Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the mount rushmore of...

When Andrew and I carpool, we normally listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio. It's a sports show (duh), but I have heard them go on a tangent about the "Mount Rushmore of" different things. You know, just like Mount Rushmore are the four most important presidents, my four things will be the most important and iconic in their fields, according to me. So yes, I decided to completely steal that and give you a few of my Mount Rushmores.

The Mount Rushmore of... Checkout line candy
- Peanut Butter M&Ms
- Reese's Cups
- Skittles in the purple bag
- Hersheys with almonds

The Mount Rushmore of... Italian Food
- Lasagna
- Gnocchi
- Meatballs
- Garlic Bread

The Mount Rushmore of... Houston Food Experiences
- Shipley's Donuts (plain glazed and a sausage and cheese kolache)
- GOOD Tex-Mex (favorite location TBD but a margarita and fajitas must be on the menu)
- The Chocolate Bar (Creamy Dreamy Truffle Ice Cream and chocolate covered something)
- Oxheart. The menu varies but I love it so.

The Mount Rushmore of... things worth buying name brand
- Paper Towels
- Coke
- Purses
- Chocolate

The Mount Rushmore of... Asian Food
- Bahn Mi
- Pho
- Chicken Tikka Masala
- Panang Curry

Anything you can think of that I left off any of the lists? I'm sure as soon as you remind me of some things, I'll be mad that I forgot them! What would you do the Mount Rushmore of?


  1. The Mount Rushmore of Blogs: mine, yours, Steph's.... and one more? :)

    This is funny!

  2. YES to the paper towels, cheap one's are useless!

    I'd do the Mount Rushmore of seafood, it's my favorite! Shrimp, Oyters, Crab Legs, and Clams!

  3. Haha I love this, I am definitely with you on reese's cups!

  4. I freaking love this idea for a post.

    I must buy name brand ketchup & mayo.

    My checkout line candy is: Starburst, Reese's Cups, Payday, PB M&Ms.

  5. What a cool idea for a post! Great Asian food choices...I love a green papaya salad. I would add TP to the name brand list.

  6. Love this idea! My checkout line candy is Reese's cups, twix, snickers, or a whatchamacallit! I have to go name brand on toilet paper (Charmin ultra strong) and ketchup (Heinz) all the way!

  7. Love this!!

    I am completely with you on the paper towels and Coke. I would add ketchup and shampoo to that list though.

  8. This is the greatest idea for a post, I love it!!!

    I have certain brands for pretty much everything I purchase, but the say all be all for me...as in if they don't have what I want, I won't get it: Simply Heinz ketchup, Hidden Valley Ranch, Brauny paper towels and Angel Soft tp.

    My check out lane candy:
    PB M&M's, Starbursts, Snickers, Skittles. I love Reese cups too....but I am just being honest about my usual purchases. Plus, I never just buy them in line....I always buy a huge bag LOL!!!!

    Mmmmmm Penang Curry sounds delightful right now....or Masaman....yum yum yum

  9. Such an awesome blog post idea! :D I was raised in Brownsville, Texas, so I'm super picky about my Tex-Mex and Mexican food. Haha

  10. Chicken Tikka Masala is DEFINITELY in the top four Asian foods! I've never heard of this idea, but I like it. Picking 4 favorites of something is way easier than just picking one!

  11. I LOVE Gnocchi!!!!!!! love, love, love.

  12. Love this idea!!!!! YES TO THE COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMME ALL THE COKE! Always imitated, ne'er duplicated.

  13. hahaha. This is awesome. My Mount Rushmore of name brand products would for sure include toilet paper.


  14. Ha! "things worth buying name brand..." TOILET PAPER! ;)

  15. You know what I am always tempted with in the checkout lanes: chocolate covered pretzels. Oh EM Gee. I love those things. It's the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. I have actually switched lanes so as to resist the temptation.

  16. I love this! Amen to the reeses...I have some in my freezer right now...in fact I'm gonna go get some. Thanks ha.

  17. haha i love this! except now i am hungry. lol. i like the skittles in the red bag, and rolos and 3 musketeers haha. totalyl agree with the coke name brand!
    i love garlic bread with all of my heart haha.

  18. Neat idea! Oh Chocolate Bar -- I would love if they brought that gem to Kansas. Here goes mine...
    The Mount Rushmore of brunch places:
    -Toast (Charleston)
    - Half & Half (St. Louis)
    - Ingredient (Kansas City)
    - First Watch (Kansas City)


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