Friday, June 6, 2014

five things worth sharing

I haven't posted on a Friday in quite some time because I feel the pressure to recap my week in the form of five favorite things so I can link up everywhere and honestly, that can be hard. But that will stop today and I'll go back to my favorite method - five things worth sharing.

1) I went to happy (three) hour(s) with Miranda this week so we could talk about her upcoming wedding! I'm so excited for her and full of unsolicited advice that she is being so gracious in letting me throw her way. I can't help it - I love weddings! I have been to Benjy's for dinner before but never happy hour, so we did that and got blood orange margaritas, a chicken sausage pizza, pistachio-crusted goat cheese cakes, and some spicy Korean chicken. Good company, good food, and cocktails - I love it.

2) My friend Sarah wanted to check out the farmer's market near my office so we met there for lunch. She was nice enough to wait nearly thirty minutes with me for the crepe I wanted - tabbouli, avocado, and cucumber - and we got to enjoy some awesome Eatsie Boys ice cream (Shipley Donut popsicle for her, Cafe Sua Da for me). I was a sweaty mess so no pictures but I always love catching up with and talking food with her.

3) If you follow me on twitter then you might have seen that my red wine vinegar (purchased in the last month) expired on... December 19, 2009. Andrew was going to use it to make a salad dressing on Wednesday night but decided to throw it away, obviously. Since we were already in comfy clothes, we decided to order Chinese food from a new to us place with excellent reviews. We both liked our dishes, had way too much food, and I was excited to order from them again... until I woke up feeling bad on Thursday. I felt really bad and he felt kind of bad so it was probably my dish that did it. I went to work but left at 10:30. The silver lining? Bauer gave me two hours of uninterrupted snuggles and I decided that Fixer Upper is my new favorite show on HGTV (I love the wife's taste and their marriage is so cute, at least on camera).

Cause and effect

4) I bought this shirt a few weeks ago and I love it. I need to go get more. It's the right length, loose but not frumpy, lightweight, and cheap. If you need some summer basics, then I highly recommend it. I'm wearing it in my pic with the Igloo cooler.

5) I love looking at what search terms bring people to my blog. The best ones I've seen lately are "cute jerk cat" and "my husband is crazy about football." And that, friends, pretty much sums up my life. Any good ones leading to your blog that you want to share?

So far, nothing is really planned for this weekend. I'll probably binge watch Orange is the New Black with the rest of twitter. Let's go.

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  1. ugh i hate it when you find out the product you bought and haven't even used yet is bad or went bad. that just happened to me with my corn on the cob - i pulled it out (for dinner tonight) while i was gathering my ingredients and when i looked at them closer, MOLD! F&^$!! i was so mad! that's $4 down the drain :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. What a delicious sounding happy hour(s)! I am going to be prepping for my trip this weekend. We leave Monday! Enjoy OITNB :)

  3. The pistachio goat cheese things sound so good. I love anything with goat cheese though. And chinese is always a great stand by!!

  4. Boo for good Chinese that turns out to be bad.

    Fixer upper is a cute show, I love how they have old huge photos of the houses in front of the remodeled houses before the reveals.

  5. I am slowly learning to enjoy an occasional happy hour. It is still not my favorite thing to do.

    Thank you for sharing a cute article of clothing on your blog that isn't $100+. I may actually get me a few of those tshirts!

  6. Oh, sorry to hear you were sick! Besides that it sounds like a really great week, full of good food and friends! Oh the irony- avoided expired vinegar, got take-out, ended up with food poisoning ;) I love hearing about people's search terms! I just went and looked mine up the funniest I have is: shampoo booze 2014, ribbon clean desk award (I don't even know what I wrote to get this one) and no one care tumblr quotes.

  7. The goat cheese cakes sound really good! Love happy hour that lasts longer! Sorry the Chinese food did you in but snuggle time is always good!

  8. Stop...goat cheese cakes. I just had breakfast and I want more.

    I'm wearing that shirt in black today thanks to you! I love it and it's super comfortable. It's great with my linen pants from Old Navy. I also got the greenish color and the purpleish color, they had a great sale when I bought them.

    Ugh I hate food illnesses but I do like to lay with my animal peeps on the couch in the middle of the day and watch HGTV.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I'm going to be honest and tell you the reason I clicked on this link was the pizza photo! Haha...I will never be able to not eat, I swear. That stinks about the Chinese making you ill...I only get 30 minutes for lunch at my job. I miss hour lunches to go do fun things like markets on lunch. I just realized all I did was talk to you about food in this comment. I obvs have some issues ;)

  10. seriously it is hard to find the perfect slouchy fit tee. i might need to look into this one

  11. cute jerk cat, ahhaha. I love seeing what search terms i get too. Always good for a laugh.

    bummer about the chinese food AND the expired forever ago vinegar. lame

  12. I watched Fixer Upper when I was at the gym yesterday! I like the show, too! Although I bet it's better when you can hear their voices instead of reading the subtitles... I like the couple's farmhouse -- very cool!
    I'm glad the happy hour you were looking forward to went well! Happy Friday!

  13. So like, look at all these blates and NONE of them are with me. It just isn't fair! And I am with Stephanie, goat cheese cake? Just stop I am STARVING now.

    Kitty snuggles are almost as good as doggy snuggles. Perhaps because my kitty has to be crazy at random and also nibble my fingers, while my dogs just chill and lick my feet lol.

    I need some comfy shirts, sign me up!

  14. Totally love that shirt you bought!! I swear, I live in those kind of comfy tees.

    Happy Friday, lady! xo

  15. Yessss I made it into the recap! So, it's funny that we didn't have to even discuss taking a pic. I decided after Weds and yesterday at the concert that I am not going to bother trying to look cute for (or take any pictures at) any outdoor activities for the rest of the summer. It's pointless. I sweat my makeup off and my hair poofs up - the pics from last night are heinous. Oh, Houston!

  16. LOL cute jerk cat! That pizza & drink look amazing!

  17. As per usual you have me in food envy. YUM@ I must know what a donut popcicle is???

    Oh, and how do I find out what terms are leading people to my blog. This could be funny (i.e. emo girl, crazy cat lady).

    Hope you've had a great weekend lady.

  18. it is sad how often i find things that are wayyyy expired in my cabinet/freezer. i almost accidentally ate a pizza that was expired the other day, but as soon i took a bit i knew that something was wrong. it turns out that it had expired in 2012! ewww lol

  19. Bauer is such a sweet cat - no way is he a jerk!!! :)

  20. This reminds me, I need to give you more wedding updates! Or rather, non-updates. Per my last comment, can we hang again soon? Yes??


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