upgraded" to 28.8kpbs (from 14.4) and we were all OMFG IT'S BLAZING FAST! hahahah!

    oh, the good ol' days :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Developing and sharing photos (and not being able to preview them!!!!) was a scary time indeed! :) Love this!

    I was an uncool kid and didn't have cable TV until high school! I felt so out of the loop on all things MTV and VH1

  3. I love everything about this, you definitely took me back to middle and high school!! Especially with the waiting for photos to develop hahaha I look back at them now and I'm like wow, these are all crap

  4. I freaking loved clipping stuff out of magazines and reusing it. I had stacks of pages ripped out waiting to be cut.

    Getting kicked off AOL was a MAJOR BUMMER.

    LOLOL re: white shirt and brown lipstick. I feel like we dressed so much older in the 80s and 90s. Every girl looks like a mini business woman/mom.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Every post I have read to this link-up, somehow seems like myself back in "the day", OMG. These are just awesome. I didn't need glasses until I was sixteen, and they didn't have cute glasses for me, either. Actually I made the mistake of letting my dad pick mine out while my eyes were dilated for the first time and I couldn't see a thing, so maybe that was why my glasses were so bad?! I had at least three of those magazine cover photos from the mall.

  6. whyyyy did I think it was so cool to tYpE LykE ThIs? NOT COOL.

  7. I loved Snake. I still think it may be the best cell phone game ever. ;)

    My best friend had that same Rainbow Brite shirt.

    At sleepovers we loved calling the radio station, requesting a song, and then waiting all night by the radio so we could record it.

  8. So much good blackmail material in this post! ;) the glamour shits were too funny! Not having a cell phone and dial up was such a travesty when we were growing up!!

  9. This is so awesome!! Dial-up was the worst...so slow, and if anyone was on the phone, it just wouldn't happen. And thank goodness for digital cameras...except that getting your pictures back was so much fun, since the pictures were a surprise every time haha.

  10. This is so awesome!! Dial-up was the worst...so slow, and if anyone was on the phone, it just wouldn't happen. And thank goodness for digital cameras...except that getting your pictures back was so much fun, since the pictures were a surprise every time haha.

  11. I've blocked the horror that was dial up out of my mind...it was so slow. I remember I use to sit with a book at the computer because it took so long to connect. Pure torture. I was thinking about how I'm glad that Facebook was not around when I was in High School. I actually can not imagine the drama around the relationship status as a High School-er.

  12. Yes too all of this!!!!!!

    My first cell was the Nokia with the snap off plate and the large antenna. It was awesome.

    I almost took pictures of my locker decor where I had torn out skittle adds and taped a bunch of cut up magazine stuff all over it. I was so cool.

    Oh mixed tapes. Remember when you heard a song come on the radio and you were like oh wait I need to record this!!!! So you missed the intro sometimes haha.

    My sister and I used to FIGHT over the phone and the dialup. Oh the pain of having to wait until your computer finally connected and you realized you had mail!

    I had the best freaking AIM away messages ever by the way....

    No joke, I still have a purple sparkly brush that I bought at Limited Too when I was in middle school. I keep it in my car.

  13. So cute! I had the same round glasses as you when I was a kid :) I had some that were red and some that were multi-colored. haha. They definitely did make my eyes pop!

    I got my cell phone when I graduated from 8th grade. That was when texting first started. It's AMAZING how much time has changed since then. I wonder how different it'll be in a few more decades. It kind of makes me nervous.

  14. So cute! I had the same round glasses as you when I was a kid :) I had some that were red and some that were multi-colored. haha. They definitely did make my eyes pop!

    I got my cell phone when I graduated from 8th grade. That was when texting first started. It's AMAZING how much time has changed since then. I wonder how different it'll be in a few more decades. It kind of makes me nervous.

  15. Haha! We basically had the same experiences! I had nerd glasses from 4th grade until 8th when I got contacts. And I totally remember making mix tapes (recording straight from the radio) and trying to use AOL. Oh, the good ole days. :)

  16. Oh my gosh! I remember dial up internet and actual film. I found a mail in service that was cheap and I used to mail my film in and get the pictures back. I have horrible childhood pictures filled with terrible glasses. Thank goodness we didn't have digital photos back then or else there would be so many more out there. I cringe any time someone tags me in an old photo from high school to FB. Then I untag myself.

  17. I was all over the creating notebooks of pictures and stuff cut out of magazines that we liked. I still have a few of them too! I remember pager days too. I got one about 2 years after it was "cool" so once again I was in the nerd club. Thanks for linking up!

  18. OMG the internet used to be so hard! Haha! And getting film developed...oh man. My high school BFF was dating a guy who worked in the photo department at CVS and we used to hang there for hours! Good times. This post brought back so many fun memories! I had the exact same phone as you when I turned 16 and I thought I was so cool for having a Betty Boop snap cover! Oh yeah. I feel like if we had known each other then, we would've been best friends!

  19. baha love that you're still pissy about the gilmore girls episode struggle

  20. Oh the glasses. I was in the same boat as you. And getting kicked offline. My parents got a second phone line just for that purpose! Haha And how long would we spend trying to come up with a fabulous Away Message! Today has been so much fun!

  21. I love the Seventeen cover- I think your glasses are so cute!

    I wanted a pager soooooo bad! I remember the summer I did summer school at the public school and everybody said, sweet page me. It was like the 1999 version of "whatever." I taught my current students and they think it's the most dorky, hilarious thing ever. Maybe it will catch on again?

    I sEcReTlY wIsH wE sTiLl DiD tHiS.

    It's kinda hard.

  22. I had to get glasses at age 3- my dorkiness started early. And you're right- very limited options!

  23. Bahahaha... that magazine cover is AWESOME! Can I have an autographed copy?! ;P
    I totally forgot about taping episodes of shows on VHS!!! I have many many Friends episodes like this!

  24. Oh god I love your glasses and Glamour Shots picture! I remember being so pissed my parents would not do Glamour Shots for me. I also remember wanting glasses SO BAD. I wanted clear ones with pink inside. Sadly, I had perfect vision and me and the pink and clear glasses were never to be together.

  25. internet back in the day sucked. I can remember bringing an old computer up in my room and had a phone cord all the way up the stairs just so I could chat with a guy i liked. smh.

    what a shame. lol


    i'm now following you.

  26. I loved Contempo Casuals! Back in the day was so simple, it totally got more complicated these days.

  27. Aww, cute! haha
    I would definitely not be brave enough for this linkup!


  28. This is amazing! I love all your pictures, especially the Glamour Shots! I always wanted to do that! I totally recorded shows on my VCR too. One time I was out of blank tapes so I recorded over a family vacation. Oops!

  29. O to the M to the G. We were glasses twins!!! 4th grade to 6th grade I had glasses and begged for contacts! I love that you dug up and posted these old pics! :)
    Man, I do not miss dial up AOL!

  30. The picture of you on the cover of Seventeen magazine has got to be my favorite part of this post -- you are too adorable! I never had a pager (but I love hearing stories about David, Kevin, and Andrew's pager; I don't remember if it was Kevin or Andrew who actually owned it), but I think I had the same Nokia phone as you (and my Dad STILL has it, he's been through his, mine, and now my mom's. Mom has thankfully upgraded to a hipper phone, but she had the Internet turned off of it and don't even ask her to text, which is weird to me, but she can do what she wants.

    P.S. I hope you're enjoying my long, rambling comments. :)


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