Thursday, May 29, 2014

all the things I ate a little bit late

It's a weekend overview on a Thursday because I do what I want and lots of stuff I did this weekend deserves documenting. My weekend was four days, and while I had many good intentions of getting ahead with my online life, another screen took over and commandeered all my attention: the TV screen. I watched a ridiculous amount of Friday Night Lights and finished the series and all I want to do is go back to Dillon. Even though I never fell in love with the characters in the later part of the series, I say that overall, it was a really great show. Between binge-watching, we did a lot of other stuff too, though.

- Got up early Friday morning for breakfast at Common Bond. The almond croissant is my favorite thing there, but the pain perdu was really good, too -it was like French toast but I don't like French toast so it was better than that.

- A stop for lunch at Brooks' Place, a BBQ trailer in the parking lot of an Ace Hardware. I picked off of Andrew's because I was full from breakfast and the brisket was great.

Pain Perdu (shared) at Common Bond | Sign on the trailer at Brooks' Place which cracks me up | Two Meat Plate (shared)

- Lots and lots of errands, including buying a cooler. The Igloo factory is pretty close to my house and they have an outlet store. They also have a giant Igloo cooler that I insisted on going to see.

Repost from Instagram. The building was sadly just a security guard shack. | Unrelated to everything, but I finally got Duncan a Kong and he loved it!

- Food truck dinner. There are tons of food trucks in Houston, but H-Town Streats is still a favorite. I love the shorty mac - a grilled cheese sandwich with short ribs and mac and cheese - but the Cuban Andrew got was really good, too. Honestly, we ate so much that day that as Andrew said, I was "fooded out" and didn't enjoy dinner as much as I normally would have.

Risotto Balls | Shorty Mac | Cuban Press

- Saturday was all about cooking - Andrew volunteered to make brisket and ribs for our friends' annual crawfish boil (they realize not everyone likes crawfish, which I appreciate). The briskets went on the smoker at 4pm and stayed on until 7 the next morning. Thus, there was lots of TV watching time.

Behind the scenes BBQ Prep: Grinding two cups of pepper so it's the perfect coarseness and fresh - took forever | Each brisket and rack of ribs was trimmed, wrapped in butcher paper, and put in a plastic bag until time to go on the smoker | Our refrigerator on BBQ days - meat and beer, some wine and soda for me, and frappucinos because they were on sale at Costco | I wanted to spare my vegetarian friends a raw meat shot, so here's a close up of the seasoned meat before it went on the smoker.

- Sunday was the party. My friend ordered cute crawfish cookies and made crawfish cupcakes. There were a ton of kids and a bouncy house with a water slide. We chatted with one of the other childless couples about fun things to do in Austin and left after a few hours. In our conversation, though, they said something about us that's stuck with me - "Wow, you guys DO a lot." And I guess we do, even when it seems like we don't.

- Last week, a restaurant here called Underbelly featured a hamburger found on the menu at Husk (a restaurant in Nashville and Charleston) and Andrew got to try it during lunch with a coworker and said it was amazing. I had to have it, naturally. It was only supposed to be on the menu for a week, but we decided to try our luck to see if it was still there Monday - it wasn't. But, we still enjoyed lunch at Underbelly. Its chef just won a James Beard Award, which is like a restaurant Oscar, and the lunch prices are far better than those at dinner. I had salsa braised chicken on corncakes and Andrew had a beef curry. Both were great.

The sign is funny because it could both apply to the James Beard Award win and to James Harden, a player for the Houston Rockets known as "The Beard." | my dish | his dish

- The real reason we dared to go "into town," though, was to try a new coffee place called Siphon Coffee. They make their coffee using this crazy contraption - remember on Breaking Bad when Gale had his weird coffee maker using beakers? Yeah, it was basically that. Monday was Siphon's opening day. The space is cute but the coffee was pricey - $11 for Siphon coffee for two. I'm sure there's reasoning behind that that makes sense, but it isn't something I'll order often, even though it was delicious. We also got chocolate sea salt cookies which were great, but at $2.50 each, were more expensive than I expected. Their latte and other drink prices were pretty on par with other coffee shops in the area, though, so I will likely be back for one of those.

