Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my furlough food

I got completely wrapped up in Orange is the New Black and watched both seasons in ten days. I guess a piece of me is still in Litchfield because that's what inspired this post.

Without hopefully giving anything away, there's talk in season two about an inmate getting a furlough, or a 48 hour break from prison (normally to attend a funeral or be at a deathbed, but let's ignore that for now). A character even mentions The Spotted Pig which made me giddy because I've been there. So it got me to thinking - if I were in prison and granted a furlough, what would I eat in my 48 hours in Houston? What are the foods that I would have missed while I was imprisoned that I would need to get me through the rest of my sentence?

Let's assume I get out of prison at 8 a.m. one day and have to return by 8 a.m. two days later. Here's the game plan - specific restaurants are in parenthesis as to not bore you non-Houstonians.

Pizza from Pizaro's | Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting from Ooh La La | Almond Croissant from Common Bond | Four options from Jus' Mac | A BBQ Plate from Killen's with my favorite sides | Burgers (from Hubcap Grill, even though that isn't my top choice) | Avocado salad from a favorite Mexican place | Donuts actually from The Fractured Prune in DE - I didn't have any Shipley pics of my own!

Day One:

Breakfast - An almond croissant and iced coffee (from Common Bond, since I can't get enough).
Lunch - Tex-Mex  - definitely fajitas with queso and guacamole (from Pappasito's because the garlic butter would be a must if fajitas weren't in my life regularly!)
Snack - Chocolate Ice Cream (specifically creamy dreamy truffle from The Chocolate Bar)
Dinner - I often crave hamburgers and fries, so I'm sure I would have to take care of that. My pick would most likely be a bleu cheese burger with a side of fries, preferably mostly crispy ones. I give the soggy ones to Andrew (from Bernie's Burger Bus, though their fries aren't my favorite).

Day Two:

Breakfast - Brunch buffet with unique salads, traditional Mexican food, Mexican hot chocolate, Mexican coffee, and flan (from Hugo's, my favorite).
Lunch - Pizza. Definitely pizza (though I'm torn between greasy New York style from Brother's or more refined, thin-crust pie from Dolce Vita or Pizaro's)
Snack - A vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting (probably from Ooh La La, yum)
Dinner - Mac and cheese is one of my favorite things, ever. I could pick Jus' Mac, but after trying the delicious mac and cheese from one of the best places in Houston for the second time recently, I may have to go with a barbecue meal - I'll take a three meat plate with brisket, ribs, and turkey along with mac and cheese and creamed corn, please (from Killen's).

Day Three:

Breakfast - There would definitely have to be time before prison check-in to run through the drive-thru at my favorite donut place for an iced cake donut, a plain glazed, and a sausage and cheese kolache (Shipley's because when in Houston, one mustn't prefer anywhere else).

Let's ignore the fact that all of this would leave me physically ill and focus on the fact that it's surprisingly non-fussy (and not-so-surprisingly loaded with cheese). I honestly thought going into this that I would have picks from lots of high dollar places, but when you're imagining the things you would miss most, for me at least, comfort foods came to mind. What are some of your furlough foods?


  1. Just off the top of my head, my list is easy ... Chipotle & Coldstone.

    I know both of those are chains, but when it comes to my comfort foods those 2 top the list. :)

  2. Mexican!! With lots of queso and margaritas!

    Moosetracks Frozen yogurt w/ chocolate syrup!

    Pizza and beer!

    The finer things in life... ha!

  3. I really need Netflix so I can watch this show!

    I'd want Tyson's spaghetti, a spicy chicken sandwich from Chic-Fil-A, and a low country boil from Duffy Street Seafood Shack.

  4. This is an amazing post! I love that you did this. I watched part of episode 5 this morning and now I think I know who got out for two days...now I have to finish the episode!

  5. I should really watch this show.

    Great post idea!

    iced coffee
    grilled chicken
    fresh strawberries
    spaghetti & meatballs
    big ass steak, medium rare

  6. haha I love this! I'd definitely have nachos and deep dish pizza on my list. And taco bell of course, which I'm not entirely sure is all that different from prison food, but I'm going to pretend it is.

  7. I pretty much have furlough ever weekend after trying to be good and eat healthy and at home during the week

  8. I used to eat like this whenever I came back from Florida to Boston for a long weekend. J and I were talking last night about what item we would have Red sneak in for us... I still haven't decided on mine.

  9. Oh my goodness. Why must you put so much yummy sounding stuff in one post. Now I feel FAMISHED and must eat all of the things.

    This show is on our list to watch this summer, sounds like I need to bump it up to priority!

    I would have to have a plate of blue cheese chips from Primeaux or Mudtowne, BBQ nachos from Todd English, burger and fries from Southern Kitchen or Five, and Mexican food (chicken enchiladas, rice, chips and salsa).

    Blue cheese burgers are my favorite!

  10. OMG and now I am hungry for Mexican food! Is Mexican coffee strong like Cuban coffee? If so I might need it after the food coma this would put me in.

  11. First of all... AWESOME FUCKING POST IDEA! Seriously... you've been on FIRE with this lately!!!!! :D
    Definitely with you on the pizza and cupcakes! I'd have to get some deep fried soft shell tacos, too! And fried ice cream. And fettucine alfredo. And mac and cheese. GIVE ME ALL THE FOODS!

  12. What an awesome fantasy post! I'd be puking for days!

  13. This has me starving! Sounds delicious and all looks so good (the avocado salad looks amazing! This was such a creative spin on a post...love it! I would have such a hard time picking. This is basically how we eat every time we go on vacation...as many places as possible in a few days :) I think I would go to Mateo (tapas), ice cream from The Parlor, gurger and fries from Chucks to name a few.

  14. OMG this makes me so hungry! I've never watched OITNB because I don't have Netflix, but it seems like everyone is watching it.. is it a must-see?

  15. Hi Lauren!
    I just nominated your blog for a Liebster Award today! Check out today's post for details! http://welaughanyway.blogspot.com/2014/06/laugh-anyway-gets-liebster-award.html

  16. Fountain Diet Dr. Pepper, chips and queso, cookie dough, iced vanilla lattes, BBQ pizza and salted caramel ice cream. Great, now I am starving!

    I am on episode 3 of season 2 and am literally itching to be able to watch more!!!

  17. What a cute idea! It took me a little longer than 2 days but I finally finished the second season as well. I almost hate that they release an entire season at once b/c then it takes even longer to get the next one :(

  18. I love this idea! I bet it took a lot of thought deciding on your ultimate faves. I am surprised you didn't mention Blacksmith, though!

    And FYI my fave burger in Houston is at Hay Merchant! Have you had their burger??


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