Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a list of confessions

Wednesday so you know what that means! Linking up with Kathy.

- We use ceramic soap dispensers in both of the bathrooms at home that need to be refilled with the large thing of liquid soap. For some reason, this is one chore neither of us will go and do, so we're currently at a stalemate and using the guest bathroom soap dispenser in our room. Completely ridiculous.

- I guess I've become some weird concert snob because I declared Friday's Dave Matthews Band setlist "not my favorite." I looked at what they played in Dallas the next night and wished for that instead. I still had fun, though.

- I just picked back up on watching Friday Night Lights and so far, I don't like any of the East Dillon kids. But, I do like seeing how so many people on that show ended up with a role on Parenthood.

- It's messing with my head that Landry Clarke grew up to be Todd on Breaking Bad, though.

Maybe if  Coach Taylor learned your name wasn't Lance, you wouldn't have taken such a liking to your Nazi uncle...

- I have a love/hate relationship with summer because there isn't much traffic (yay!)  but work gets boring and the days go so slow (boo). We get to wear jeans to work (yay) but it's disgusting and hot outside (boo...)

- When I'm trying to think, I bite on my left thumbnail. I also get really cranky.

- I haven't been to Costco in like three weeks for anything besides gas and I'm more bummed about it than I should be.

- Sometimes blogging makes me think I'm a mean girl or a huge narcissist but I like the good things about blogging too much to want to quit!

- I'm cutting this short so I can go watch more Friday Night Lights. Maybe this will be the episode that gets me attached to those Lions?

Talk to me about Friday Night Lights! I can't decide if I like Riggins or Landry or Saracen better...


  1. ahh the decision to quit blogging ... i've been going back and forth on that too. i love the connections, you fine folks, what my blog is about...but at the same time, it's a lot of damn work! can i keep my readers but not blog during the summer and only be a winter blogger? WHY ISN'T THAT AN OPTION??

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I haven't started watching Friday Night Lights yet. It has been in my Netflix queue forever. One day I'll get around to it.

    I have just started Parenthood. I am about half way into season 1 and so far I am really liking it.

  3. Ha, ha my husband I do the same thing with out is like a game of chicken who will take it downstairs and fill it up first. I loved being on campus working during the was so peaceful and relaxing :)

  4. That long of a costco hiatus would drive me bat-shit-crazy.

  5. I only liked the first part of the DMB concert last Friday - the acoustic version. The second half got a bit trippy dippy for me. When they jam out to a song for longer than 5 minutes I get bored :) Although, it did make for some good dance music! It was so good to see you as we were coming in and out of the venue LOL what are the odds of that?!

  6. Friday Night Lights is on my to-watch list. It's something I've always thought about watching but never got around to it.

    Todd from Breaking Bad is a dumb jerk.

    My husband and I have standoffs when it comes to the dishes. Usually it's I do all the cooking and he doesn't the dishes. Sometimes he just won't though. Then I do them and then I refuse to cook. That sounds really passive aggressive, but it works for us.


  7. FNL is one of the best shows I've ever seen. I freaking love Tim Riggins. Texas Forever!

    Sometimes I'm a mean person. I've accepted that by now.

    I want to get into Breaking Bad even more now that I know Landry is on it.

  8. I'm mean in a sarcastic kind of way most of the time, I can never get my sarcasm to come across in my writing though.

    We use to have re-fillable soap dispensers but no one ever filled them up so they got tossed. My mom inspects just cleaned beach houses on Saturday's, one of the rules is you can't leave anything from the previous weekly renters. So I've got tons and tons of almost full hand soap bottles under my bathroom sink. As long as mom inspects houses, I'll never run out of soap or matches!

  9. I freaking love Friday Night Lights! I'm tempted to watch it all over again even though I only watched it like 8 months ago.

    I LOOOOOVE Landry! Tim Riggins is definitely dreamy but I wish his hair was less greasy. Couldn't he learn about dry shampoo? Never was a fan of Saracen. He's 'meh.'

  10. I guess one perk to living in my apartment is its only a few steps to refill anything. Not that it means I always get it done right away!

    I tried watching Friday Night Lights but never got into it like other people. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

  11. haha we do the same thing with soap, or we use the cheap ones and the ceramic ones just sit there, empty lol.
    havent watched any of those shows, clearly i need to check them out.

  12. I love Friday Night Lights and so many made it to Parenthood!! Tim Riggens all the way baby!

  13. I have never watched Friday Night Lights. Perhaps I should add it to my list of "to watch?"

    I know I am a bitch sometimes. I have embraced it.

    I took the cutest freaking paws picture last night of Olivia. I will text it to you. :)

  14. The Lions will grow on you...I know it's hard when you become such a panthers fan! I think it's mostly how much all the new panthers suck that make you like the lions by default.

  15. we do that with putting the TP roll back on the holder haha

  16. Everyone said Friday Night Lights was a good show, but I never watched. I may need to, since Connie Britton is in it, and I love her on Nashville!


  18. What is this Friday Night Lights you speak of?

    I feel like a huge narcissist as a blogger too. It's almost embarrassing. But not enough to stop! :)

  19. Friday Night Lights is on my list to watch on Netflix right after i finish watchin HIMYM (yes I am very behind the times lol)

  20. Haha I LOL when I read "Maybe if Coach Taylor learned your name wasn't Lance, you wouldn't have taken such a liking to your Nazi uncle..."

    Matt, Tim, & Landry are all awesome in their own ways. If I had to choose to be with one it would be Riggins though. How many seasons do you have left?

  21. I totally get hooked on shows, too! Never was a FNL fan but Pete looooooves it!

  22. Parenthood and One Tree Hill, I was like wtf?! These are all the same people! You grow to like the Lions more, you'll see. I liked Saracen more in the beginning but then Landry and then at the end definitely Riggins wins. Love Riggins.

  23. I LOVED Friday Night Lights. Of course we can chat about it!! Matt Saracen was my favorite. He was just so sweet and genuine. (Julie drove me a bit crazy when she wasn't treating him right!) And Coach Taylor was charming and funny in his own way. I didn't understand the whole oh-my-god Riggins is so hot until a couple of seasons in. I never really grew super attached to the East Dillion Lions (those seasons were hard for me to watch, too much politics), but if I had to choose a favorite, Luke would be it.


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