Cozy sitting area at the back of the shop | cute video game table | the siphon coffee for two. I loved the glasses - they were actually plastic, kept the coffee hot, and stayed cool to the touch.

I swear, it didn't feel like that much when I was in the middle of it, but looking back... that was a lot of food. I guess it's the price I pay for "doing a lot," right?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the great unfollow

So I've seen a lot of posts about blog organization and how you read so many and commenting and stuff lately, and I think it's interesting. No two of us do things the same way. However, in all of these conversations, I've come to realize that I am, for lack of a better word... cutthroat. Cue Sweet Brown because really...

found here

GUYS. Blogging is a huge timesuck and as much as I like it, I want to do it as efficiently as possible. And since this is one of those weird things that I don't think any two people do in the same way, I thought I would share my way just because it seems really different and maybe I want to know that I'm not the only heartless jerk out there.

When I fall in love with a blog, sometimes I play it shy by just following via blogger, but these days, I cut right to the chase and follow on Bloglovin. That's a big commitment because I know the blogger will get an email alerting them and everything. But when you know, you just know, right? If I'm on the fence but want to remember them, I just follow via twitter. And I leave a comment of course, because duh.

But just like all the boys you dated back in high school, sometimes the luster wears off. The blogger isn't your thing for some reason, and that's okay. She probably has twenty million other followers and since you don't like make-up reviews or kid posts or recipes (or she posts something horribly insensitive, but that's only happened once) she just isn't for you. No big deal. So, what do you do?

a) Mark as read every day. You FOLLOWED her, and that means something. You're a woman of your word and once you commit, you don't go back.
b) Put her blog in a folder with others you read with a lesser degree of frequency because you never know if she'll grab you again. Hurting feelings and making someone lose a follower is no fun, anyway.
c) Find her blog in Bloglovin, select "unfollow," and don't really think about it again.

If you selected c, then congratulations, you might be a heartless jerk just like me (said in good fun - I'm not actually a heartless jerk. And neither are you). I understand the rationale between the first two choices, but of course I have something to say about them.

With choices a and b, I get it. We all like followers, of course, but don't we preach that we all want readers? We want commenters and a community and if I mark your blog as read every few days, then I'm neither. And it creates an extra step for me, and if you've been here for any length of time, then you should know one of my personal mantras by now - lazy always wins. And yes, I will be the first to admit that as much as I want to say and believe that numbers don't matter, I know they can affect you. I know when I see that little graph in bloglovin dip down, I get a little bummed out. I want to find out who it is and see if I did something wrong. Don't you wish that was an option? I would love to get anonymous feedback from people who stop following me, but I digress... All of this to say that if I stop loving a blog, I unfollow it. I might still follow on twitter and I probably still follow on Instagram, but my bloglovin list is precious real estate and I must get that count down to zero as soon as possible. And sometimes that means unfollowing a blogger that I used to love.

So today, I confess: I'm an unfollower. If I follow then I read and probably comment and I think that's what so many of you want anyway, right? How do you "break up" with a blog?

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

what I wish you would blog about + five bests and worsts

First thing's first - I'm guest posting over at It's All in the Details while Samantha is on vacation. I wrote about the five best and worst decisions I made for my wedding so you should go check it out whether you're getting married or not because support, y'all.

I feel like Ron Burgundy pimping myself out but what can you do?

Apparently people blog less in the summer, but I think last summer is when I really found my blogging mojo so I didn't know that. I'm also seeing more people not like blogging anymore or run out of steam. We've all been there and if you need a break, that's totally cool. If you just need inspiration, though, then I want to help you out. I've sent multiple bloggers a list of things I want them to write about, including:

For my friends who Pin - I did this for you! No idea why there's a weird shadow on the circle...

1) A photo an hour/a day in the life. I did mine here and here, respectively. I want to do another photo an hour on a regular day, too.
2) Cool stuff about where you live. I want to want to visit your town! (I write about Houston plenty!)
3) House tour, or just your office or where you blog (here's my living room).
4) Any recent fun stuff you bought.
5) Throwback Thursday where you tell a story about something that happened pre-blog (with old pics of course - here's one of mine).
6) How you blog - how a post comes together, how you manage to read blogs, what makes you like a blog, stuff like that. I love blogging about blogging because it's the one thing we all have in common.
7) The things your readers should know about if they want to "get" you (a version of this that I wrote can be found here).
8) I love a good rant because we all like to come together in mutual disagreement. I feel like I rant a lot, no examples needed.
9) Things that make you happy for no reason.
10) A list of topics you wish bloggers would write about!

