Thursday, May 29, 2014

all the things I ate a little bit late

It's a weekend overview on a Thursday because I do what I want and lots of stuff I did this weekend deserves documenting. My weekend was four days, and while I had many good intentions of getting ahead with my online life, another screen took over and commandeered all my attention: the TV screen. I watched a ridiculous amount of Friday Night Lights and finished the series and all I want to do is go back to Dillon. Even though I never fell in love with the characters in the later part of the series, I say that overall, it was a really great show. Between binge-watching, we did a lot of other stuff too, though.

- Got up early Friday morning for breakfast at Common Bond. The almond croissant is my favorite thing there, but the pain perdu was really good, too -it was like French toast but I don't like French toast so it was better than that.

- A stop for lunch at Brooks' Place, a BBQ trailer in the parking lot of an Ace Hardware. I picked off of Andrew's because I was full from breakfast and the brisket was great.

Pain Perdu (shared) at Common Bond | Sign on the trailer at Brooks' Place which cracks me up | Two Meat Plate (shared)

- Lots and lots of errands, including buying a cooler. The Igloo factory is pretty close to my house and they have an outlet store. They also have a giant Igloo cooler that I insisted on going to see.

Repost from Instagram. The building was sadly just a security guard shack. | Unrelated to everything, but I finally got Duncan a Kong and he loved it!

- Food truck dinner. There are tons of food trucks in Houston, but H-Town Streats is still a favorite. I love the shorty mac - a grilled cheese sandwich with short ribs and mac and cheese - but the Cuban Andrew got was really good, too. Honestly, we ate so much that day that as Andrew said, I was "fooded out" and didn't enjoy dinner as much as I normally would have.

Risotto Balls | Shorty Mac | Cuban Press

- Saturday was all about cooking - Andrew volunteered to make brisket and ribs for our friends' annual crawfish boil (they realize not everyone likes crawfish, which I appreciate). The briskets went on the smoker at 4pm and stayed on until 7 the next morning. Thus, there was lots of TV watching time.

Behind the scenes BBQ Prep: Grinding two cups of pepper so it's the perfect coarseness and fresh - took forever | Each brisket and rack of ribs was trimmed, wrapped in butcher paper, and put in a plastic bag until time to go on the smoker | Our refrigerator on BBQ days - meat and beer, some wine and soda for me, and frappucinos because they were on sale at Costco | I wanted to spare my vegetarian friends a raw meat shot, so here's a close up of the seasoned meat before it went on the smoker.

- Sunday was the party. My friend ordered cute crawfish cookies and made crawfish cupcakes. There were a ton of kids and a bouncy house with a water slide. We chatted with one of the other childless couples about fun things to do in Austin and left after a few hours. In our conversation, though, they said something about us that's stuck with me - "Wow, you guys DO a lot." And I guess we do, even when it seems like we don't.

- Last week, a restaurant here called Underbelly featured a hamburger found on the menu at Husk (a restaurant in Nashville and Charleston) and Andrew got to try it during lunch with a coworker and said it was amazing. I had to have it, naturally. It was only supposed to be on the menu for a week, but we decided to try our luck to see if it was still there Monday - it wasn't. But, we still enjoyed lunch at Underbelly. Its chef just won a James Beard Award, which is like a restaurant Oscar, and the lunch prices are far better than those at dinner. I had salsa braised chicken on corncakes and Andrew had a beef curry. Both were great.

The sign is funny because it could both apply to the James Beard Award win and to James Harden, a player for the Houston Rockets known as "The Beard." | my dish | his dish

- The real reason we dared to go "into town," though, was to try a new coffee place called Siphon Coffee. They make their coffee using this crazy contraption - remember on Breaking Bad when Gale had his weird coffee maker using beakers? Yeah, it was basically that. Monday was Siphon's opening day. The space is cute but the coffee was pricey - $11 for Siphon coffee for two. I'm sure there's reasoning behind that that makes sense, but it isn't something I'll order often, even though it was delicious. We also got chocolate sea salt cookies which were great, but at $2.50 each, were more expensive than I expected. Their latte and other drink prices were pretty on par with other coffee shops in the area, though, so I will likely be back for one of those.

