Tuesday, May 6, 2014

things I love about life right now

For some reason, everything I wanted to write about today had a negative spin, so I decided to go against that and tell you what I love. The thing I love most is a long, drawn-out, wordy post, but I just can't make it happen today. I hope short bursts of happy will work.

... 24 is back! Cat Bauer approves. I kind of have a feeling this will be awful, but I'm watching it anyway.

What we do for fun in my house - Andrew's phone with a pic of Bauer on top of a magazine cover with Jack Bauer.

... I didn't start watching 24 last night for good reason - it's exam time at my work so I can stay late, make money, and blog (or respond to blog comments). By the time I did that and got home, there were too many other things I wanted to do. Making extra money makes me happy but missing Jack and Chloe does not!

... I went shopping this weekend and I love me a deal. Andrew came with me, which meant using every store's coupon twice. Oh, I can save $10 when I spend $25? Then we would like two separate transactions, please (for those who are into that kind of thing, I got this tank and this skirt. It's a maxi skirt in a petite length which I love! I also got a top at Kohl's for $3 because I had a $10 coupon with no minimum purchase. He got some stuff too but I know you don't care about that.)

... In part thanks to your awesome comments (but mostly because I've been looking for a new bag for months now), I got the purse I had my eye on this weekend. Roomy, professional, and cross-body - everything I was hoping for! So thanks to Bauer for the early Mother's Day present!

I like simple purses. 

... I went to Trader Joe's this weekend, and that is always something to be happy about. I got my beloved almond croissants, beautiful $4 flowers, Greek yogurt guacamole, and jalapeño cilantro hummus. What are your TJ favorites?

... This drinking game was in last week's Entertainment Weekly. I will be playing it on my weekly Mindy Project text date. Let's see if my texts make sense by the end of the episode! Maybe this will finally convince Andrew to watch the show with me...

Thanks, EW, for all the blog fodder this week.

... I'm trying to bribe myself into working out. I hate every second of it but I also hate how my clothes fit - my white jeans have completely betrayed me since they were last worn in September - so something must be done. I am doing the stupid 30 Day Shred DVD because it worked for me three years ago, but I'm mostly muting Jillian and watching something else on the iPad instead - something that Andrew would never want to watch. Most recently, it was the first part of the Katy Perry documentary. I blame Anna for that one! But the thing that's making me happy is that for two nights it has worked, and it hurts a little to sit down. Whether I make it two nights or two months, I know working out is the right thing to do.... it's just hard for me to remember that when I'm snuggling the cat on the couch and it still isn't done.

So that's all - just a few things I'm loving. Tell me what you love in the comments!


  1. i recorded 24 in my basement theater so i'll be watching that today as i eat lunch!! can't wait; JACK IS BACK :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I may need to borrow this idea because I am feeling extra whiny right now, with no good reasons to be that way!

    I love that purse! I am with you...I love simple purses that I can keep and use forever.

    Whenever I go shopping with John, he is always amazed at my mad couponing skills, and I love when we can use coupons twice!

  3. I LOL so hard at the magazine cover! GO CAT BAUER!

  4. ha! we're on the same blog wavelength today.
    anyway, i was so damn happy to have Jack and Chloe back on TV. It felt the same to me. And I loved it. LOVED IT.

  5. Sweet purse and great scores shopping!

    I'm not a 24 watcher, but Cat Bauer...LOLOLOLOL

    I have a things that annoy me lately post for tomorrow and next week a things I'm loving lately. I need to balance this shizz out.

  6. I love all your good shopping deals especially the purse, I'm all about simple purses myself. I usually use mine until they wear out and then spend a month looking for a new one.

    I miss Trader Joe's but I've heard rumor one might be on the way!

  7. Yay you bought the purse!! I'm all about a cross-body bag! Cocktails with Mindy is interesting,though I really feel like it should not be finish your drink if Peter mentions his frat...wholly crap! I want Danny and Mindy to be together :(

  8. They just opened a TJ's in Tampa, and I went for the first time this weekend...but how did I miss the Greek yogurt guacamole, and jalapeño cilantro hummus?! Both sound dee-lish.

  9. Look at all your good shopping scores! Nothing makes me happier than being able to use more than one coupon and cheat the system!!!

    Cute purse! I haven't gotten into the cross body bags, mainly because I haven't found one that doesnt make my boobs look weird. Strange problem, right?

    I've never tried 24. Maybe I need to add it to my list of shows to try this summer? Mindy Project is on my list already. I need to give it a go!

  10. I recently started the 30 day shred myself too because I found myself utterly unable to motivate myself to workout. But that short 20-something minute video I can manage to talk myself into doing and it has been making me sore. Win-win.

  11. I have never seen a single episode of 24. I know I have been living on another planet ;)

    I have been slacking on the exercise front as well. Gotta get back on that pronto!

    I am loving the potential of getting a new job, but hating the wait for an answer.

  12. my favorite TJ find is the mini pb cups :) YUM

  13. Love the purse! The shopping and coupon trick is too funny.

  14. So confession: I've never once been to a TJ's...
    I love the top! I need to get me some coupons because I need to get a dress by next Friday to chaperone prom.

  15. I'm so confused by the 24 thing. Is it a new series? A mini-series? Just a one time thing?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

  16. Greek yogurt guacamole? That sounds amazing! Love me some TJs.

  17. I've actually never seen 24 - am I a bad person?

    Oh Trader Joes... I have to go for the beloved plantain chips - buttttt Brooke did mention PB cups!

  18. I've never seen 24, but I've heard such good things. Maybe now's the time.

  19. Hooray for shopping! And I love the purse! Very good choices, my friend.

    I've been trying to work out more lately as well...maybe we should motivate each other? My clothes have betrayed me too. As much as I would love to buy all new stuff, it wouldn't be as fun doing that if I knew it was because I got too fat. Sigh!

  20. I love the purse you got! Good choice. I went to a little fundraiser for our Relay for Life team and I bidded on a coach purse (that came with a wrislet, 2 bottles of wine, and chocolate!) in the silent auction. I really should have bid more, but $100 was the max price I went with. The winner got it for $110. I'm kicking myself I didn't go up to like $130 or something.
    David and I don't have any real TJ favorites yet, but we do love to look around the store. Their chocolate-covered espresso beans is our go-to gift for his mom. We never know what else to get her!


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