Are there any things that you wish more bloggers would blog about? Help everyone out and share so we can all keep reading all summer long!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a list of confessions

Wednesday so you know what that means! Linking up with Kathy.

- We use ceramic soap dispensers in both of the bathrooms at home that need to be refilled with the large thing of liquid soap. For some reason, this is one chore neither of us will go and do, so we're currently at a stalemate and using the guest bathroom soap dispenser in our room. Completely ridiculous.

- I guess I've become some weird concert snob because I declared Friday's Dave Matthews Band setlist "not my favorite." I looked at what they played in Dallas the next night and wished for that instead. I still had fun, though.

- I just picked back up on watching Friday Night Lights and so far, I don't like any of the East Dillon kids. But, I do like seeing how so many people on that show ended up with a role on Parenthood.

- It's messing with my head that Landry Clarke grew up to be Todd on Breaking Bad, though.

Maybe if  Coach Taylor learned your name wasn't Lance, you wouldn't have taken such a liking to your Nazi uncle...

- I have a love/hate relationship with summer because there isn't much traffic (yay!)  but work gets boring and the days go so slow (boo). We get to wear jeans to work (yay) but it's disgusting and hot outside (boo...)

- When I'm trying to think, I bite on my left thumbnail. I also get really cranky.

- I haven't been to Costco in like three weeks for anything besides gas and I'm more bummed about it than I should be.

- Sometimes blogging makes me think I'm a mean girl or a huge narcissist but I like the good things about blogging too much to want to quit!

- I'm cutting this short so I can go watch more Friday Night Lights. Maybe this will be the episode that gets me attached to those Lions?

Talk to me about Friday Night Lights! I can't decide if I like Riggins or Landry or Saracen better...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the trouble with words

I have extolled my love of words many times here. It's something that isn't going away. I like to write them, I like to read them, and I love when they are used in a such a way that I can feel exactly what the writer is trying to express. And that, my friends, is where the problem lies.

The trouble with words is that some are losing meaning. The more often I read certain things, the more often I'm sure they aren't genuine.

LOL is the biggest offender. Are you really laughing out loud? Probably not. Maybe if the comment had been made face-to-face, you would be. But still, I get that it serves a purpose, to simply say "that was funny." I do it too, and I don't intend to stop, but I still like to be conscious of it and say something that means more when something really is funny.

Perhaps I'm too literal, but I recently saw someone on facebook describe the ending of a celebrity's marriage as "devastating." This, friends, is where I encourage you to use a thesaurus. I just find that descriptor about the dissolution of the marriage of someone you don't actually know to be a bit too strong. I understand that devastating is a strong word that conveys a strong, specific emotion, but it doesn't seem accurate. I would much prefer a sentence worth of explanation than a word that doesn't quite fit.

My least favorite - and a sin I have committed many times until I recently vowed to stop - is "can't wait." Can't wait to see your vacation pics! Can't wait for that link up! Um, yes Lauren, you CAN wait. You will probably forget about that thing you "can't wait" for as soon as you click on to the next post. It diminishes the meaning of the sentiment when you use it in the context of things you are truly excited for - your own vacations, the end of a stressful work day, the nieces coming to visit this summer. Just stop it. Use your words to say something with more meaning rather than extending a platitude that we all know isn't true.

I majored in communication studies in college, and a professor once said that good communicators don't use idioms - phrases like "it's raining cats and dogs" and "so hungry I could eat a horse" where wholly unwelcome. I had to stretch my brain, to ask myself how I really felt, what it really looked like, and dig deeper to say the thing I meant to say. And I miss that. In a world of texts and 140 characters, it's hard to really convey all the things I mean. But aren't those words and extra characters where the good stuff comes from? Using all those words is the only thing I can do to show you who I really am - more than a girl behind a screen full of untrue LOLs and empty can't waits.