Cozy sitting area at the back of the shop | cute video game table | the siphon coffee for two. I loved the glasses - they were actually plastic, kept the coffee hot, and stayed cool to the touch.

I swear, it didn't feel like that much when I was in the middle of it, but looking back... that was a lot of food. I guess it's the price I pay for "doing a lot," right?


  1. People tell Drake and I all the time that we "do" a lot of stuff. We do not really feel like we do, but I guess it's all perspective. We just have so much fun together that it does not really feel like a lot of stuff.

    There is a new coffee place here that uses that method, plus a lot of other methods that I had never heard of before. But $11 for 2 cups of coffee is expensive!

  2. I am dying over that mac & cheese shorty.

    I'd love to try some of your husband's BBQ, I love how he gets all into it! I'm typically not a fan of smoked meats but pork and brisket I can do.

    That coffee place is totally my kind of place.

    And of course the Igloo cooler. I totally want my photo in front of that.

  3. That coffee spot sounds awesome except for the expensive spot. I loved that you took me back to Breaking Bad. I need to re-watch that! Very worth going into town for!

  4. Food truck food for the win! It's hard to believe a place like this has NO, I repeat NO food trucks. The city is just now discussing letting food trucks operate here. How can they be so behind?

  5. I love food trucks but never go to them! The Mac and cheese sounds odd but really tasty too! You guys did a lot but I am sure broken down over a few days it doesn't feel as much! Smoked meats are so good but a lot of work! Kudos for him doing all the work for everyone to enjoy!

  6. So much food! I love going to food trucks for lunch around here. We have a bunch of different ones but one called Momogoose is my favorite for ramen bowls!

  7. Oh my goodness that looks so yummy. I love weekends full of good food. I need to get out and explore local joints around my city more. I always go to the same ol' same ol' tried and true spots.

  8. i swear, i am almost full just looking at this post. risotto balls?!! i want! yum. that igloo pic is priceless, lol

  9. Whoa whoa whoa...Mac n Cheese on a grilled cheese?!?!?! Is that even legal? All this food talk has me salivating and cursing you that it is only 9:30am and I need something right meow! (Using meow is way funnier now that Olivia is around and is very demanding with her food.)

    I would have made it a point to see the big Igloo Cooler too. I mean, what is not to love?!?!

    I saw someone, whom I assume had to be a blogger, taking OOTD pictures in Avondale Park when I drove to work this morning. I laughed at the red light when she was making her "serious face" and realized how absolutely ridiculous I look taking picture for my blog...and I dont even do pretend model OOTD pics!

  10. Seriously I just want to follow you around to all the places you eat. It always looks so good! I need to find some good brisket. I have been craving it & Dickey's did NOT cut it the other day...which I knew it wouldn't.

  11. That brisket looks so so good! I seriously need to get on Friday Night Lights! I finally finished Dexter and HATED the last and final episode

  12. I agree--You guys are out and about a lot! I love it! We used to be the same way when we lived in Charlotte and I kind of miss it! Goodness--who knew brisket required so much work (and overnight cooking!!)

  13. OMG that Mac and Cheese grilled cheese sounds amazing!! Food trucks are so fun. I LOVE Husk...we have been on every trip to Charleston, everything I've had there I have loved from drinks to dessert. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  14. bur for reals, i just want to be mrs. coach taylor. i heart her so much. also, i am now hungry. thanks a lot.

  15. So. Much. FOOD PORN!!!!
    That grilled cheese with the mac n cheese in it... HOLY SHIT!

  16. Jesus, I need to plan a trip to Houston for the FOOD. The brisket plate from the ACE Hardware parking lot looks amazing (who knew). So much yumminess going on here.

  17. Awesome post. I love the igloo house. Reminds me of a cooler that my dad has. same color and all. Awesome. and love the crap cupcakes. isn't that cupcakes. Looks like you had a blast.

    following you!

  18. That Igloo lunch box is amazing! too bad it's not a bar or something, how sweet would that be! And that shorty mac n cheese good lord that looks delicious.

  19. I'm glad you guys took meat to the crawfish boil -- I have never tried crawfish, nor do I want to. But going to a huge food gathering (which seems very Southern to me) would be awesome. The cupcakes are sooo cute! And that mac and cheese sandwich looks tasty!


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