Wednesday, October 29, 2014

making a house a home: the new place

So I think we have finally, mostly unpacked. A few people asked me for house talk and pics, so those few people are getting what they asked for. Sorry, everyone else. But, who I am kidding, I mostly want to remember this awful/awesome time in our lives.

Let's rewind. If you remember, a simple news article I read to Andrew is what set this whole thing in motion. I asked him the other day if he thought we would have moved had I not brought it to his attention and he said he didn't know, which translates to no. We've considered moving twice before so we knew we were basically on the same page. Since our purchase of a new house was dependent on the sale of the old house, the timing had to be perfect. We kept our eye on real estate listings daily and very few things caught our eye. Houston's real estate market is booming and a lot of great homes were out of our price range.

Here's what we were looking for:

Two stories (just personal preference, no real reason)
Covered outdoor space
No pool
Large master bathroom and closet (enough space for us to get ready at the same time, hampers, etc.)
Indoor utility room
High ceilings
Gas stove
Built in 2000 or newer

And here are some things I was oddly picky about:
Double sinks in the bathroom
No door to the backyard in the living room (I prefer it in the breakfast nook)
As little carpet as possible

This one house kept popping up, as did one down the street that was the same floor plan. One was more expensive since it had more upgrades. We toured them both on our own, since we had yet to receive an offer on our old house and our realtor didn't want to look with us until an offer was in place. And, something about the more expensive home (of course) just felt right to us. A week went by, and both homes were still on the market when we got the offer on our house. After that, we told our realtor that we had found THE house. We put in an offer (I went into a little more detail about that here) and it was accepted! Honestly, house hunting for us was so easy. We did a lot on the internet, there weren't many choices, and we got really lucky. I was really looking forward to a day of hating perfectly good houses and an agonizing decision, though.

As far as moving, we did as much as we could ourselves and with my mom and step-dad. All boxes and light furniture came with us. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but since the houses were 48 miles from one another, we put in a lot of miles and spent lots of time just driving back and forth. We hired movers for the heavy stuff and they made everything look so easy that in the future, we would want to put as much in their hands as possible. I was mostly just happy when it was all over.

Our last pic outside our old house | One of many trips | Boxes | Bauer loved the giant wardrobe box | Duncan wanted to ride shotgun on the way to the new house

So, back to that list from the beginning. Does this house have everything we want? Almost. It only has one sink in the master (#thestruggleisreal) and there's no gas stove. The entire house is laminate or tile, so that was a huge, unexpected bonus (but man, why are rugs so expensive?). It has things I never knew I wanted, though, like green space beyond our back fence, an improved commute to work (for me - Andrew's is worse), and a huge dishwasher. It's been a month now, and I still look around the house and it feels too good to be mine. I've just never had a place that I picked out and that I was proud of - I went straight from my parents' house to living with Andrew. And now I do. But keeping it in good shape is a lot of work. Should have added "live-in maid" to my must list...


  1. Keeping a house up is a killer!

    I always find it interesting to see what we actually get out of our "must have" list and how our must haves change over time. Since we bought this house, our must have list has changed a lot, but this house has been good to us. I'm ready to move in a year or two, but it's been good.

    Rugs are totally expensive. There's an area rug warehouse near us so I tend to browse there. MFD also has carpet contacts being in real estate. Any warehouse type places near you?

    I hope your house is good to you! Can't wait to see more photos.

  2. I'm glad it all went so smoothly and yall are settling in nicely. I can't wait to see more pics!

  3. omg an improvement commute to work is a huge bonus...if only i were a few mins away from my office! on a good day, it takes me about 25-30mins; with traffic at least an hour #RAGE

  4. I loooooove that you look around and feel like it's too good to be yours! That's how I felt about our house in Charlotte (the house we are in now also worked out oddly in our favor). Crazy how quickly everything went down for y'all!

  5. Glad y'all found what you were looking for (mostly)! D and I waffle back and forth on eventually buying versus building a house. I know building will probably be more expensive, but then I know I will get exactly what I want. Thankfully, we are nowhere near that point yet though.

  6. hoooray for making the new house your home! and for a shorter commute ;)

  7. I want inside pics girly! Moving is the worst but the new house makes it totally worth it. Keeping up a house is no fun at all! We need to outsource it!

  8. I am so glad you guys are happy and getting settled in!!! I wish so bad for a commute improvement for me one day....haha!

    I love the picture of a cat in the box....and Duncan's face to get up front is priceless!!!!What were you thinking taking his seat?

  9. UGH I wanted the double sink SO bad too. And didn't get it. Next time...

    Love the picture with your puppy!!!

  10. So awesome that you're happy with the new place! Moving is definitely a process--it was smart to get movers for the big stuff. Houses are work, that's for sure--I'm kina lovin' this 600 sq. ft. apartment for that reason. :)

  11. I'm with you on having movers do everything. Next time we move, I'm hiring someone to do it ALL. Or bribing friends.

  12. You did get lucky! I'm so happy that it all worked out and you are loving it!! What a sweet puppy :) Forty-eight miles is a WAYS especially round-trip!

  13. I dream of how lovely it would be to have a big house until I dream about having to clean it. I'll just stick with small things that require minimal cleaning I think.

    I love that you go almost everything you wanted, is there room in the master to replace the one sink with two?

  14. I'm so glad to hear that your house shopping process was so smooth. I'm definitely looking forward to more pictures....because I'm nosy like that lol

  15. I'm so glad you're all moved in and that is was an easy, smooth process for you! I can't wait to hear all about it once you get settled in!

  16. We recently moved house as well, to a whole new town. We've moved 3 times in the last 5 years and you'd think it would get easier... but every time I forget how awful it is!

    I'm also having the same rug dilemma as you - why are they so expensive?! We're just renting which makes it harder to justify shelling out.

    I've just found you and I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Hello from the UK!



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