I want to use all the words in a way that lets you know me more, a way beyond what people in real life see. In real life, it's hard to articulate all the things you want to say; you're fighting for attention with background noise, smart phones, and your own internal distractions. The written word is a place, for me at least, where I can think through what I want to say- something I rarely do in real life. I want to describe everything, and I want you to get it. I want to write with words that are savored and accurate, regardless of the number used. I want to give words the value they deserve and let you know that I mean what I say. I want the trouble to lie in the vastness of too many good words to read.

Friday, May 16, 2014

a few little favorites

Busy weeks are the best weeks so this week has really flown by. Let's talk favorites.

Favorite New Place
Common Bond is a brand-new bakery here in Houston that wants to be the best bakery in the world. The pastry chefs working there have worked at some of the best places in the world and I have been waiting for this place to open so I could try it out. They had a soft opening on Wednesday and luckily, one of my friends and coworkers loves to try new places as much as I do. We met for breakfast - an almond croissant for me and buttermilk biscuits with gravy and bacon for my friend (and we shared!) - and it was all great. We also tried their kugelhopfs. They're dense little pastries coated in sugar with golden raisins (I think?) throughout. At first I didn't like them, but then they grew on me. The restaurant was full of natural light and had a lot of little touches in terms of decor that I loved. I'm glad it lived up to the hype and I can't wait to go back!

Love the big windows (we sat at a table in that corner) and the cute coffee bar | Yum, pastries | A cute way to divide the line from the seating.

Favorite Goal
So, if you don't know me, then this sounds crazy coming after I just described a trip to the bakery, but I decided to start working on being less... sloth-like this week. A friend and I set individual goals with the same end date (June 30) and if we both achieve them, we're going out to get our nails done. I never want to spend money on that but I love having it done so it seemed like a good little motivator! The goal has made me work out two of the three nights since we set it, so I am already feeling good. I like having something non-edible to work toward sometimes!

Favorite Thing
Dave Matthews Band is tonight! I have been looking forward to this concert since I ruined the surprise that we were going. I'm currently listening to their Live from Red Rocks album... from 1995. So basically they've been making music since I was in elementary school, cool. Two fun DMB and me facts for you: 1) My wedding gift to Andrew was a silver guitar pick that says "You & Me to the end of the world" and our wedding date on it from the song "You & Me" which lives in a case on his keychain and 2) My blog name comes from the common phrase eat, drink, and be merry, of course, but at least once a week when I think of it I get the song "Tripping Billies" in my head.

Life is pretty good right now, other than the feeling that there isn't enough time in the day. I have to work on Sunday but we all get a three day weekend next weekend, so I'm going to focus on that...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

what would you do if you weren't afraid?

I saw this question pop up on twitter and thought it would make for an excellent Confessions post. Linking up with Kathy, like always.

I've never been one to dream too big - I've always thought myself to be pretty realistic. I was a good student, but didn't do anything monumental to garner me a job with a ton of prestige. I'm not particularly talented in any one arena so I never dreamt of being a writer or an athlete or a singer. I've always just wanted to be happy and comfortable. But, short of winning the lottery or having a long-lost relative leave me an inheritance, I'm going to have to work to get there.

I think if I wasn't afraid, and since I have yet to find a talent and passion of my own, I would tell Andrew to open a barbecue trailer. He's working to perfect his ribs and brisket as it is, just for fun, and I would love for him to add turkey to the mix. One of the few things I can cook is macaroni and cheese. I would want to play around until I found the perfect mixture of cheese and pasta to make something completely craveable. And since this is my dream and I'm not afraid, I would want this little trailer to make its own bread. And dessert. There would have to be a perfect dessert at the end of the meal that everyone who came would order, hungry or not, because it would be that good. Mini pies? Brownies? Banana pudding cups? Maybe all of them, because I wouldn't have to be afraid that they wouldn't be good enough.

If I wasn't afraid, I would insist that this trailer was inside the loop, where more people who are adventurous with their bellies and money are. I would want a custom Airstream so we had some hipster cred, and red picnic tables outside the trailer, with umbrellas to protect our customers from the Texas sun. I would take the orders with a smile and thank everyone who came by and Andrew would cook, of course. He would balance the books and I would file the taxes. I would do all the supply ordering because it would probably be the only shopping I would ever have time for because our days would be start fire, cook, open, serve, close, repeat. I would commission a cute logo and we would sell t-shirts and koozies and blare our favorite music to those within earshot - none of that old-fashioned, twangy country so many other barbecue joints favor. It would be us, working hard, always smelling of oak and meat, and me never wanting to eat beef again. That's what I would do, if I wasn't afraid.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the mount rushmore of...

When Andrew and I carpool, we normally listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio. It's a sports show (duh), but I have heard them go on a tangent about the "Mount Rushmore of" different things. You know, just like Mount Rushmore are the four most important presidents, my four things will be the most important and iconic in their fields, according to me. So yes, I decided to completely steal that and give you a few of my Mount Rushmores.

The Mount Rushmore of... Checkout line candy
- Peanut Butter M&Ms
- Reese's Cups
- Skittles in the purple bag
- Hersheys with almonds

The Mount Rushmore of... Italian Food
- Lasagna
- Gnocchi
- Meatballs
- Garlic Bread

The Mount Rushmore of... Houston Food Experiences
- Shipley's Donuts (plain glazed and a sausage and cheese kolache)
- GOOD Tex-Mex (favorite location TBD but a margarita and fajitas must be on the menu)
- The Chocolate Bar (Creamy Dreamy Truffle Ice Cream and chocolate covered something)
- Oxheart. The menu varies but I love it so.

The Mount Rushmore of... things worth buying name brand
- Paper Towels
- Coke
- Purses
- Chocolate

The Mount Rushmore of... Asian Food
- Bahn Mi
- Pho
- Chicken Tikka Masala
- Panang Curry

Anything you can think of that I left off any of the lists? I'm sure as soon as you remind me of some things, I'll be mad that I forgot them! What would you do the Mount Rushmore of?

Monday, May 12, 2014

greetings from houston

Some weekends aren't worth documenting, so I don't bother, but this was a fun one so here we are.

Friday was night two of the NFL Draft, and after horrendous traffic getting home in our 'burb, I did a bunch of chores and called it a night pretty early. Riveting stuff. Put this sentence in the "keeping it real" column.

Saturday I ran around trying to finish my mom's Mother's Day gift. I had a $10 off $25 coupon so I spent at hour trying to spend the difference so I would feel like I was getting stuff for free. Ridiculous but please tell me I'm not the only one. After this post, Bre said that she would take pictures of me in the Heights at the cool Greetings from Houston mural I posted about. It's on the side of an almost-opened gelato shop. I'm Instagram friends with her cousin Gabby because Gabby posts good food pictures, so the three of us met up.

Hi, Awkward. Clearly I didn't take this seriously... All photos by Bre.

After pics, Gabby suggested checking out Stanton's City Bites. It's one of those places I had heard of because it's on a lot of food lists, but I had never been. It's kind of out of the way and not in an area you would typically visit. Apparently it used to be a grocery store and, according to the guy behind the counter, "just became a restaurant one day." They had tons of bottled beer and soda and are known for their hamburgers, so of course, that's what we each got.

I chose the Chipotle Burger because it had chipotle mayo and chipotle butter as well as pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a jalapeño bun. The bread was very fresh, there was a great amount of spice, and the burger was juicy but not overpowering. Plus, it was only $6 which when compared to some fast food places, isn't bad at all. Oh, and it was huge. I ordered curly fries, which were good but not great. Gabby got the Italian fries that had dried basil and parmesan cheese on them, and they were really good - crisp fries, which Gabby and I both realized we shared a love for. Bre ordered the Waffle Bites which were basically waffle fries topped with nacho toppings - nacho cheese, jalapeños, and sour cream. And possibly bacon. There was a lot of bacon happening at that meal. I think we all agreed it was really good and worth another visit if we were ever close again. It was a very entertaining meal and I was super excited to be invited into their cousins club and be an honorary delHam.

Gabby's burger with Italian fries | Bre's waffle bites | My burger and curly fries | They both asked if I needed pics before they ate... it's awesome to be friends with bloggers.

On Sunday, I was woken up by the sound of kitty claws in fabric coming from under the bed. I shove under bed bins in that space because Bauer likes to wreak havoc. I saw the fabric that closes in the box spring bulging - turns out he had ripped it open and was climbing around inside. Cool. I didn't even know that was a thing I should be worried about! I got up and then later, we got together with my extended family at my aunt's house for Mother's Day. Not content to just bring a side as requested, overachieving Andrew had to smoke a brisket, which meant that he went to bed at 8:30 on Saturday night and got up at 12:30 a.m. to get the fire going. Hard partying in our house, clearly. I used the time to finally finish my Eat page up top (for now) and I finally got to watch 24 from last week and loved it. Pretty low-key day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

things I blame pinterest for

If you've been around here for any length of time, you probably already know that I don't really care for Pinterest. I just don't see its appeal. I mean, I get that it can be useful for finding outfits or decor, but I don't understand how people spend hours on it. And, more than that, I think it has kind of made people crazy.


- Every photo shoot now requires a trunk full of props. You aren't Carrot Top (bonus points for anyone who watched way too many TV talk shows as a kid and gets that). You are never actually going to eat cake off of a ruffly plate at a picturesque picnic in the park with twinkle lights overhead so STOP THE CRAZY ALREADY. It's unnatural. What's wrong with photos in your natural state? Or like, one prop that matches the setting? And where are you hanging all these pictures?

- The chalkboardization of America. I get it. I mean I like making things into chalkboards, too, but everything? Why does a globe need to be covered in chalkboard paint? And why are there so many things now that look like chalkboards that aren't actually chalkboards? Pinterest, I blame you.

- If you only look at Pinterest, the only way you can have cute outfits is if you're a thin, attractive white woman. Take a look at the Popular page on Pinterest, or even your own outfit boards. Where are women with imperfections, dark skin, or imperfect hair? NOWHERE. I feel that women who don't fit the mold are rarely shared or repinned. I'm not going to pin those outfits because I am never going to look like that!

- If everyone did all the things they pinned, the lines at Michael's and Hobby Lobby would be like Walmart on Black Friday every damn day. Just saying.

- Baby and Bridal Showers have gotten crazy. My friend Sarah is pregnant (yay!) and I offered to host a shower for her with some other friends... and immediately got a little terrified. Do I have to have chalkboard signs saying what everything is, bunting, tissue paper poms, matching paper straws, a theme, and perfect yet not overdone party games? WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? Luckily Sarah is the sweetest girl ever and would say none of this is necessary, but it's sad that that has become the new expectation for many. And don't get me started on gender reveals. Is it so wrong to find out in the privacy of an ultrasound room with just your husband present?

I know I'm in the minority, but we all have our things that other people like that we just don't get. Pinterest happens to be mine. I'll just be bookmarking things the old-fashioned way if you need me.

Linking up with Kathy so I can get this off my chest!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

things I love about life right now

For some reason, everything I wanted to write about today had a negative spin, so I decided to go against that and tell you what I love. The thing I love most is a long, drawn-out, wordy post, but I just can't make it happen today. I hope short bursts of happy will work.

... 24 is back! Cat Bauer approves. I kind of have a feeling this will be awful, but I'm watching it anyway.

What we do for fun in my house - Andrew's phone with a pic of Bauer on top of a magazine cover with Jack Bauer.

... I didn't start watching 24 last night for good reason - it's exam time at my work so I can stay late, make money, and blog (or respond to blog comments). By the time I did that and got home, there were too many other things I wanted to do. Making extra money makes me happy but missing Jack and Chloe does not!

... I went shopping this weekend and I love me a deal. Andrew came with me, which meant using every store's coupon twice. Oh, I can save $10 when I spend $25? Then we would like two separate transactions, please (for those who are into that kind of thing, I got this tank and this skirt. It's a maxi skirt in a petite length which I love! I also got a top at Kohl's for $3 because I had a $10 coupon with no minimum purchase. He got some stuff too but I know you don't care about that.)

... In part thanks to your awesome comments (but mostly because I've been looking for a new bag for months now), I got the purse I had my eye on this weekend. Roomy, professional, and cross-body - everything I was hoping for! So thanks to Bauer for the early Mother's Day present!

I like simple purses. 

... I went to Trader Joe's this weekend, and that is always something to be happy about. I got my beloved almond croissants, beautiful $4 flowers, Greek yogurt guacamole, and jalapeño cilantro hummus. What are your TJ favorites?

... This drinking game was in last week's Entertainment Weekly. I will be playing it on my weekly Mindy Project text date. Let's see if my texts make sense by the end of the episode! Maybe this will finally convince Andrew to watch the show with me...

Thanks, EW, for all the blog fodder this week.

... I'm trying to bribe myself into working out. I hate every second of it but I also hate how my clothes fit - my white jeans have completely betrayed me since they were last worn in September - so something must be done. I am doing the stupid 30 Day Shred DVD because it worked for me three years ago, but I'm mostly muting Jillian and watching something else on the iPad instead - something that Andrew would never want to watch. Most recently, it was the first part of the Katy Perry documentary. I blame Anna for that one! But the thing that's making me happy is that for two nights it has worked, and it hurts a little to sit down. Whether I make it two nights or two months, I know working out is the right thing to do.... it's just hard for me to remember that when I'm snuggling the cat on the couch and it still isn't done.

So that's all - just a few things I'm loving. Tell me what you love in the comments!

Friday, May 2, 2014

friday favorites, vol. 2

I'm a big fan of telling you about five favorite things on Fridays so I can link up two places with one post. Here are the best parts of my week in a nutshell:

Favorite Day:
Houston seemed like it was going to mostly skip spring and go right to summer this week, since it was 90 and humid on Monday. But, by Wednesday, we got a cool front making it breezy and in the 70s. I stepped out to go grab lunch and decided to walk to the farmer's market instead. I'm so glad I did! It was great to be in the sunshine and away from the computer for an hour and it was the kind of weather that I wish I could bottle and enjoy all year long. I also got a grilled cheese and green tomato sandwich because I needed to eat anyway. It was delicious.

Reflecting pool, vendor tents, skyscrapers, trees, and sky. Best lunch break I've had in a while!

Favorite Night:
My friend Miranda commented on this post that she would hang out with me whenever I wanted to, so I immediately set something up. We went out on Wednesday night for tapas at Mi Luna ($3 sangria and $3 plates, such a good deal!). Then we went to Kendra Scott because they had champagne and cupcakes, and then we went and had ice cream because that was my entire motivation for the evening. The place we went to had bread and butter ice cream that I sampled and well, it tasted like bread and butter. It was so weird but kind of good. I stuck with my favorites there - Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese coffee) and Nutella with marshmallows in a cone that was still warm.

I wanted a pic of my ice cream so Miranda took one "fashion blogger style" | Pretty necklaces at Kendra Scott, stolen from Miranda's Instagram

Favorite Thing I Learned:
I got to go to a client appreciation lunch for work this week and there was a speaker who was a wardrobe consultant. It was a really cool presentation - she had racks of clothes and suggested how you could pair them, especially at work. She gave a tip that I thought was genius - when you're trying on clothes in the dressing room, lean forward in the mirror to make sure you don't.... spill out. I can't tell you how many times I've bought something and worn it to work, only to realize anyone tall standing over me can see a little too much. I will definitely do that from now on.

Favorite (new) thing about Houston:
I love this mural. I want to take pictures in front of it. Which local friend with a DSLR wants to meet me? I will pay you in coffee or wine or Heights antique store shopping time, your choice.

I stole this off of someone's flikr and don't have an account so I couldn't source it correctly...

Favorite thing I'm excited about:
My nieces are coming to Houston for two weeks at the end of June and I am already excited! They have never stayed that long before, but since they live in Oklahoma now, it's quite the drive to get them here. They're going to be 6 and almost 14 (!!!) so beyond a slumber party at my house, I don't know what to do with them. I'm definitely taking a few days off to hang out, though.

The only thing I have planned for this weekend is adding to our summer wardrobes - Andrew and I both need some new stuff. I also finally found a purse after months of looking for one and it isn't exactly cheap... but I think Bauer wants his mama to have a nice Mother's Day present, don't you?

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